How do i make a Rose, Cardamom, Nutmeg flavor?

I’m on the other side of the Atlantic but I know Bull City Flavors and Nicotine River carry the majority of concentrates.
There will be plenty others here that know more stores where you can get flavors. You can also check the resources page on this site.

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How will you be dispersing the vapor? Fog machine?

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with a mod.

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May I request that you use a PG-free mix if possible?

I ask because, once-upon-time I had to keep leaving the theatre, due to recurring asthma attacks during my son’s school play. I’ve since realised that they must have used PG (Propylene Glycol) in the smoke machine.

I don’t know how common (or uncommon) PG sensitivity is , but it’s a known thing on vaping forums, and I hate to think of same thing happening to somebody else.

I do realise this complicates things. But hey! If you’re a thespian, it might pay to be aware of this potential issue. Then at least, if you encounter another one like me, you’ll be able to tell them what their problem is! It took me years to figure it out!


Absolutely! I was looking into it too - since we really only need it for the cloud. I thought it unecessary to have an extra ingredient ( for my use ). What I hadnt considered was the impact it might have on the audience. Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it.


thanks :slight_smile: and break a leg!

Since time is of the essence, and these are pretty unusual flavours for vaping, I think it might well be easiest for you to go direct to Nature’s Flavors

They have a vast range of flavors, which I think includes all the ones you mentioned. The link takes you to my thread, which identifies which of their products are safe for vaping (amongst other things)

One drawback though- you might have to buy a great big 2oz bottle of each flavour from them. But hey! you can always use the surplus in the kitchen :grinning:


@Chrispdx the cardamon king may be able to help …


All I can say for experience is that I do like Cardamon FA and would start there.

As for mixing all of those profiles together, unsure. If you are not liking the flv flavors there is rose fa, and I think tpa a rose candy…and I think there are also rf sc’s out there as well.

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There’s flavorah all spice and clove too @VP11 . If you want cardamom, the easiest to get is flavour art cardamom. For nutmeg, tpa holiday spice is good, or eggnogg (flavorah have this too)

I’m not after an argument on the merits and demerits of different flavour houses, guys,i just thought that’s a good way to get all those flavours in the same basket- and PG-free too, thus saving potential panic when she notices that Flavorah and FA are PG-based, followed by a discussion along the lines of " Do you think a bit of PG will be OK?" (to which the average answer would likely be “yeah…probably” , BTW, so please don’t worry about it).

In short, I’m thinking : quick, simple , minimum discussion, just to meet the present need. And then, later , once the pressure is off, we try and pull her down the rabbit hole :smiling_imp: :wink:

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Haha! Looking forward to this future rabbit hole.

I’ve been reading that the lack of PG in the mix burns the coil faster. Is there any truth in that? We’re using a Mod.


Wow, it will take a month for this to even steep, if not longer. I use Cardamom (FA) and I recommend diluting it. I am not sure how much you are gonna make. I recommend, if possible, finding someone one that already knows how to mix to make it for you.

After she tastes this liquid she is making, she will probably run for the hills.

@VP11 if you are a smoker then we would love to have you but if you don’t smoke why would you vape? To each their own of course, just curious. Anywho, if you have never vaped then I also recommend that you “practice” before your performance. When first inhaling vapor, more than likely it will cause a coughing fit until you are used to it.

Good luck with your performance and break a leg.

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good idea. Any volunteeers?
(we can rule me out. I’m on the wrong side of the pond :grin:)

Yup :grinning:

not burn so much as gunks 'em up faster. eg my coils last 2 weeks or so, before i need to either clean 'em or chuck em. , might get 3-4 weeks if i was vaping with pg. can’t see this being a problem for you :grinning: .

what might be a problem is juice a bit too thick, depending on ypur kit, and consistency of your VG. If you find it needs thinning, try adding distilled water or vodka in very small quantitities , being very careful NOT to overdo it. In fact, split your jiuice into two batches(at least) before thinning, just in case.

And practice vaping , like the man said. And me, i’d surely practice vaping pure unflavoured VG first before trying out that flavour .

me, i think it could actually be nice, if you got the quatitities just right, but then you’d probably need to spend a year or two fine-tuning it to get the quantities just right , so let’s assume it’s gonna taste awful.

That said, you could make several variants simultaneously , to increase the odds. and you can, of course, ask our advice on dilution %, once you’ve got your flavours.

Oh! you also need to know about dry hits, That’s what you get when you vape a tank dry. Don’t. You’'ll immediately know it if you do, by the ghastly plasticy taste. that’s what burned coil tastes like . Nothing to do about that but replacethe coil with a new one.

I don’t know if it’s awesomely brave or awesomely foollish to jump in at the deep end like this. Gotta say I admire your tenacity though :grinning:


Aah the steeping is new info! It takes a month for a flavor to steep in the VG? How do I make the process faster?

Will it be faster if I were to use a tiny bit of PG?

I’m thinking about mixing only rose and cardamom.

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Haha Thanks! Im trying :). I think the worst that can happen is that I’ll have terrible tasting thing.

The show runs for 3 days. We plan to have 2 tanks for backup.

what might be a problem is juice a bit too thick, depending on ypur kit, and consistency of your VG. If you find it needs thinning, try adding distilled water or vodka in very small quantitities , being very careful NOT to overdo it. In fact, split your jiuice into two batches(at least) before thinning, just in case.

This is v v helpful.

I will most certainly seek advice on dilution %. I’ve zeroed down on rose and cardamom.

Do you have a particular process to test the compatibility of flavors before mixing them? I’m only going by instinct.


some people try putting a few drops of each into in a small glass of water to get an idea.
you can also taste the liquid (with your finger same as you might taste a taste a cake mix… but more sparingly ) soon as it’s mixed. worst that can happen is it tastes blegh, next worst is you can’t taste anything. yet. Neither method is a wholly reliable guide.

I think those flavours will go together just fine. Isn;t there some kind of insanely delicious indian sweet uses those two ? (my memory is fading due to longstanding food sensitivities). And usually, if flavours work together in cookery, they also work together in a vape; though there are certainly some flavours that are gorgeous to eat, but nasty to vape, which ruin that equation somewhat.

it probably won’t need a whole four weeks to steep. Some juices are ready to vape almost instantly (we call them shake and vape mixes ) Some take four weeks or more, depends on the individual flavours. And you get every shade in between .

I use rose extract myself, and find that steeps fast , That said , my brand (Medicine Flower) is almost certainly different from your brand, so we can’t make assumptions, but I’m hopeful that yours will prove much the same.

Cardamom is such a powerful flavour (in nature, at least) , do be sure to bear in bear in mind that the flavour might not come through properly til steeped.

I just typed “cardamon” into the search bar on the recipe side of this site. Looks like there’s lots of info on that FA cardamom, and a bit of info on some other brands. That should guide you in dilution %
You can do the same with rose, ofc

Again, do bear in mind that different brands come in widely different concentrations, and even widely different constitutions (since many are chemical analogs , not natural flavours, for one thing) so the brand name is every bit as important as the flavour name when mixing it


There are a few Turkish Delight Locum recipes posted on various forums or there’s this
Just add spice to taste.


I know most mixer use time as their main tool for steeping, but if you absolutely need to have it vape ready quickly, you could try to use coffee frother right after mixing and put the bottle straight in ultrasonic cleanser (think jewellery cleaner instead of lab grade) for a minute or two.


I’m curious if the stage show needs to show someone vaping, or if a fog machine with scented liquid could be used. In other words: Is a vaping person part of the show, or just the scented cloud?


I was thinking unless it is a small intimate venue it’s more likely that the audience won’t catch a whiff of the scent anyway.