How do you label your bottles?

Do you use a label printer? I am thinking about buying one but wanted to make sure I get the right one. I use plastic bottles now but will move to glass bottle soon. Which labels work best and can go through steeping in microwave/crock pot? Thanks.

I use a label printer that I picked up at Office Depot for like $10 on sale, works pretty good


My bottles never stick around long so I just use white first aid tape and magic marker.
Sticks like crazy, waterproof, durable,cheap and easy.


Check out

White electricians tape (generally the more ‘rubbery’ it feels the better, avoid cheap shiny stuff) and a Sharpie Ultra Fine point pen.

I’ve found that the black and green ink stays fixed after an hour in hot water but some of the red ink comes off in the water!


@Supine, try replacing the H2O in the crockpot with dry rice. It’s less of a hassle than H2O and rice carries the heat. Then, you don’t have to be concerned about getting your labels wet. Works great.


I use 1X3 Avery All-Purpose Labels. They come in a 72ct package at Wallyworld and are pretty cheap. I have excellent penmanship, been practicing calligraphy for 30 years or so. At first i use the same labels, but in sheets, and my printer but i like the personalized look of hand printed labels. The adhesive is the type that you can remove the labels quite easily.

I dont use heat curing methods anymore, i make my batches large enough that i dont have to. I pour out the amount of VG i need into a beaker, heat it up and then mix with it. If i am making test batches i will heat the bottles in my ultrasonic cleaner with a piece of paper in front of it with the names of the juice according to their place in the USC. I apply the labels after.

After DIYing for quite some time now i feel i can say i prefer time curing over heat curing, especially for creams and custard which is what i vape 90% of the time.


I use that tape too!

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My 10ml tester bottles all have a number on them. I keep track of the recipe used in the bottle in a spreadsheet I made. When I finish a bottle, if I liked it or want to try tweaking it, I move it to another spreadsheet for saving. :smile: I haven’t made enough bigger bottles yet to feel like I really need nice labels.


I’m kinda old school arts & crafts…paper, ink pen, scissors and scotch tape; it’s cathartic.


I’m trying to figure out what that label says but all I can come up with is Pear Duck :stuck_out_tongue:


@JoJo; It’s a roast duck with a delicate pear reduction glaze vape! You guessed it!!

So kidding… it’s my Pear Ducat; which I actually have in a dripper at the moment whilst I’m whipping up some new creations. Just finished a cinnamon churros mix…yummy!

Sounds awesome! The duck doesn’t sound half bad either! LOL I’m not a real life pear fan, I like the flavor but not the texture, so I’m looking forward to trying some recipes with pear flavoring. I haven’t braved any cinnamon stuff yet either. I’ve tried a couple vendor juices, and so far they’ve just been so-so. Cinnamon churros sounds really good though. :smile:

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I use a cheap label maker from Walmart…or I will write them on a strip of paper and tape it…I also put tape on all labels (homemade and bought juice bottles, diy flavors etc)…because I drip down the bottles and cant read the label…I steep my bottles in a zip lock baggie …then put them in cp or ultrasonic…but will be trying the above rice suggestion…

I’m kinda curious if dry rice would work as well/the same as water in an ultrasonic steeping method?

Tried the rice method and will be using it from now on…ty op…

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Dry rice would be comparable to a water bath - I assume the ultrasonic also excites the liquid…

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Found this detailed label, masking tape n sharpie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But been printing out nicer labels lately for beta recipes in steep process.

Paper wrap and glue stick. Prob need clear tape to prevent liquid streaking smudging ink.


I should rephrase my queston; I’m wondering if anyone has put dry rice (instead of water) in an ultrasonic machine?

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Is the pear ducat public I luv pear and have been looking for a dif one??