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How do you make someone remove your original recipe they have taken and posted as their own


Good correction, thanks! Or make some sort of modification to the existing notes field mandatory prior to adapting, so attention is drawn there by the adapter initially.


IMO this is a good read
The Definitive Guide to Recipes and Copyright


Long read, can be summarised as


I’ve changed it so it shows on private recipes as well now.

I added a bit of text to the notes when adapting now…

We’ll tweak it further! :slight_smile:


I just leave recipes private if i dont want them fiddled with…


Making recipes public is like

Releasing birds. Fly Away !!!



Even if I grab a recipe from somebody, that inspired me or I want to make changes and see how it turns out, I’ll keep them private. We have already enough spam going on, every time I use what can I make, I have to scroll through 10 of the same mothers milk clone published by 10 different people.

And even if I like my recipe better but took someone else’s, I either ask first if I can make it public, or go to their forum post and write my take on it underneath, while keeping both recipes private, there’s no reason for me taking or being giving credit when the main idea wasn’t my own. But that’s just my thoughts, but I defiantly agree with you of just keeping them private for the time being.


Well said! It comes down to common courtesy. Give credit where it is due and what not. Same goes for comments. Like, dislike, clone, credit, copying.
I may not agree with an opinion, but i will defend your right to say it with my last breathe.
:dash::dash:Geez, my meds must be kicking in, went off the rails there​:kissing_heart: