How do you make your own recipe?

It may be a dumb question, but Ive been making other peoples ejuice from here but I would like to try to make some kind of combination myself. How would I go about doing this?


@ownedbypandas, everyone’s process is different, some people start with known favorite flavors, choose a profile and have at it. Some others use actual food recipes, and convert them into recipes. Countless other methods exist, so you have to find your own.

If you’ve been mixing other people’s recipes, hopefully you’ve taken notes, or noted what you liked and more importantly what you DIDN’T. Take a second look at the one’s you DID like, and make note of the flavors/brands they used, pay attention to what flavors carried the main freight,` and which ones were used as accents, and the strengths/relative strengths used for help.

I won’t rail on and on about the value of SFT (Single Flavor Tests), but they CAN really help you out, because you get up close and personal with each flavor, as opposed to buried in a mix.

I tried and true method is to decide what PROFILES you actually prefer. Bakeries, Custards, Tobaccos, Fruits, Drinks, Cereals, etc., and focus on one to get started, and narrow your focus. TAKE NOTES !!! If something is terrible, or great, note that down, so you can reference it later as you tweak, adjust, change things, and see if things improve, or get worse for a frame of reference.

Nothing can be worse than just tossing a load of your favorite flavors into a bottle and HOPING it works out LOL. Doesn’t mean it won’t, but going random can be frustrating and costly.


The fact that you’re wanting to make something you can be proud of (hopefully) and call your own, rather than copying someone else’s work, is the next step in the DIY evolution. So good for you.

And I’ll just echo what @SessionDrummer above said about Single Flavor Testing. It’s not an absolute requirement, but learning how to SFT gives you a much better understanding of the flavors you’re working with. Note taking IS a requirement though.

There are quite a few topics here about testing techniques as well as the people who wrote them. Start researching and good luck.


Figure out the profile
Gather Flavors you think will work
Start low you can always add
Dont complicate it , in other words keep it simple
Take Notes
Make Version 2

Example let use Strawberry Shortcake . You know you will need SB , A Cake like flave and Cream ( probably whip )

Gather your SB I would grab a natural sweet SB and maybe a jammy one

Shortcake is usually a yellow cake of some kind but diesnt have to be so grab those flaves

Whipped Cream is usually in a Shortcake , but be careful bc not all come through like a Whipped Cream ( you should know this based off notes )

Figure out pcts and test …Ask your self what its missing …Example Not Sweet Enough ?? Add a tiuch if Sweetner , Whipped Cream lost in mix ? Grab a thicker cream ti act as the whipped…Now figure out what worked and keep it …Make adjustments and mix again

This is just one way , eventually you will know what works to make a SB Shortcake , now you can make a Three Tier SB shortcake with banana slices and sprinkles lol…if you want


A few pointers in flavour pairing


There are many ways to go about it:

  1. Try others recipe, ELR is a great place.

  2. Single Flavors: When I started I did single fruit flavors like Mango, Apple, Vanilla custard ect… its a great start since you will understand a lot of details about a flavor. Try to make of note of it with percentage, steep time and small description why you like that flavor.

  3. Two Flavor Mix: This is a easy step and try this with small batch of 5 ml with what you like from the single flavor with another flavor which you think would be good or adding a missing punch from your single fav single flavor. Start introducing the 2nd flavor in small %.

Lemon Meringue Pie (Cap) 5 % + Italian Lemon Sicily (Cap) 0.5 % - Even though LMP is great on its own the Lemon dies out quick so it needs a boost.
Strawberry Ripe + Vanilla been Ice cream - Simple and gives a different dimension your Strawberry single flavor vape

By doing this you will find and look for details boost in what you are aiming for in your recipe. The more you understand your single flavors, the more you can play with recipes.

  1. Keep it Simple: Aim for simple recipes, some of the most impressive recipes has just 3 or 4 flavors in it.

  2. Know your flavor before you buy: Read others notes and the percentage used in this website or other online resources. It helps you identify whats best and why so many people use one over another even though its the same flavor from different makers. Every company has their best and worst flavors.

  3. Dont try to clone your fav juice yourself: Well at least not in the beginning. It is like someone trying to cook what they ate in the restaurant without knowing how to cook.

Add your flavors to your flavor stash and you might be surprised how simple it is to find what you can make with you have.


Do I have to wait for tow hours to get the results of what I can make from my flavor stash?


No, you don’t have to wait two hours. The results will be visible for two hours. But first you should introduce the flavors you have.


I didn’i understand it at first, but thanks to you I get it now :+1::beers:


Wow awesome replies guys, thank you so much for the shared information. In my other thread I posted about building an RDA. From what I read here it seems that having and RDA would be beneficial for making my own recipe. Going through and tasting the flavors and adding new ones or deleting some. Lots of info on here guys, thanks again. Im going to order a RDA tomorrow and get to learning about it and start trying out my own juice!


Wow, as an RDA user I find this statement… scary? Just joking, what rda do you have in mind? You got high end like and you have lower end but still decent like, and don’t laugh at me you guys. The Royal Hunter which can be had for less than a dollar. Don’t be fooled, we joke about the royal hunter but it’s a decent rda. Here is a link for some very inexpensive but older rda’s.

I have several videos on beginner type vaping and recipe creation. here is one. I am buisy talking about myself for the first couple of min. so if you want to skip ahead, go to 1:52. Good Luck man