How Many Flavors (Flavours) do you have?

Just out of curiosity here but how many of those do you actually use?

I have 234 listed and another 60 or so that are not listed and a 25 dollar gift certificate from a very good friend. How many of those do I actually use…?
Honestly, I use them all or have used them all at some point. I used to absolutely love FW Hazelnut and finally broke down and got a 4oz bottle and have barely used it since. I found other nuts to play with… :drooling_face: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry ladies, some of us never do grow up. :grin:

I tend to go through my stash every once in a while and thin it out by giving some away. Then I decided not to do that anymore and now I have too many flavors so I’ll probably start giving some away again. LOL.


@Dan_the_Man I probably have close to 1200, and “use” is a very subjective term. Daily drivers might be 100 or so, but the list deepens as we go into sometimes use.


I currently have 91. About 40 are constant use and in larger quantities, the rest are either test flavours or for profiles / recipes I want to try out.

The main used ones are custards, cheesecakes, creams and crust ingredients (yes, some of us use them @Steampugs LOL).

Also have around 10 Strawberries and 9 bananas in there, the only 2 fruits I use in mixes.


tmi TMI ! :laughing:

i have about 100, use about 10. yeah, i know.


Lol. I gave up counting long ago. If I were to guess I’m around the 250-300 mark. But I really only use about 100 on a regular monthly basis and 30 as daily drivers.

At this point I’m settling into my mixing journey and only seeking flavors that are truly the best of the best for me. Such examples include root beer flv, yellow watermelon wf, and a few others.


Currently 383 but ready for a major purge. Ready to downsize, just too many I very rarely get the urge to use again.


471 flavours in total, and 449 used in recipes, according to the elr calculator.


Currently only 81 (most are used on a weekly basis) and another 43 on the way for personal summer recipes.


369 in my stash. But I could cut that down to 100.


@Dan_the_Man @Letitia If either of you needs a good home for all those excess flavors, I promise to put them to bed early while singing them sweet lullabies. :innocent: :teddy_bear:


I have 196 flavors and have used 88 of them. However I HAVE SFT all of them. With notes.

Some of the ones that aren’t in my recipes have been used in drops to accent them without actually being listed in the recipes…so I’d say about 96 have been used in actuality…

Regularly used, a guess… 25?


Impressive @Wombatred26.



Luckily for me my calculator doesn’t list an amount when I check the inventory, it just says wow, you gotta problem dude :grin:

I am guessing between 800 and 1k flavors at this point but I have been mixing for maybe 7 or so years?

Since my pallette always needs a new flavor I do use a good amount of them. I only had 1 ADV for a long time but that was for reviewing tanks for consistency. Still use it when I buy new tanks for a reference.

Still looking for an Apricot to replace the INW version that isn’t the same anymore. Still looking for a Caramel to end all caramels. But aside from that I think I am good…famous last words lol


Apricot fa is not bad.


Yeah, the FA is good, so is the new SSA Apricot. The original INW Apricot was just so well rounded though, I still dream of my Apricot Custard to this day which was a ADV for me but have yet to find a suitable replacement.


A little over 600


The number of flavors many of you have is impressive. I think I am up to 65, but only started last December. And I still haven’t tried them all. I may be old, but I make up for it by being slow. :wink:


326 soon to be around 350. Regular rotation around 40… Seems to be on par with everyone else (regular use around 10% of total flavors)


One. It’s all I need :grin:


I just checked there are 249 in my flavor stash.
I use regularly about a 1/4 of that number.
And occasionally use 1/2 of the remaining concentrates.
Of the other flavor concentrates many are redundant flavor profiles and inferior to my most regularly used concentrates.