How much difference could a battery/device make?

So, now that I have my new toy (Dovpo TC-50, 50w box w/Samsung 25r) I’m wondering if I’m crazy or if it really does make a difference what you’re using? At the moment (don’t laugh!), I’ve got my Protank 2 with a 2.2ish ohm coil on it at 7w. My former favorite was a Smok eMax VV/VW Ego battery that I was using at the same ‘setting’ of 7w. Pretty fresh charge on both. Now, I can’t really test if the Smok is actually at 7w, but I swear the Dovpo is putting out more flavor and vapor. Am I crazy or is it really that much better? And if it is, why on earth did I wait so long to leggo my ego? LoL.


Yup, it does make a difference! I’m loving my Sigelei 150w mod for what you’re talking about. Constant voltage at whatever wattage you want for as long as your batteries last! I use my mech mods for low profile at the theatre, but now I’m looking into low profile VW mods for the same. Love the VW mod!

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I have a nicotine buzz. I don’t wanna put it down. I can see how this will become a whole new ball of wax and a serious hoarding problem. It’s gonna be a great summer. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m so late to the game, but at least I finally made it, right? LoL


welcome to the good life! :grinning:


Leggo of my Ego, I love it…lol

Hmmm, It was only till recently I have thought that Smoktech equip was worth the money paid for them. My second unit was a Smok VV/VW unit and quite frankly was a piece of crap… As bad as the unit I had was I would not be surprised if it was not accurate on the wattage. One thing I have noticed is that airflow also can make big differences from one unit to another, even one of the newest mods compared to another of the newest mods. I have really noticed a difference in airflow when using a 510 threaded tank that does not have airflow control. As I said it’s possible your Smok was not accurate but pay close attention to your airflow feel as well…


Just be glad that it is TC, it doesnt do step down so you may have set it at 7w but it is much higher most likely around 15-20w/ If i tried yo put my PT2 mini on my 50w the results would be bad, very bad.

EDIT: On second thought im surprised you arent dry hitting unless the coils are nichrome. Are you able to use the TC settings with the coil you are using?

I turned the temp control off… :confused: Just using a plain kanthal coil. It seems to be fine. No bad burning or dry hits. Any chance they put step down in the TC?

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I dont think so but i havent done a whole lot of research on that model. PBusardo did a pretty in depth review for the model i have and no stepdown at all. It does 15-40w very well then drops off after that. Under 15w it remains appx 15w, if i remember correctly. BTW he hates the box, that 5 minute auto shutoff thing, hehe.

LOL. Yeah I figured. I have watched a few of his reviews. But, to be fair, he LOVED the istick 50w and we all see how that turned out. :wink: I don’t mind the auto shut off at all. I kinda like it actually. It really doesn’t take long to come back on. If I had to wait 30 seconds for a bunch of malarky that might be a problem, but its like 3 seconds if that. Talk about the need for instant gratification. :stuck_out_tongue: It has a 5 click lock that I don’t remember reading about being a feature, but I’m glad it is there. I like knowing I can set it down or stick it in my purse and not worry about it firing or kiddos getting ahold of it and firing it. Mine knows better, thank goodness, but I have lots of nieces and nephews.


Personally i love the 5 minute shutoff. Mine almost never shuts off as i vape constantly, hehe. He knew it had the shutoff before be received it so he should have stfu about it, instead he made some big deal about a safety feature. I only watched the review for the tests. Normally i dont read or watch reviews from these big names, they have an agenda whether or not anyone knows it.


Just my $0.02. I just got the Kanger Subox kit last week. I have used nothing but the RDA, with my own twisted coil 1.2 ohms, been using different juices, and have not been above about 17 watts.

I am a flavor chaser, no offence to cloud chasers, it is just that I am vaping for about 5 months, and have not had an analog in 4 months. I was a solid 3 PAD smoker for the last 25 years, and been smoking since 16 so that would be 40 years.

Back on point , I adjust the watts for best flavor. and it makes a HUGE difference. One flavor that I had given up on a couple of months back, isnt too bad when you can bump the watts up to 14 or 15.

So the waattage can be used to change the flavor of juice too.

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So many people are so misled. More vapor more flavor. Nothing is sacrificed when you cloud chase. You actually get more flavor when you cloud chase. I wish people understood that. If you were a true flavor chaser then your head would be in the clouds because that’s where the flavor is. There is a lot more flavor at 30 to 150 watts than there is at 7 to 30 watts… and I’m speaking from experience. Just say you prefer low wattage vaping, you are missing out on a lot of flavor. You may think you’re getting a lot of flavor but you’re really not. Most of your flavor is muted at low watts.


New drip do you mean low watts ?

Well I am new to this but …

Cloud chasers = more flavor, not always.

I know a couple of guys, great guys, and dedicated competition cloud chasers, one runs MaxVG juice, no nic and no flavor additive, just straight up VG.

He blows HUGE clouds, but absolutely NO Flavor, so NO, not all cloud chasers are getting more flavor. I wish some people could wrap their head around that idea.

My goodness gracious, first there’s cloud chasers, now there’s favor chasers. Every cloud chaser I ask, have you ever caught one of these clouds? The answer is always “Oh, well, no I haven’t caught one yet”. So now I just have to ask, these flavors, have you ever caught one? lol

Duh. If there is flavor in the mix there is more of it. Always!

Thanks @Amy2, that is what I mean.

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Your so passionate about sub ohming tou just got your tongue ( fingers ) tied up. Your making very good points !

I used to think the same way as the OP. I had my thoughts that it must be all about the clouds for those folks. Well then I tried it an realized wow. I am missing out ! And truth be told I probably still am since I only use like 1 flavor in one tank and another in the other ever. As for vaping I have a plethora of flavors going at anyone time. Idk y I am this way. I just think I must need more tanks. OCD I suppose. I still pick vaping on a typical 12-1800 Vv/vw pen style more than most of the time.
I have nice equipment but I guess it is all preference at the end of the day.

The flavor I get on my Atlantis and Arctic are far superior to what any of my P3, aspires, davide or aerotanks give me. So yes flavor AND vapor :slight_smile:️:dash:


I think what @Noobie_Mixer was saying is that cloud chasers don’t always care about the flavor. Flavor chasers might also be cloud chasing, but cloud chasers aren’t always flavor chasing. At least, not intentionally. It’s more of a byproduct, I think.


People do understand this concept. We all know that one who enters competitions must blow clouds. The way to blow more vapor is to vaporize the substance which creates the most vapor, VG. Your friend is looking for neither a throat hit, nor flavor when he is competing, understandable…

True that…

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Well in that circumstance yes it sounds like the competitior is only there for clouds. So yep some just want clouds. I can’t see the attraction but many do