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How much is enuff?


Maybe it’s just a matter of finding a little more balance in your life…
If everything revolves around a single thing, you’re going to get burned out. Whether that’s work, a forum, any other hobby. Variety is the spice of life and you need to have a balance to stay happy.

So if you feel it’s all getting too much and it’s not adding anything new or exciting to your life any longer, look for other things in life that do need your attention a bit more. Make sure you get back in your happy spot. Life’s too short to get bored and disappointed.


Yup, same here, I have maxed out big time.
I haven’t ordered any flavours, (apart from restocking), mods or tanks for at least a year.
My inbox is flooded with Mothers-day deals but they are just getting binned.
The upside of that is that I’m finally saving money after feverishly collecting any flavour, mod or tank I could get my hands on.

Now I’m just wondering what the next new thing can bring to the table that I don’t already have.

Mixing has gone the same way. I usually vape on a single tobacco flavour that I like, although I was recently so adventurous as to mix up a fruit concoction :astonished:

I used to be into that a lot more in the past then I am now. Sometimes when I think that it would be a nice gift for a noob that I know or it is something that I would never buy because of the price but usually I just don’t bother anymore.

I do still frequent the forum and will help out when I can and I do come across new people who exhibit the same enthusiasm that I used to have so it’s probably just us old farts who think, been there done that bought the t-shirt and slept with the band.

I’m getting an image in my head of stamp collections gathering dust :sweat_smile:

Maybe we are just over the manic fase and have finally become normal :stuck_out_tongue:


Like you, I appreciate and enjoy the interaction here on ELR. As well as the other platforms I use.
In reality that stagnant feeling is such a accurate statement. I keep finding that I am more active in those groups where it is mainly comprised of “New to” members. They seem to be so delighted to talk about anything Vape/DIY related. And genuinely appreciate your input.
When you are in very well established Forums with a Group of Talented individuals like ELR.
It starts to get a little stagnant. How many times can you discuss the virtues of Strawberry Ripe and which Scale do you use :smile: So then you end with 20 very active members who write reviews, post links for beginners, skim through and read what has been posted. Then go off to work on dialing in their latest concoction.


I can imagine being in you guys position after years of mixing/vaping. But for now that seems to be far far away…

From my point of view this could be a good idea. As a new mixer (who only mixes for himself, mostly) sometimes I’m sort of afraid to post my recipes here because I read some negativity towards “newbie mixes”.
If I can speak for us “newbies”, we are only trying to fit in this wonderfull community and who doesn’t like to think of himself being good at something. Maybe there could be a sort of category (thread) for different level of experience mixers so that the experinced mixers have a place to post, but also newer mixer can post in order to get feedback.
What I learned in this month being here is that all of you are very helpfull and friendly. To me it seems that this forum is quite active and diverse.
I also think that a few years ago there weren’t that many flavor companies/hardware to choose from. For a new mixer it becomes more and more difficult to find the trees through the forest so to speak.
Well…this were my 0.02 cents.
Have a great day and greetings,


Well @Pro_Vapes, you better not go no where, or please don’t go nowhere, cause i have not got to my MF flavors yet !!! And I will need some help. I have only been here since dec. 17, and have been in a few vape forums and many other hobby forums that I venture to, gun forums, offshore fishing forums, giant scale R.C. airplane forums, machinist forums, welding forums, steelworker forums, how to forums, etc. and by far this forum
obliterates all forums!!! The people here just really Beautiful in all kinds of ways, the info is Huge and important in my mixing endeavor, I only mix for myself and I love to read and grasp and hold onto this. Well I could go on some more , but I got to get to work.


You can post your new recipes here and I’m sure they won’t bite your head off :laughing:
If anybody dares anyway, just tag me and I will take care of them :muscle:

And if you have a recipe that you don’t seem to get right you can ask for input here.


ELR forum (for it being an open discussion of a variety of topics) is kept fresh by its topic classification.
Want to talk about recipes, go to the recipes side/clone
Want to talk about flavors? go to the flavor review section
Want to just blow off steam and bullshit with other mixers. go to pub

With thousands of varieties of outcomes for flavors, I don’t think we have maxed out,
Tanks/mods have maxed out though, I think it peaked when the velocity came out with endless air flow, and the 40mm decks with deck capability. With the exception of tech that can sense when you are taking a hit or bigger battery capacity, I don’t see where mods can go.

Maybe adding more computer stuff like email or etc, but I don’t forsee anything different.

Folks talk about recipes, but this being a forum for recipes, it’s niave to think we should be restricted to only talk about recipes. The “popular” recipes had their conversation when they first came out years ago, the new ones that pop up get their talk too. It’s a personal preference, but I take breaks here and there, i’ll stock pile my flavors, i’ll stockpile and make a half gallon of juice and i’ll ghost for a few weeks.

Your outlook on ELR over the course of the few weeks I’ve been seeing you post has been dwindling from a “I don’t have good things to say” to “this is stagnant”,

If you have a problem, offer a solution, but maybe a good break from not only ELR or vape forums, but social media in general. I’m saying this from a good spot though, I cut off social media for about 3 months and kinda found myself, and learned that it was outside stressors that was turning hobbies into things I started to hate doing and hobby friends into people I couldn’t stand to be around or talk too.

Once I fixed that stress it was a complete 180 to come on here and be excited to be a part of the world again. Maybe theres some underlying stuff that’s making you see ELR or etc in a negative light? Do you feel this way about other forums you’re about of?

Which forums? How do you feel about them?


I think that It’s normal to become tire of hobbies, which mixing is for me. I’ve many hobbies that I rarely revisit. One day I hope that I will break my addiction and quit vaping, at which point I doub’t that I’ll spend much time with ELR (at that point I’ll expect a shrine to be constructed)

The Glory of ELR is that when the veterans get tired, they pass on their knowledge to the new and enthusiastic members of the community who try new flavors and carry on the good work, eventually they will lead the way.


I agree with your statement on social media, I haven’t been on Facebook since my daughter was born over 9 months ago, and that was the only social media I had left, as I had already gotten rid of twitter well before that. This forum is the only place I talk to people online lol and it is because there is knowledge to be gained by coming here, unlike other social media sites. The more I learn though the less I feel like I “need” to get on here, and I can understand @Pro_Vapes point of view too, he has been a member of this forum for a long time and has gone from student to teacher, and that can create a feeling of stagnation because there are no new mountains to climb.


The mountains to climb for me are mostly clone requests, helps me find out about new flavors and help someone else out too


despite being here only a year, I see myself in many feelings described here. Basically, the common feeling is that they have already experienced a little of everything, and there is no such “sparkle” of novelty. the human being likes to try new things, and is like a child, as soon as everything stops being new, it does not give the real value. That being said, if there is no purpose, it tends to get worse … Maybe the ELR solution, come by, join forces of members in the same situation as @Pro_Vapes to find the one vaping experience every day better !


Somewhere at about a year and a half I hit “enuff”. Vaping had taken over. I was hiring a lawn service. My other hobbies and been put on a back burner. I had accumulated over 40 mods and 80 atties. I realized that “something new” was right on the shelf because I hadn’t used it in some time. I started discovering atties that I had forgot about. At the same time, new products where hitting me like something I already had. I realized that I had been vaping and doing nothing but vaping for over a year. I’m fine with that. I don’t smoke. Small price to pay for my first year in “recovery” as it were. Things are just normalizing again. My other hobbies are being pursued including the yard work again. I still enjoy the forums but less often and of course a lot of topics have become repetitive. All good. Kind of settling in and finding their place overall. Looking back, I perceive it as a natural progression. I haven’t lost interest by any means but vaping has perspective now and isn’t “everything”. Feeling pretty good. Oh and did I mention, not smoking?


Not burned out yet, but having been here for a while, I can see where some aspects could become repetitive. Making bad recipes has become repetitive for me LOL. I’m quite sure I have way too many mods/tanks/flavors, and I KNOW I have too many Steam Craves (as if …).

I never get tired, of reading/trying yours (@Pro_Vapes) and many other’s recipes here. Learning about parings, and pushing/pulling profiles using unexpected flavor combos. Still learning a lot. Still quite often, I see random posts here, sometimes NOT about vaping, that I find interesting, and the conversations as well. I still come here daily, and don’t see that ending any time soon. Do I get tired of navigating a ton of single flavor recipes ?? Sure, but it’s a fair price to pay.


Did you eat the yard man?


How did you know that? Getting impossible to keep a secrete around here.


When you go from elation after mixing a good recipe to ‘oh crap I have to make something’. :grinning:

I havent bought new flavors for a little bit now, it got to the point where my husband was like ‘don’t you already have that?’ After my Stash hit 170, I just stopped adding stuff unless I really have something to say about it, or haven’t even used in a recipe yet. As for my setup, I have used the same RDA for over a year now as my all day thing.


Ive reached and re-reached that point several times over the years. When this forum opened i was close to that point despite having only around 150-200 flavorings, i did have a lot of mods/attys tho. But everything was so shiny and new that it reinvigorated me. A thousand + flavorings later im once again at that point.

Right now it kind of seems like the entire industry is holding their collective breaths. For example, im loving me some FLV lately but i fear they wont be around if the FDA moves forward with its war on flavorings. They were made specifically for vaping. Will they still be around after? What about Liquid Barn?

Having been around on forums since the earliest days of this version of the internet i know that forum cycles quite well. It is different at every place but the same results, lulls from time to time. But yeah, we have been stagnant for awhile now. Imagine what will happen if the FDA does ban most flavored eliquids, this place will explode with new mixers.


Same here, love my Troll V2 and my Boreas tanks. I cant find any reason to even try new stuff.


Hopefully u seasoned the gardener with a good seasoning like.

Always a shame to waste a good gardener.


You really think that flavor companies will all pack up their business and stop if there will be a flavor ban in the US? A couple may probably do so but there’s still a huge market outside of the US that will continue no matter what.