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How much is enuff?


despite being here only a year, I see myself in many feelings described here. Basically, the common feeling is that they have already experienced a little of everything, and there is no such “sparkle” of novelty. the human being likes to try new things, and is like a child, as soon as everything stops being new, it does not give the real value. That being said, if there is no purpose, it tends to get worse … Maybe the ELR solution, come by, join forces of members in the same situation as @Pro_Vapes to find the one vaping experience every day better !


Somewhere at about a year and a half I hit “enuff”. Vaping had taken over. I was hiring a lawn service. My other hobbies and been put on a back burner. I had accumulated over 40 mods and 80 atties. I realized that “something new” was right on the shelf because I hadn’t used it in some time. I started discovering atties that I had forgot about. At the same time, new products where hitting me like something I already had. I realized that I had been vaping and doing nothing but vaping for over a year. I’m fine with that. I don’t smoke. Small price to pay for my first year in “recovery” as it were. Things are just normalizing again. My other hobbies are being pursued including the yard work again. I still enjoy the forums but less often and of course a lot of topics have become repetitive. All good. Kind of settling in and finding their place overall. Looking back, I perceive it as a natural progression. I haven’t lost interest by any means but vaping has perspective now and isn’t “everything”. Feeling pretty good. Oh and did I mention, not smoking?


Not burned out yet, but having been here for a while, I can see where some aspects could become repetitive. Making bad recipes has become repetitive for me LOL. I’m quite sure I have way too many mods/tanks/flavors, and I KNOW I have too many Steam Craves (as if …).

I never get tired, of reading/trying yours (@Pro_Vapes) and many other’s recipes here. Learning about parings, and pushing/pulling profiles using unexpected flavor combos. Still learning a lot. Still quite often, I see random posts here, sometimes NOT about vaping, that I find interesting, and the conversations as well. I still come here daily, and don’t see that ending any time soon. Do I get tired of navigating a ton of single flavor recipes ?? Sure, but it’s a fair price to pay.


Did you eat the yard man?


How did you know that? Getting impossible to keep a secrete around here.


When you go from elation after mixing a good recipe to ‘oh crap I have to make something’. :grinning:

I havent bought new flavors for a little bit now, it got to the point where my husband was like ‘don’t you already have that?’ After my Stash hit 170, I just stopped adding stuff unless I really have something to say about it, or haven’t even used in a recipe yet. As for my setup, I have used the same RDA for over a year now as my all day thing.


Ive reached and re-reached that point several times over the years. When this forum opened i was close to that point despite having only around 150-200 flavorings, i did have a lot of mods/attys tho. But everything was so shiny and new that it reinvigorated me. A thousand + flavorings later im once again at that point.

Right now it kind of seems like the entire industry is holding their collective breaths. For example, im loving me some FLV lately but i fear they wont be around if the FDA moves forward with its war on flavorings. They were made specifically for vaping. Will they still be around after? What about Liquid Barn?

Having been around on forums since the earliest days of this version of the internet i know that forum cycles quite well. It is different at every place but the same results, lulls from time to time. But yeah, we have been stagnant for awhile now. Imagine what will happen if the FDA does ban most flavored eliquids, this place will explode with new mixers.


Same here, love my Troll V2 and my Boreas tanks. I cant find any reason to even try new stuff.


Hopefully u seasoned the gardener with a good seasoning like.

Always a shame to waste a good gardener.


You really think that flavor companies will all pack up their business and stop if there will be a flavor ban in the US? A couple may probably do so but there’s still a huge market outside of the US that will continue no matter what.


Wow! Thanks! This place truly has recipes for everybody/thing or whatever. That goes in the recipe box.


I was wondering when somebody would say that.

For me, getting the latest news on regulations is one of the really big draws. I really don’t believe that we can afford to be complacent. THe EU regs had a pretty damned big negative impact on tjhe vaping industry in my neck of the wood (Britain) and all the signs are that the FDA wil screw things up even worse in the USA . That could have a global impact ,

These are interesting times" for vapers, though obviously the news tends to be depressing, rather than exciting.

i’m with everybody else in very much hoping that you stick around, @Pro_Vapes . Your knowlege of -and enthusiasm for Medicine Flower is particularly appreciated . I don’t see how the heck we’re gonna replace you if you drift away. So what can we do to entertain you?


I reckon it depends on the company. FLV and LB sell their flavorings as made for vaping flavors, this may very well open the door to stricter regulation as opposed to those who do not market in that manner.

Perhaps some of our friends at these companies would lend their opinions, @FLV_DIY @LiquidBarn.

Another thing on this topic and the forum stagnation. I think the new flavor hype train rain off the tracks a long while back for many of us. At this point only a Thimbleberry flavoring would get that train going again, for me.


Well then, I reckon I will respond to this question;

No, I am not burned out. Not only did vaping help me quit smoking, when nothing else did, but It is the first hobby that I have been at for more than six months. I still like buying flavors (when I can afford them) and I still like coming up with recipes, I still like RDA’s and Mods. Yep, I still like it all.

I am a slow learner though. I have an orange dot next to my avatar, but I am just now coming into my own. I learned an awful lot from @DarthVapor who always helped me when ever I asked. The funny thing is, the people I talk to the most very rarely post anything on the forum side. We will post a recipe and then talk about it, on the comment section. We send flavors and recipes back and forth and it’s great fun.

I hope I don’t get burned out

I will be adding some spice to the forum pretty soon. I got some FREEEEEE stuff recently and I am gonna tear them to shreds, which will probably ruin my chances at any more FREEEEE stuff. It should be interesting because I just know I will probably hurt some butts. :smiling_imp:

Peace, Love, and Happiness Y’all



As to maxed out, I’ve hit that wall when it comes to gear and, dare I say it, new recipes to try. I still like finding the odd combo here and there, but I’ve been really lucky to have stumbled on some decent recipes that fit my taste buds well enough that by the time I’ve gotten done mixing those I’m all set for a month or three. I only mix for myself(Small town and most of my friends quit tobacco cold turkey or with Chantix(BLECH!)). My DNA75’s are still holding up well, and my Billow V2.5 still outshines every other RTA I’ve tried(Even though I do LOVE my Steam Crave and Deja Vu)

The biggest thing that brought me to the ELR forums was the banter that would routinely occur. There were more than a few loudmouths that, while some would view them as crass or obscene, really hit my funny bone. I’m disabled and I don’t get out much. Pain sometimes rules my day, even when I’ve got a million other things I need to get done. When I had those days, I relied on the salty, rancorous rabble that was here to get my mind of the absolute suck that was my day. Now, it seems as a lot of that has been ban-hammered, even when those discussions were restricted to the Pub or the Saloon. Were they completely off-topic for a eliquid recipe forum? Yep. That’s what the Pub and Saloon were opened for tho-To have the “adult” discussions in a dark corner so that if someone was offended by said language they could avoid those dark places. All was well for a little while until somebody got their knickers in a twist and started locking posts and deleting comments. It sucks. I know that there was more to the story than what I’ve penned, but since I was gone for a couple of months when all of this went down, I don’t know what happened to warrant this turn. I’m not looking to point fingers at users or mods. I’m just stating my dissatisfaction as to what the hell happened. I miss those talks, dammit!

Thanks for letting me spew. Hoist 'em if you got 'em, and take a deep draft to users gone. Here’s to the new breed-Cheers!


I dont think anyone is completely happy with how/what happened, i know im not. But it is what it is. Ive been thinking about a private group where folks can go off the rails a bit, no Joel, not you. That way no one can walk into something they dont want to see.

In the meantime, did you know about http://vapingcommunity.co.uk/ ? Some of the folks wanted to start a new forum to host their reviews and cut loose a bit.

EDIT: The Discord chat can git a little tarded too, it can be quite fun. Tho for some reason discord has been giving me major problems lately so i cant log on, doesnt seem anyone else is having issues as they havent complained.


I too remember days, its the mentality that reddit these days, (minus deleting comments and whatnot) but throwing shit only gets so fun, sometimes you gotta stop and eat a burrito, catch your breath and use your hand as toilet paper.


“Setbacks are badges of honor for those who try to achieve something worthwhile.”

Life has it peaks and valleys and it’s only normal to feel the way you do. Taking a break isn’t a bad thing either, although, you are a valuable member here and you would be dearly missed. I hope you can find and create something new for yourself, something that inspires you. Maybe it’s your mission to help others, maybe not. I’m sure you’ll find your way, though. I frequent another forum where one of our long term and valuable members has been backing off for reasons he hasn’t stated. We all miss him and are happy when he drops in if only once in awhile.

Through the eyes of a new mixer, ELR is a living, breathing forum with endless help and information to offer. I hope it continues to be so long after some of us are gone. I believe more people will need this information as vaping grows and the FDA keeps cracking down. I just heard on NPR that major shareholders of Big Tobacco are pulling out. For the first time in history the tobacco industry is waning and the vaping industry is growing. Juul is the major player here but this is a sign of better things to come, imho.


I agree with you. People need a place where they can be themselves, get away from the eliquid information overload and have some fun banter. The forum I’m on was started by its own members as a major exodus from a previous forum that basically put our thread in lock down…so we left. It’s a small place in comparison to others but we’re still there, 3 years later. We’re more like a family and we just happen to have several members who have expertise in the different areas of vaping, so it works. And it is open to anyone who cares to join.