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How much is enuff?


I just started getting into DIY a little over a year ago. I’ve been mixing other people’s recipes, doing single flavor testing, and have been really loving every bit of it. The best part of it is the community. I’ve learned so much from all of you. I’m just now starting to develop my own recipes. I have a lot of time on my hands due to a back injury. I’m also a recovering opiate addict, and mixing has been something that keeps my mind busy. I used to stay up till 5am mixing when I got those first flavors in. It was so exciting for me to basically have a vape shop in my room. I’m getting to the point where I’m done buying anymore new flavors till I learn to use what I have. When I finally master these flavors I’ll get more, but till then I have enuff.



South Africa has already got hit hard, and that will hurt some of the flavor companies.


Congratulations on your recovery. I, too, am in recovery from opiate addiction. We’re darn lucky to be alive, don’t you think?


Hardwick talks…


G’nite all and peaceful dreams…Interesting thread.


Thank you! Congrats to you too! Yes, we are very lucky. Half the people I grew up with are dead from it. IIt’s been over 4 years. I don’t ever want to go back to that life and death.


I’ve found out there’s a lot of people who mix and build coils that are in recovery. I think it really helps!


3.5 years clean thank you very much. The hard part is when my lover ( pain ) is being a bitch. Anywho, I didn’t mention it but, vaping helps keep my mind of of it. ( especially in the beginning )

maybe we should start a thread for recovering addicts…


Ok. I am a jerk but I can barely stomach that guy. I have tried, I really have, but…

Anywho, I did watch 12 min with some skipping ahead, I guess I will just live in ignorance, rather than get my news from the fellow. " irksome "

Anywho, @Pro_Vapes do you have any plans or ideas as to what you will do next?


Thanks for the plug @Ken_O_Where :wink: we did say from the start that we wouldn’t poach people off ELR, so it’s a really nice thing for you to do, I appreciate that :+1:


We are all still family, fighting the same fight. :slight_smile:


I’ll never turn my back to ELR… I’ll be around. It’s probably my own issues that need adjusting. Maybe a little break will help me work thru them. I appreciate all the advice I’ve read in this thread.


It’s mine and @Steampugs and the url is https://vapingcommunity.co.uk :sunglasses:


Create a new group, have people opt in, build category that only that group can see… voila


Interests and hobbies come and go over the years, it’s totally normal and it’s probably hard for anyone to name something they’ve been doing with all their heart for more than a few years. Not that you’d give it up but you’ve learned what you needed. Then you get bored because you don’t learn something new and you get interested it something else.
Don’t feel bad about it, do your thing and stop by from time to time.


ELR is the most amazing place ran by the most wonderful and generous guy I know @daath. He does all this for us… spends countless hours making it so all the weights of all the flavors are precise. The mixing calculator here is the best period!
I’ve seen them all and this is still #1
You get all that for nothing, he doesn’t charge a DIME like these “other” half rate sites.
It’s been ten years since I smoked a cigarette and yes, at first the “acquisition” of new gear and flavors is amazing and keeps you occupied (that’s all part of the genius in vaping). If the OP doesn’t feel that anymore then maybe vaping for him has done its job, maybe that’s the end of the line?
For me I’m living and loving all the great stuff vaping continues to bring about, and most of all the excitement from creating endless recipes that will never bore me!
So thanks Daath and all the Vape community for ten years of great times and most of being free from cigarettes!!!


I whole heartily understand, he does good for the beginners, but his co-host, the little zitface balhed colton, he just errrrrks my azz, he really don’t need to be there, he is not kiddie friendly, F this F that GD everything, yep , that is his age.


LOL I know what you mean.


lol… I didn’t know he had a co-host, guess that says how long it’s been since I seen his videos. I did watch him a bit awhile back, and while he had some good information (basically the same as on here but in a video format instead of analog), I quickly tired of the better than thou attitude that was presented.
I’ve also cut back from making posts on the forum. I read different aspects of it daily, and while I won’t say it has stagnated, I do feel some of it’s pop has dissipated. I liked the old raw edge and as a couple others alluded to, the quick wit and jibes that came across. And like some have stated, I’m not pointing fingers either… while ELR is/was constructed towards mixing and such, (at least for me) it was also a place to banter, bash, joke and poke (or be poked) without reservation or repercussion. If you opened you mouth, expect someone else to open theirs and live with the consequences (unless your comeback was funnier than theirs…). I still like looking at how @Pro_Vapes mixes his stuff up (with the exception of all the MF he uses (I don’t own a single MF ingredient lol)) as well as @Ken_O_Where @anon45050679 @SthrnMixer @Code-Vape and a few others. Even if I don’t mix all the things they post, a few might spark my interest… like looking through a cookbook or a magazine and seeing a recipe, I might not make that recipe… but it gives me ideas or is interesting to look at.
Personally if “people” were so concerned with the appearance of how the forum is being run, I would advise for “them” to stop herding the users and take control of the dumpster on the ingredient side of the site, it’s a pig sty (mho of course…shit… there is over 132 thousand ingredients… I just looked at one called “juice” and it’s entirely blank!) Whatever… I’ve lurked most my life, so for me nothing much has changed with the exception of holding my tongue a bit more.

EDIT: @Mix_and_Hope that little rant wasn’t directed to you… you just happened to be the one I had responded to surrounding DIY… no offense meant…