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How much is enuff?


And beside the fact that I have found almost the perfect homemade vape,along with great gear, I still like the interaction with new vapors and their trials along the way, and try to help to make more vapors than smokers. it seems to grow old but if I could change 3–5-10-10000 to the vape, Everyone is a win for life…


@SunnyT Like @wvsanta said, that’s a GREAT story/post, and congratulations on that hard earned degree.


Have lots of Marines in the family, and feel very strongly about “things” I think we should leave these conversations out of @Pro_Vapes thread.


Well Said, @SessionDrummer


Haven’t reached my limit yet, but I am definitely slowing down. I joined ELR because I wanted, NEEDED, to quit smoking and after numerous failed attempts, this site helped me do that and I’ve never looked back.
My knowledge of the hardware has grown from knowing absolutely nothing to being able to hold my own with mods, tanks, batteries etc. Mixing-wise I kinda suck, but there are lots of fantastic recipes to make so I was never worried about being a great mixer.
I do miss some of the loose handed frivolity that existed here as it was a great time to have a laugh if you really needed one and although I didn’t participate much in the more bawdy conversations, it was a hoot to read most of them. Don’t know why it had to change, but I do miss the laughter. Hopefully the site will continue to evolve and continue to hold my attention. I’m not complaining at all and I understand that everything changes. I just miss some aspects of what used to be.
This site has done a lot for myself as well as others, and my appreciation for it will last forever. Eventually I’ll find something else that will devour all my attention, but not just yet.

Maybe I’ll take up motor-boating (Make of that what you will).


Conga-rats on the degree! That is so awesome!


Congradulations on your new journey.


Congrats!! I’m sure it feels great to be done finally!!


Thanks, and hell yeah it does! After about the first year, I wanted to quit so many times, but I kept reminding myself that I had already come too far to quit and that if I didn’t finish I would never be able to get a job that would pay enough to pay even that first year of my student loans!


Me too!


I have now been sober since June 6, 2012. I know I am very blessed to be alive and this is the reason I actually went back to school. I just received my Bachelor’s in Applied Behavioral Science with a minor in Psychology so that I can begin my journey to becoming an addiction and recovery counselor specializing in opiate addiction.

Congratulations to you all!


No matter how "ADVANCED and professional acting they are they each have unique tastebuds and therefore might not perceive the “egginess” in the same manner


IMHO The best you can hope for is some basic agreement as to the quality of flavor you can expect from a company, and still you are going to find some old stick in the muds that use what some would call low quality flavors in certain mixes because they have my attitude. I like the way company A’s flavor Z makes my recipe 123 taste and yes I could use company DD’s flavor Z and it would have a higher quality recipe 123 except that now it’s recipe 123a because it has been changed and although it is a higher quality juice using higher quality individual flavors. DAMNIT I LIKE THE WAY THE ORIGINAL TASTED JUST FINE, IN FACT I LIKE IT BETTER And that has nothing to do with the fact that I am saving $10 to $22 on a 120 ML bottle of the FLAVORING NOT THE JUICE BUT THE FLAVORING Yep from $7 and change to $30 and change for the 120 ml bottle of the flavoring. Even though the cost per use isn’t that great it does matter to some of us.


@Suomynona, your statement was best, too many times folks say… “This is the bees knees, the cream of the crop, the go-ge-go-go juice, the top lomboni, …it puts that other stuff to shame (pssst, i’m actually getting paid by the company to shill this juice up) it’ll raise the dead, literally, your face will change and hair will become a new color if you vape the flavor at 30%”…

Or use inconsistencies to compare it “its like a fluffy juicy goodness that’s light on the back aftertaste of thin backflow of the morning. The exhale is a smooth texture that’s shaped like the sun glistening on the back of my ass…I think you’ll really like it” … vape%20hype


I am not tired of this forum at all. Still learn new things here all the time. My gear buying is next to nothing these days, got enough of that.
What I really want to know is what is the most common size torx screw used in Mods? T5?


Great point @GPC2012

I had to quote this one ^^^^ so I could read it AGAIN, and agree with it AGAIN. :slight_smile:


@Daven Stand by, I got a bunch …


@Daven as you probably have guessed, I have a STEAM CRAVE problem hehe. I got TIRED of stripping out the cheap grub screws AND, the included allen keys were partially to blame. Got sick of it, did some research, and I bought a couple hundred grubs, and a handful of tools. They worked so well, I ended up bagging them up as kits, and sold out of them. I don’t know if they work on all setups, but they work great on my Steam Craves.


That there is gold my friend…GOLD I say!


Well, when I started there wasn’t much but mechs. Well, no. There were egos and such. But I remember my first box mod. 30W and that was extreme then. But then it wouldn’t fire below .6 ohms. I would keep forgetting and wonder why my RDAs wouldn’t fire. All that seemed so new and complicated and look what we have now.


“That thing has 30w, whoah, how much does my pen have?” lmao