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How much is enuff?


How to switch out flavors and flavor reviews would be falling into the scarlac pit of “personal opinion” and “my way is the right way”, a lot of the legends in DIY have split/grown apart, the older generation, because they were the kingpins of the mixing world back in yonder days, they fought for control of the mixing world and then one went the grubby way and the other went the hobbled way.
and then the 6 infinity stones were created…

Advanced mixers threads would be a mirror reflection of what happens here, (not saying I am or am not an advanced mixer) but we have all been here for years, we chime in and boast the good juices and cant really silence the bad ones but I’ve yet to see someone ask a question and then get no answer. (They might get a bad answer, but if they do its usually corrected in the same thread. After that, we all shake hands and then go jump on another thread or snicker at what made us smile that day.

Threads like sweetner or menthols, the mixers masters tips might be due for an update but that thing has the basics of… I wont give you a fish, I’ll teach you how to fish. The flavor profiles cover in vast amounts of what it does, what it tastes like, the most common flavors used with it, …other than adding a “Acceptable substitute” which would fall on its face because of personal opinions.

Personal opinions have divided the DIY world, and it brings the halves together.


Opinions of people with experience are often valued by beginners.

That is your opinion. “I do this because I think blah blah” doesn’t mean that’s the right way.

I never said that only 1 opinion counts or only 1 should be published. If you can read different opinions about a certain subject, it’s valuable in my opinion. Different people, different strokes.

If you jump on a YT channel, you’re also going to get the opinion of a certain person, you watch another channel and you might get another. If you follow the series Noted, you can see that a small group of people who test the same flavors can have really different opinions. Not everybody has to agree all the time, just be civil about it and accept that it’s OK to have another opinion. People want to hear/read/see that.


The civility of a series like Noted is that, if you challenge their opinion, they’ll blatantly tell you you’re wrong behind hissed teeth. It happens all the time on their day-to-day forums in reddit, so Noted, or anything in relation to that has led to this “Purge” division that started, One split, two sides, one welcomes all and acknowledges all forms of outlets, the other welcomes all but recognizes nothing but themselves.

Its the dangerous line of when beginners take someone’s opinion… (right or wrong) and then praises it like a holy object and fact.

“You are looking for a good strawberry? Try this _______ recipe, I’ve been making it for a few years now, I hope you like it” - Person 1
“What is this shat, that’s not what daddy said to do in his videos/blog/forum/chisel and stone with strawberry!!! You don’t know jack shit, and I know, I just started 2 days ago” -person 2 <<<<< and these mixers will be the ones to advance and become our new DIY legends. <<You DONT WANT! (or at least… I don’t) lmao

Information should be careful reviewed for how its disseminated, everybody will read that shit differently lmao


@Pro_Vapes Should i split this thread off or can i keep it going here as it is? Id like to continue to read everyone’s opinions but i dont want to completely derail the intent of your thread.


Keep it going.


Yesterday I got the new Think Vape Finder 250c.

Have yet to set it up properly with a replay hit tho. Other than that, its nice. But that kinda settles my itch for a 3 battery dna250c. Gonna set it up with a ss316L spaced claptons, see how well I can get that TC to work with more adv coils. Replay alone makes the new dna’s worth it imo. And nice to see that they are rolling out the replay function for other color versions too.

Luckily for me, I’ve not gotten into the custom mechs etc (yet). I’ve been drooling at a couple of purge setups, but I feel its too much for my wallet atm :smiley: and quite honestly not sure if it would be anything but decorative for my vape dungeon.

I agree with you when it comes to mixing, and I feel mixing never really dulls down. Theres always the next recipe and I feel like theres always something to do, as long as you got the aromas. Anything from single flavour testing to adapting certain layers.


It’s not just you, it seems vaping has taken a weird turn in general, it’s become stagnant, it’s become boring, it’s become just another thing.

Maybe it’s just the way these things go, the journey into anything new is always a buzz and exciting, then, over time that wears off and unless your super enthusiastic, intuitive and able to find a new angle you will likely not get that back.

I would love to see vaping pick back up again and I have seen some new technology but the market saturation and the new laws have made it difficult for anyone to really move forward, maybe it’s the whole uncertainty of it all.

A break could lead to new discovery’s, new discovery’s could lead you to a new way of thinking.



Thank @Ken_O_Where! I took it off because sometimes i get kind of afraid that things I say may be mistaken and turned into something negative and I’m never intending that so i just take it off instead of dealing with it. But ok back to your question :)))

I think that would be a great start! I’d love to see a ventran mixers process of mixing!! I’m not sure if everyone would be able to put it in steps but that might be a start. Interviews would be great too!! Get to know the ‘red dot’ crew!! They have red dots, now maybe they can show us their skills :grinning:. Maybe pick a recipe like strawnana or their favorite recipe, and tell us your process of making it!! I love the thinking process behind recipe making!!

I’d also like it if some of us beginners could get some true recipe feedback. Maybe have some people do testing of their (who ever would want to join) juices so we can grow further here. I feel like there’s a split division of ‘us’ beginners and ventrans. Sometimes the eyes of a new person can enlighten mixing to another level! That’s how nursing is too :slight_smile: we more experienced nurses know alot but the new nurses have some of the latest technology and innovation. Maybe we can apply that concept to mixing too?


Which fruits are u good at? How about kiwis? Or peach. I think i have one kiwi flavor but i can’t get it to work for me and i finally found one peach flavor i like, but it would be great to hear you do some fruit comparisons!!! Or menthol, does it taste like the menthol of a menthol cigg?? I haven’t tried because i have that perception in my head.


Menthol tastes like the inhale from airwaves for me but not as strong


This is what I use


Quite right, unfortunately that happens in quite a few forums, but didn’t see it in ELR.
We noticed that happening in our forum (In Italy) and avoided it, we had some mods turning exactly that way and stopped them immediately! They eventually went away.
Before using the axe we first agree in our “private” section and then take action if needed, but nobody, unless it’s blatantly obvious, like swearing, insulting other users flaming etc, starts moderating and cutting 3ds like hell.
We all love freedom of speech but been a public space, respect of other people and forum rules abiding is a must.
Fortunately enough there are more than 15 moderators 2 administrators and 1 site owner (he’s a sort of outsider…) and we have more then just a single view on a subject, that helps on taking the right decision.
BTW Yes with so many just as forum’s staff is a big place…:joy:


Me too! That orange dot don’t mean jack shit in my case…I mean, I know stuff, I know a lot of stuff, buuuuuuuut, I don’t know it all and have never claimed to…I’m not burned out yet, far from it…

Sometimes I really don’t feel like mixing, but life is busy…it doesn’t mean I don’t like mixing…I love mixing!
I just finished school after busting my ass for 4+ years to get my degree. I did it all online, and after having been out of high school for 13 years when I started college, it was hard. I didn’t have an instructor/professor right in front of me to answer questions, so everything I learned required a lot of reading and figuring shit out on my own, so I couldn’t be prouder of myself now. However, because of being in school, I only did enough vaping related stuff to get by…I learned DIY to be able to make my own juice and be satisfied without spending a ton of money…Now that I am done with school, I feel like I am free to explore and delve deeper into the things that I wasn’t able to before.

My main thing now is that I want to make better mixes…don’t get me wrong, I have a few that are ‘da bomb diggitty’, but there are others I know could be so much better if I could fix them and figure out more of what I can do to get that done. I am one of those people who doesn’t like to post my stuff because I get embarrassed and feel like people will judge me because I have been around so long and they think I should know more than I do.

Also, I am just getting into squonking and drippers, which I have fallen in love with, but I didn’t really have time to mess with them before. It was so much easier to use RTA’s when I was doing my school work…and not only that, I love helping people…I want to learn more so I can help others and I don’t think I will ever burn out on that!

And free shit! Its the only way I will be able to ever get anything new! They are my vaping lifeline! The least I can do is review the stuff I get! I’m new to reviewing to…as you guys can surely tell, and any pointers anyone can give on my reviews will be greatly appreciated!

Point is, just because I have an orange dot doesn’t mean that I have been here long enough to know it all, and I am far from being burned out! For any beginners reading this, don’t let this statement deter you from asking for help from me, because if I don’t know the answer, I won’t stop until I find a satisfactory answer/resolution for you, and myself…this way, I get to learn as well!

@Pro_Vapes…I can see how this has happened to you though…you have been here since the beginning and have done so much to help people over the years…You were the first person to help me, and I will never forget it (I had that mod up until about 6 months ago and then I vaped it forward to help another get off the smokes)…

Not to sound all preachy or anything, but I did major in Behavioral Science recently, and it is completely normal to get burnt out, but it is also normal to renew your interest after a break. Just as you said, a break would probably do good for you, not that I wish to see you go, but for your own psyche and so you don’t totally lose your passion for everything vape related. If you had any hobbies before vaping, maybe try those again and then come back to vaping after a bit. Rotate your interests.

Who'da Thunk

Very nicely put.

And congrats on the degree :+1:


Definitely not in ELR, we got some 1st class moderators and 1st class mixers, from what I have read and seen, a lot of the You Tube mixers and one shot recipe Mixers grew there teeth from ELR and moved on to make a living, created pay to join sites etc. and help beginners, and the vape community, CASA etc…, and I am sure some mixers from reddit too, but I don’t venture over there, don’t like the set up there, confusing.


Kind of like the Fix my Mix thread but with mixers that agree to be part of a thread to mix new folks mixes for feedback? I like that idea, it could be part of the beginner group and pinned.

As for the red dots, it signifies the first group of people to join the forums, it isnt what i had intended. Changes had to be made on the fly because of the sheer outrage of some folks. I would love to have a set of advanced mixers with tags to let people know who they are. The problem we ran into is how does one choose the people for this group? I know several advanced mixers that would love to be part of this but the problem is it would have to be a rather selective group, the all inclusive world view today pretty much wrecks everything for everyone.

I just want folks to know that personal attacks on this site are finished. We have 5 mods so please folks hit the flag button. If/when JoJo comes back we will have 11 because @BoDarc wasnt wrong when he said it takes 6 mods to replace her, she’s amazing.

Im thinking maybe we run a poll to see who people want to interview and then add a subsection to the forum where each person voted for would have a thread in which anyone could ask their questions, if the person agrees to it.

There is a lot of good stuff in this thread.


I agree, There is lot of use full info but I never participate because of the bullshit egos there. They are not better because they pay for ATF, learn and live, Down votes WTF, Inform those, no need to be nasty or call a bot mod, READ THE SIDE BAR. F.U, and F.U. bunch of whiny little bitches, grow TFUp, We are all here to learn, and if possible teach DON’T BE A DICK. Just my thoughts. Don’t want to be a jerk about it, but they are about the last place I check and I only look for flavor % otherwise I really don’t care for the remarks made by most of the response. ( in regards to reddit).


I am glad I don’t know these things. What a strange thing to be outraged about.

That is a brilliant idea. I can see myself asking questions of these advanced mixers


That is what the veteran thing was supposed to be all about. I think we can move forward now tho.