How much liquid do you have stockpiled?

Hello everybody, I have been “cooking” today, I made 90 mls of Strawberry Shortcake Bar by NotCharlesManson and also made 90 mls of Grants Custard today and that got me thinking. Right now I probably have around 2000mls of juice “stockpiled” and I was wondering what everybody else has? Because I know I am on the low end of the liquid making. Just curious.

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If you’re on the low end, I’m on the ultra low end. I have less than 500mls I know that for sure. Probably closer to 250. LoL.

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Hmm, this was a good question so i went and looked. I have appx 6000 ml curing tho not all of it is just for me.

Haven’t mixed in a while. Have 500 to 600 ml. Lately been mixing 100 ml batches that I know are good.

I have about 900 ml left. Will go on a mixing spurt in a few days. I usually do about 1000 ml when I do sit down. Several 120 ml “refills”, a bunch of 15 ml testers, and some 30 ml bottles of juices I know but am playing with percentages on.

Yeah, for my personal custard ADV i have appx 2000ml mixed and in different stages of curing as i like it best in the two month range. My wife has another 1000ml of her favorites, the rest is for the few customers that i still sell to.

Buying Glycubes is dangerous, hehe.

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I haven’t even gotten into my glycube stash yet. I still have about 2 liters left from my last gallon VG purchase.
I have to guess at this, but I probably have about 3 liters of juice around. A bunch of my fav’s are in the fridge. Probably 40 or more 20ml bottles of “test” mixes that I probably need to go through and either give away or dump down the drain. My approach to mixing lately seems to be more thought out and planned for particular profiles. I haven’t been mixing much in the last 2 months. I kind of planned on that. I need to vape a lot of what I already have laying around. Conversely it is nice to not HAVE to mix and still have a huge selection of well steeped juice to choose from.

It’s nice to mix on a whim, but it is easy to mix more than I can vape.

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About 45 mls.

It’s pretty close to mixing day tho.

Close to 3000 steeping and another 1000 mixed today. When I start it’s usually cause I got time and once everything is out it’s tough to stop! Lol

Maybe 250-300mls. However, I have a lot in testing. Once I’m done nailing the recipes, I will be making more.

The problem I have is I have made many recipes I do not much care for but am too stingy to pour them down the drain because I think " maybe I will like it some other time".
But what I have been doing recently is giving them to a friend but the problem with that is I only have one vape buddy and he vapes using 12mg while I vape on 4mg. So I finally just gave him about 15mls of 40 mg nic and said here you go make it as strong as you want haha.

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Pour them all together and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It might come down to that! But I have just recently started making big batches (90 mls). But I am thankful that I have found my first ADV (Grants Custard) I just love the simplicity of it and the taste is incredible.

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I probably sit with 300-500mls. All in 15ml and 30ml bottles. No shortage of different flavors and juices. There’s a few custards, my orange mixes, mixes with peper, some fruit mixes, deep heavy vanilla Carmel mixes, zen garden floating around, and even a sweet tart hiding in the vape drawer. There may be even a scone recipie or two. Not sure. There should be 16 different recipies brewing. New mixes go to the back. Old to the front. Gets hard to keep track of, but my taste buds are never board.

I’m too embarrassed to say but I will say, that if I had to go through it all, I would be going by liters and not millimeters, hehe.

I really have a shitload stocked away and I would say I have easily over 1k 10ml testers, about 800 30ml, a few 100 90ml & 120ml and a few dozen 8oz-16oz bottles as well :slightly_smiling:

I need help! I just keep churning them out and rarely do I go back and enjoy them because I am usually tasting the next batch and so on.

I saw that Mt. Baker posted one of their juice hoard giveaways on FB and that actually had me thinking of doing something similar here. Then I come on ELR to find this thread at the very top!


No clue I’m so unorganized.


that is a crazy amount! Wow.

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Someone needs an intervention. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. It blows my mind. 800 30ml bottles. Kinda envious, but kinda don’t wanna get that deep…then again I’ve only been mixing for a short period of time.

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400-500 ml. range (all steeped) of ADV’s. Enough to last many months vaping (non sub ohm’g). It’s a good feeling and nice to know I won’t run out, yet, enough room for mixing/searching for a few more ADV’s at my leisure. It took me a while to get to this happy spot of not being under the gun to keep my ADV’s stocked up.