How the hell do u make juice "candy sweet" without it tasting gross?

Ex: Brew city makes this juice called “bluerazz” which tastes like a blue raspberry sucker. I want to be able to make “candy like” juices that arent just sickening which ive found to be the case when using cotten candy as sweetener. Any thoughts?



I have tfa marshmellow, just havent experimented much with it yet. At what percent would u use it at for a candy like effect?

And just marshmellow? or a combination of that and sweetener or something to that degree?

EM (Cotton Candy mutes flavors. Those of us in the know use Marshmallow instead. I do not use TFA brand but should be ok as well. I usually use 2% but I’m not trying for CANDY SWEET. I’d say no more than 4%. If still not sweet enough then maybe you might try some sucralose sweetener (Capella Sweet and there are others) in a combo…


What do people here think of stevia as a sweetener?

Here’s a whole thread on the subject with lots of pro-advice:


Just read this thread. And ive already tried almost everything they are suggesting. Litterally the only thing i havent tried is sucralose. And from what i read there is mixed reviews…

I even just threw 3% tfa marshmellow in a sour apple tester and from what ive noticed via testing so far it is similar to the effects i would get with cotton candy. Ill have to get sucralose to try it myself considering there doesnt seem to be much imput or info pertaining to a candy level sweetness. I need candy. Not sweet baked goods… which seems to be the only juice everyone is aiming for…

Im a little frustrated at this point…

Here ya go: