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How to dilute pure nicotine


I’m from Canada and my diluted nicotine was restricted from the Canadian customs. I went to the vaping store and now I have pure nicotine 20 ml plastic drip bottle. I have no idea how to make the measurements to dilute the nicotine. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some answers on how many ml of nicotine would I need for a 120 ml of VG or PG.
The store just put there pure nicotine into a plastic drip bottle with no instructions.



Step one. Get 2 plastic ziploc freezer bags.
Step two. Double bag the bottle of pure nic.
Step three. Take the bottle back and ask them to dilute it to a more safe level for handling to about 72mg to reduce the risk of accidental poisoning.


By pure nicotine, do you mean 1000mg nic?


I was just gonna ask that.


I just asked if they sell nicotine and they said yes and transfered the pure nicotine into a plastic drip bottle telling me it’s pure nicotine in a 20 ml bottle. They did say .75 makes 3 ml for a 30 ml bottle of juice


They do sell this stuff…


Just go to your preferences on the recipe side and enter 1000mg nicotine. The calculator will do the rest.
I do suggest you dilute it with PG, it’ll store better than in a pure form and it’s easier to mix.


If your nicotine is 1000mg/ml than you need 12 ml and add 108 ml of VG or PG and you get it diluted to 100mg/ml.
That’s what I always use.
Make sure you wear proper gloves and have enough ventilation and are not disturbed by kids or pets.

You could also dilute it all by adding it to 180 ml of PG or VG.


Oh thank you; that’s what I read, but it’s so confusing with different measurements.



Be INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY careful handling pure Nic. Brings me out in a cold sweat just reading that you have it :flushed:

Did I mention incredibly careful?


Thanks that’s why I’m searching for answers! All I come across is how dangerous it is. I do not think the vape store should had just casually pored thier pure nicotine into a plastic drip bottle and let me go on my way. I did order the diluted but the Canadian border refused the safe type and which is why I ordered it from the US to begin with. I am contacting them and informing them that they refused something I ordered from a creditable, safety company. I will inform them that I would not be in this predictement if they allowed the company’s safety supply along with a mountain of how to use the diluted in a safe manner.

I had no idea that the pure was that toxic if I did not google how to dilute the stuff. Then how do I use it after I dilute into a recipe! I have read the threads and you all have been very helpful so thank you for that.



If you want to mix easier with that nicotine, mix it with pg first at 1:9 ratio, 1 nicotine : 9 pg. This way you’ll have 100 mg nicotine. It would be safer for you (still have to be careful when you handle it though, it’s still nicotine)

with this dilution you could use it as normal percentage in the recipe calculator.

If this is what you’re going to do, please be very careful when you dilute the nicotine. And when you handle the diluted nicotine.


You can easily do a 1:19 ratio (50mg) or 1:49 (20mg) as well, it doesn’t have to be 100mg. The more diluted, the longer it stays good and the safer and easier it is to work with.


Did you mean .75 of the nic they gave you will make 3mg/ml nic for a 30 mil bottle? That’s not pure nic then. Pure is 1000mg nicotine / 1 mil base. They probably gave you their nicotine base which, if what they told you about .75ml making 30ml/3mg is accurate, then it’s closer to 140mg/ml base. You need to be sure because .75 at 1000 in a 30ml is going to be over 20mg nic. Also, from what I understand working with pure nic you’d need hazmat gear and a chemistry lab style ventilation system. Call them and ask for the actual milligrams per mil of the nic they gave you, That could be life or death.


Yes I had him write it on the plastic bottle .75 will make 3 ml of a 30 ml bottle; they also put pure nicotine cause I asked if it was diluted and they said no it was not. I will re- read your post to try and understand it. I am really confused now.



It is altogether possible that the workers in the shop think of it as pure nicotine when it is infact a dilution down to 140mg/ml. I would certainly be investigating it closely before use to confirm the actual mg/ml level.

If they cannot tell you I would not use it. If it is in fact pure nic iI would be taking it back to them. If it is 140mg/ml you will still need to be careful and maybe dilute it down to a less hazardous level (not that 140mg will kill you it will make you quite sick where as pure nic has the potential to kill you)


Thanks, I just recieved through the mail a safe diluted 12 mg diluted nicotine and the PG and VG. I found a company in Canada. So I think my best bet is to put this nicotine into the fridge. I have it in another container covering the bottle. So I’ll play it safe and use what came in the mail. Im guessing you both are right that it must not be pure if it’s .75 for 3 mg to make a 30 ml bottle. Maybe the employer didn’t know???Thanks again.:smile: Now


I am curious how much did you pay for that 20 ml bottle ? if you do not mind me asking.


First I think its careless from the store to sell you nicotine if you have no idea what to do with it. Another factor of being careless is purchasing it without more information.

But in all the whole post confuses me, you state they only mentioned undiluted pure nicotine without any further instructions. 2 posts down all the sudden you mentioned that the person selling it to you mentioned 0.75 for 3mg. Next post its now written on the bottle. Maybe I’m not getting it but sounds like instructions to me.

Next up you say customs kept your nicotine, so I assumed your country won’t allow the import or selling of nicotine, yet 5 minutes later you found a store selling and in another you getting some mailed to you… Why did you even try the import?

I don’t try to be rude, but either I’m not getting it (blonde after all) or its a great troll post.


From what I gather, Canadian customs will grab stuff at random if it looks fishy, even if it’s legal it’s a mile of red tape and weeks of work to get it released. That being said, this nic is either or, it’s not gonna be both, Either it’s pure in which case .75ml in a 30 mil is going to be 20+mg OR it’s diluted to 140 mg/ml. Before you use this you need to make sure. Contact the shop owner and tell him/her what happened because maybe the employees are not explaining this to you well enough, or maybe they’re not knowledgeable enough to be handing out nic. If that’s pure nic and they ARE telling people these instructions, someone’s gonna get poisoned.