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How to dilute pure nicotine


I paid 20 dollars for the 20 ml bottle


Its not so much customs as its the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that refuses it at the border. Getting Nicotine over the border here is convoluted at best, Customs itself don’t care as its not classified as tobacco. I was never told as to why and what grounds they refuse it. If I see them at work Ill try and ask again, but im sure I wont get a answer again.


No after customs refused my diluted nicotine ( bullshit) it’s illegal! So I decided to go to the vape shop to buy some vape juice. I wanted an extra 3 mg in my juice. I then asked them if they sell nicotine to Thier customers. It was me who asked them if it was diluted, they said it’s pure. It was me who asked how much would I use for 3 mg. The guy wrote it on a plastic drip bottle with a black felt pen which will rub off. I asked again not wanting to look stupid if it was diluted because I had questions but the guys didn’t seem to think I should be asking further questions by Thier actions. I left there very confused as to just handing me a bottle of nicotine as if I should know all about the stuff. I ordered from the US because they sold me on Thier products and safety measures along with recipient. So I am the one who asked just how much would I put nicotine to use for 3 mg.


Blazer55 is correct because I recieved a letter informing me that the food and health has considered it unsafe… And yes the employer’s should never just hand over nicotine like they did. I do not believe people have asked for it before and the employer’s maybe thought I was asking because I have knowledge in handling the nicotine. Damn I have no idea how to make just out of the diluted as of yet. I did find a Canadian company not in my Provence that I ordered it from which just arrived today. I hope this makes sense. I had no idea about the calculators up until I googled nicotine dilution. So I am simply an amateur simple as that.


Plus this was my second time ordering the diluted nicotine from the states and the first diluted nicotine came to me and the second order was refused. I gather it depends on the individual dealing with putting it through customs


I guess I won’t be defecting to Canada until I wean myself down to 0 nic. Even then I’ll be ordering my other supplies under the name of Hobbit’s Bakery and Beverage Drops. :wink:


It very much depends how much they discriminate, if it has the proper paperwork of the origin of the nicotine ie: lab or manufacturer with lab results it has better odds, and clearing it through customs yourself would help as well compared to generic paperwork from a customs broker which you have to pay for. It pays to work in the shipping industry on the Canadian border. :grin:


I will ask what is required from CFIA for getting Nicotine over the border when I see them next.


Cool to be working there for sure. :smile::smile:


20 bucks is not bad as the nicotine( once I have it figured out) will go further and I didn’t pay for shipping. Yes it’s much cheaper in the states.:full_moon_with_face:


Look into DashVapes they have 100 mg/ml 60 ml bottle at 24.99 you can get 3 times that much, not sure where you are in Canada, but its just one I know of that has good Nic.


Thanks so much! I live in Edmonton Alberta but there are no places to buy proper DIY. I bookmarked the website store you gave me. It is much cheaper and they have free shipping too. I can understand the mixture from that place. I will be ordering from them from now on. I cannot thank you enough.:blush::blush::blush:


You can always get one of these to find out the strength of your nicotine.


this is the best/safest/wisest choice


Wo you all are a wealth of information. I’m so glad I found this knowledgable kind place; being a complete amateur and my poor math left me dumbfounded purchasing ingredients and not knowing what to do with it😗…
I see nicotine river is absolutely awesome and it’s so cheap to purchase ( nicotine titration) I’m sure this saved my life because I had no idea about the toxitability if not used properly. I was just going to guess at everything and go from there. Well now I will not be just using my guessing skills like I was planning to do.

Thank you,



Thank you; you ready mind about throwing it away and wasting my money. My money would not be very good to me dead i guess. Oh and I did my ordering from Nicvape. I made two orders because of thier products. The sample kit came through to me. I was able to use that but it was the second order that did not go through. I contacted them as well informing them of my Selena with getting the unknown nicotine. I was not asking for a refund. I just wanted to let them know that Thier safe product was refused and put me into a dangerous situation. They emailed me back with advice. Based on them emailing me and informing me of the danger brought me to google this and here I am😃


Nicvape is very reputable obviously and they should had let it go through as you would know about Thier stricken standards of safety


I think its safe to say you misunderstood them that it was “pure” nic if .75ml will yield 3mg in a 30ml then the nic is most likely 100mg/ml pre diluted nic in pg most likely. Though thier maths seem off a bit as 0.9ml should make 3mg at 100mg/ml…

Edit: after reading the entire thread i agree you should either buy a titration kit or buy a known strength from a certified vendor…


These are all assumptions based on whatever info is given here. 0.75 what? If you assume anything, you should assume it to be the highest strength.
But better than that, go back to the store that sold it and ask for some clear information on what the specifics are. Nicotine in this concentration is a poison and you can’t just assume it’s about 1/10th of the strength that the seller said it was. That is a recipe for disaster.


I agree i will edit my post