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How to dilute pure nicotine


Oh after I repeated that " for sure it’s pure" they scribbled with the felt pen stating pure on it. So I do not think they know. They just know how much to ad.
All I wanted was 3 ml so they put .75 makes 3 ml for a 30 ml bottle? So my guess is just to bring it back as they must have thought I was a dealer in making this stuff. They should never hand a plastic bottle and give it like they did. They could be in big trouble if I reported it or if I just simply added what I felt as if it was nothing more than candy. They cannot legally sell nicotine in that fashion without being shut down or reprimanded, worse yet cause a death. I would not have even used gloves by the way they just handed it to me like it’s a bottle of vape juice.


Well I’m much more confident now thanks to all of you. I’m glad I came across and found this forum. You have all been very helpful and I even have a place to order from from now on. It’s too bad about the Nicvape company because they would have been awesome beginning with the biginners kit.


The person who referred me to dashvape can get reward points for referring me to dashvape and reward points for every dollar I spent. I spent 140 dollars. If that person wants the reward points you can collect them from dashvape. It’s on the website throughout my ordering.