How to get the best flavor

I finally started building my own coils. Well, coil… I’ve done one so far. Kind of… Thanks to @Sprkslfly (holla!) I have a few pre wrapped coils, so all i had to do was install, check, and wick.
I’m starting off with stainless steel. I have SS316L wire in 24g, 25g, and 26/30 clapton. Taste is just fine with 24g at .37 ohms especially now that I think I figured out the wicking on my tfv4 and I’m not getting dry hits or spit back and flooding anymore. But I’m not noticing any more taste than I was getting from my Atlantis coils. With the wire options I currently have, does anyone have suggestions on where to go from here to improve the flavor? I know, I’m going to have to go through some trail and error to find out what I like best. But I’d love to hear your opinions!


claptons are always good for flavour IMO, I use a straight forward Clapton in most of my stuff :thumbsup:


If your mod has more than 1 battery try boosting your wattage and temp. I like a cool vape but I bump it up slowly till the sweet spot. Claptons can take higher wattages and temps so at the same time require a little more

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Building a rbta is much more difficult than a rda. If it is not flooding or leaking you are doing great. Since you have taken the plunge into coil building you might want to try a rda. Ima it is much easier and flavor is better.


Well, the tfv4 doesn’t fit onto the pico, so I’m stuck using it on the istick 40w. I’ve got it cranked to 40, but that’s as high as I can get right now.

What’s easier about rbas, the size?

no tricky wicking, pretty straight forward and the flavour is much better :ok_hand:


@VapeyMama, the next step from building single-wire coils in my experience was the twisted. if you’re using 24g, twisting 2 strands of 26g will be close. but the twists in the coil will carry more juice and produce better flavor.

twisting 2 strands can be done without special tools… i used to use a paper clip that you shape it with a small hook from one side to hook the wire in, and a circle to insert your index finger and just twist. couple of vids on UT that show the trick. the flavor gain between single to twisted is worth it in my view…

i use twisted 28g (i prefer lower gauges) all the time when i don’t have time to make claptons
good luck - let us know how it goes.


Congrats on your first successful build! My advice would be to get mod with bigger watts. Especially for ss wire, it runs on alot higher watts than kanthal. The other option would be smaller wire, you could get ss 28/32 clapton. If you did a single coil build with it 35-40 watts would be just about right.


I know you asked about RBA’s… but to make sure no one who’s trying to follow gets confused…

He mentioned two different types. :wink:

In short, if it’s intended to be rebuilt, it’s an RBA.
But the breakdown is where most start to get lost. :wink:

RBTA = Rebuildable tank atomizer.
RDA = R. Dripper/dripping A.
RDTA = as above (but you can drip, think limitless plus)

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, RBTA usually have a very limited deck size = harder to build for, harder to get the wicking right.

Whereas RDA’s usually have a monster deck, and far less worries about wicking.

@VapeyMama glad to hear you’re doing well with things! As for “more taste”, you won’t really notice that much difference using the 24ga. That’s really more of a “convenience” wire to get you started in building (helps get a feel for the actual process that is wrapping a coil)! The bonus for the single core SS wires, at least IMO, is that they are easy to build (work with), and they fire faster than Kanthal. Plus, to me, there’s no metal taste (like there is with Kanthal). Some folks don’t notice that though, so you might be lucky, or you may find it easier to notice once you’ve used SS exclusively for a while. Hard to say. :wink:

Personally, I think where things will really come to life for you, is clapton SS around 50-60w (maybe higher).

Will be trying to keep up to date, but I’m really busy here at the moment. So I’ll pop in as time permits!


Yay another gal who builds I just started this past summer, building my own coils and @BoyHowdy and a plethora of others are to credit for it. Totally fun and some much more flavor !!! Happy 4 u :smile:


I have had an RDA, RTA ,and RDTA to me the RDTA (IJoy Limitless)
hands down is IMO the best.Rebuilding is no harder than an RDA I build 24 gage kanthal dual twisted coils and wicking is (at least to me) very easy
the flavor is awesome and great clouds I enjoy rebuilding mine and I’m no pro.

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Yessss, you need moar POWER!!! Here is an example when I’m vaping,


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Which deck are you using with the TFV4? I ask because I use that tank most of the time and I love it! I didn’t like it with the single coil deck it comes with because I could never get a lot of flavor from it. Sure it was good, but not great. I got the TF-R2 dual coil deck almost as soon as I got the tank and I must say it is a world of difference. I build with 22 or 24 gauge Titanium. I am using this tank right now and at the moment I have a 24 gauge Titanium dual coil build that is .15 ohms and I have it set at 70 watts and 480 F in TC mode on my RX200. I have used SS wire in the past a few times, but I only use Titanium now. The SS is a very good wire choice as I believe it to be more versatile than Ti because you can dry burn it and also glow and adjust your builds. My advice to you would be to first get a mod that does at least 100 watts. I no longer use any mod less than 200 watts and always TC mode. I have two RX200, an IPV6x, and the Laisimo L3…all of them are great mods, IMO, of course, but I have never had a problem with any of them, although the L3 and the IPV6x are both new. Depending on the build on the TF-R2 I might even do 100 to 125 watts at 550 F…it really just depends on your build and how you like your vape!


To get more flavour from your build’s I’ve found, you have to create more surface area. A single wire build will give you faster ramp up time, a multiple wire build takes longer to ramp up but has more surface area equating to more vapor/flavour
A single wire build i find works best if it is spaced, i get my best flavour from a single wire build if it’s spaced, not contact.
But like everyone has said, you will need a mod with more power. 200 watts should cover you for the majority of the builds you will encounter.


I’ll chime in. I’m constantly experimenting with different straight and complex wire of varying gauges, and I have my favorites depending on the devices. First off, since you’re limited to 40W for now, that will limit your Clapton and twisted performance. I also use a single-battery mod, but it goes to 75W. My favorite build in my RTAs so far is Kanthal 28/32g Claptons. With about 5 spaced wraps measuring at about .48ohms, at 55W I get fantastic flavor and really good vapor. In my RDA with the same wire, and roughly the same build, I really need about 73W to get them going nicely. Claptons with a 26g core was a no go for me, even with 32g wrap wire. The ramp up was just too slow, even at 73W. I did just last night build a 26g Clapton with 36g N80 wrap that seems to be working almost as well as my 28/32 Claptons. I’ve got this one as a contact coil, but I think my wrap wire wasn’t quite tight enough. For straight wire, I was using 24g quite a bit between .4 and .6 ohms, but eventually went back to 26g for even quicker ramp up. I’ve found that for straight, twisted, or Claptons I get better flavor around .5-.6 ohms, and of course the twisted/Claptons boost it even more over the straight wire.
So, in short, try shooting for .5-.6 ohms. For now stick with straight wire, and choose either 24g or 26g depending on which gives you the ideal performance for the power available on your device. Try contact and spaced coils to see which you prefer. If you upgrade to a mod capable of 100W+, then you can play around with Claptons and really get to see what those are all about. Twisted 28g can get a little of the Clapton vibe, but in some of my devices twisted wire tastes like ass, so not sure what that’s about. Anyway, that’s my $.02


I’m using the single coil deck.

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Thanks! So with an rdta you can either fill the tank or drip? I think that’s the direction I should go next.


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