How to Guide for Muting/Ignoring Members

Fellow BROTHERS and SISTERS of ELR !!!

During many (not all) heated threads here, most dealing with politics, and/or some Coronavirus, I, and others muted out the entire threads to avoid the whole mess. The drawback to that is obviously if there is good info contained therein, you will miss it.

I’ve reversed direction, and thank to Lars, muted a member or two instead.

FYI I have NOT muted LM, just as an example.



Excellent tutorial, SD… looks like I will try out this mute a member… I have a few…
Will make my life so simple!


Crap, even more posts into mute land. What am I at 3/4’s of what I post now?

Now posting to see how many posts @SessionDrummer cannot like, but really wants to.


It is okay if you did @Lostmarbles had it coming with that creepy clown pic.


You’ll float too Skully…


Who did you mute ??? :wink:


This raises the ugly head of the proposition (surrounding most “Ignore” functions, presumably also here ?) that those so keenly interested in the thoughts and affairs of others to place them in a comfortably opaque box lose the ability to know when others are discussing them. What if people are “sayin things”?

On another forum that I have frequented for a decade, I have built up an “Ignore” list of around 50 users, or so. Fear not, it is indeed possible to “let go”, if need be. “Swipe Left” is the new “mantra” in these times of the widespread and pervasive proliferation of profound and prescient human discourse.

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It will be pretty obvious pretty quickly. Just look at the likes of people’s posts :wink:
I find it a little bit sad though that this has to become a thread in the pub. If you want to go muting people, go right ahead but there’s no reason to encourage others to do the same.

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You miss the point @anon28032772, this is a guide on how to, which will allow people to unmute entire threads. The needs of the many…

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Yeah sorry, I still don’t see the point.
Perhaps this knowledge could be added to the beginners guide, learning how to work with this tool called the forum. Throwing this in the pub after a few heated debates and some people who obviously got their feelings hurt, just feels like a lot of negativity and throwing oil on an open fire.

We could do with a lot more positivity on the forum because honestly, this all isn’t that attractive. It’s like everybody’s spending too much time behind their screens and everything comes spiraling down lately. Take a break, go out, pick up some vitamin D (i.e. get some sun!) and come back with a smile on your face. Would be much more helpful IMO.


… stylish yet functional attire for marching through the mean streets of the Naked City.

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:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Just taking a step outside, exercise, have a bbq or do some work in the yard … works wonders.


You fail to miss the point again @anon28032772. I don’t know if you are doing this on purpose, or you just really don’t get, or see it. This has nothing to do with people getting “their feelings hurt”, and has everything to do with certain members who post inflammatory posts, which are baiting, and work to only make things worse.

What’s most interesting, is that you seem to have far less of an issue with members posting whatever they desire, despite the effect, and far more issue with people choosing to mute them.

Yes, we could. But for a few members that is the case.

By muting members, as required, the fire is being put out.

The point it to restore some order to the forums, and improve the ELR experience without having to mute entire threads.

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The efficacy of the truly national leader consists primarily in preventing the division
of the attention of the people, and always in concentrating it on a single enemy.

Pound them skins for a while, then go outside, prune the Begonias, and sprinkle some new Slugs Away.

I don’t think so, I absolutely do get your point but we greatly differ in our opinion of a solution. Problems can be solved in different ways, there is no single right solution to any problem. If you’re not interested in a thread or a section and you don’t want the constant updates in your face, sure, ignore it. Muting people is getting personal and affecting the whole forum… that’s my only point.

Maybe you intended your post different than the way I perceived it, maybe you could have worded it a bit differently if you mean something else… in any case, I gave you my opinion, a different view, if you don’t like it or don’t understand it, that’s fine. I’m not going to keep dragging it out and instead make the best of my sunny day here.

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I quote myself…

Well @anon28032772 therein lies the problem, as I mentioned on the OP. The desire is to not HAVE to ignore an entire thread, but for the posts of a few.

I continue to state the obvious here, ignoring the entire thread was NOT a solution, hence the ability to do so at the member level.

I do not understand how my choice of muting or ignoring a member is effecting the whole forum.

Thanks @SessionDrummer, looking at the directions I found you can also chose to ignore the individual for periods of set times, very cool, trying that function out with one bloviating jargonist right now, cuts some of the chaff


For a truly final “member level” solution, what about additionally censoring quoted comments of “a few”?