How To Make Fruits Flavor's POP/SHINE?

Hey there i’m totally disapointed about mixing i really need some help…

I’m just fan of punchy fruit juice what i mean by punchy is like in an acid/candy way something who smash your face with ton’s of flavor but not necessary a complex flavor.

I did try everything change base PG/VG Ratio, i got : citric acid/sour/EM/sweetner everytime i try to use those components it’s a mess… muted flavor or shit’s nothing like kicking the ass of a flavor and make it shinnny as fuck :sunny:

For exemple :slight_smile: :
I just a fan of strawberry’s (kind of simple flavor nah ?) i did try to clone 1 french ejuice

It’s pretty simple i’m 100% sure they use TFA Strawberry + TFA Strawberry Ripe i did clone the flavor but i can’t clone the acid/pop/shine/fizzy side of their strawberry’s.

Mine is just flat it’s good but it’s like their strawberry’s but depress in your mouth while their strawberry’s is dancing and twerking in your mouth with ton’s of little naked strawberry friend…

The taste is pretty close to that kind of bonbon

I did figure that problem’s is the same in many of my fruits mix i can"t make it shine my fruits flavor’s.

Some french shop sell’s complex flavor’s with that punchy side :

So it have to be possible by DIY

Hope you have some advice for me guy’s I am desperate an about to throw my flavor stash my scale and everything …

Thank’s in advance ! :blush:


i’ll watch this thread with keen interest, as that’s exactly what i’m trying to achieve for my mixes these days.
i tried to add Saline (the 0.9% solution that’s available in pharmacies) … i tested with 1% and 2% (2 drops per 10ml, and 4 drops per 10ml) - it makes a difference, that’s true - but then i start tasting salt for anything i vape after for few hours (maybe it’s just in my mind) - i also tried adding 1% Juicy Lemon or Lemon Sicily … also good to pop fruits especially SB.

but these all don’t come close to how ready-made premium juices taste… wondering if these companies use some other tricks or some special ingredients to help get that shiny sensation … hope the more experienced gurus can share here…


Hey TheFlavorSeeker in a way i’m glad to not being alone in this research hope we’ll find the secret ingredient i also try like you the lemon (0.5% - 1%) didn’t change much also tested dragonfruit (0.5% - 1%) who did a good job with the strawberry link it very well and shine it a little bit but nothing close to the premium juice.

I also remember in the 2 complex flavor’s concentrate a really noticable alcohol (neutral) taste at inhalation increasing depending the amount of flavor (15%-20%),however, i did not found much about alcohol in mixing… I really do not think this is the magic ingredient but who knows that’s maybe a way…


Adding acids such as malic (sour), tartaric, citric (forget fumaric) very small amounts can really bring fruit to life.

Here is a basic chart for the addition of acids - If using additional acids I use the predominant acid and maybe the secondary. I tend to use citric and tartaric in very small amounts generally under 0.5% more often around 0.25% as too much can mute flavours. Malic acid you can go a lot more that that depending on what you are shooting for. Malic acid will work better with a sweetener (stevia is better but most use sucralose). I do try not to add sweetener and you will still get good results without it as most of the fruit flavours we use are quite sweet already

As suggested earlier the addition of lemon or a lime flavour can bring out strawberries , small amounts of coconut with cherry, small amounts of raspberry or a current with blueberry (and vice versa) there are a lot of fruits that will really help other fruits pop I try to look to cooking to give me ideas (cocktail mixes are are another great pointer).

By far the best addition to fruits, as just about every fruit will benefit from it is the addition of malic acid (tpa sour is predominantly malic acid).

Hope this helps - I know there is far more that can be added.


Thanks Wotfam for this great explanation and use of acid depending on the fruits and average poucentage !

So if i did understand what you have explained to us something to extract the Maximum flavor out of my actual receipe should by like that

Strawberry + 0.25% Citric Acid + 0.5 % Malic Acid + Sweetner between 0.1 and 0.5 % right ?

Final Receipe should be like :


You can go higher on the malic if you wish i have used up to 3% sour tpa (just up to you where you land) but citric and tartaric try to keep on the low side.


Something that helps Blueberries to pop is to add a little banana to the mix.


In that one I would use maybe 1% sour and add more if you wish later


Ok so if i understand well we should focussing on the secondary acid despite of renforcing the primary specially if it’s citric and tartaric who can mute flavors in case of overdose right ?

Last question why you recommand to use sweeteners with Malic Acid ? what is the interaction and what ratio acid/sweet you recommand ?

Thanks again for your contribution ! :blush:


If i use sweetener which is rare it s usually Stevia/Erythritol combo 0.25% Stevia + 0.75% Erythritol however if you use sucralose it will help the malic acid a little more than the Stevia/Erythritol combo.

Getting the sour from malic acid needs some thing that carries it sucralose does this well - Wayne walker did a video on it i will see if i can dig up the link for you and add it to this post.

0.25% Stevia + 0.75% Erythritol = about 1.5% sweetner tpa so it is going to depend on what sweetener you are adding


Sorry I didn’t answer this you can reinforce all of the acids in fruits for example

mango - you can add all three acids to and it will make it better but just limit yourself with the citric and tartaric as they will mute the overall flavour over time.


Well i think i got everything to run some test tonight i have sucralose, malic , citric , em i figure that i didn’t got enought knowledge about to use them.

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I think i will start from there and ajust the sweetners / malic component as Wayne said the commercial juice are loaded with sweetners so that was maybe what’s missing in this receipe.

Well woftam thanks you very much for your knowledge now i understand why i did fucked up every receipe where i add Citrix Acid :joy:

Tomorrow I will share with you guy’s if i could enance my strawberry flavor with additives ! Or if my DIY stash went by the window :japanese_goblin:

a touch of menthol can make some fruits pop


muted flavors can be cause by overflavroring or underflavoring…

good flavor also depends on pg/vg ratio you wish for and for not writting a lot… all parts in making an eliquid have a serious role in it…

for example… more VG needs more Flavor, while at the same time requires by rule more steeping…
flavors: you need to use the right %, and a good combination of flavors, probably even using flavors from different companies, example: for making a “perfect” flavor… like strawberry (none company has made a really great standalone strawberry) you would need like TPA Strawberry, Strawberry ripe, plus INW sisha strawberry OR Cap Strawberry sweet…

VG/PG: try to vape them alone or in combo without adding flavors… a good quality VG/PG is almost tastless… (VG alone is somewhat you call sweet on it’s own but with pg this goes away)

Nicotine: well… a bad quality nicotine can ruin taste too… burns on throat, leaves a bad feeling in mouth etc…

steeping time… well… allthough it’s all subjective… “what tastes better” “how much should i steep” because i like tasting my juices after 30-40 days (this is because after this time i can’t see any differences in taste or whatever in my eliquids)… someone else goes for “shake and vape stuff” is also a matter… while in my experience until now… whenever i used Strawberry ripe… this strawberry starts coming up after 20days of steeping…

on the other hand about premium made juices you mentioned… oh well… before someone makes one “premium ejuice” that smells and tastes soooooo sweet… has made a lot of experimentation before you buy it from a vape store like everyone of us does before making a nice tasting liquid…


Another additive to make it pop, try cotton candy. Circus Cotton Candy not too much can have some fruits twerk on your tongue and brain.


Hello i found that a little dragonfruit tpa makes strawbeery pop. I ususally add 1- 2% to my strawberry mixes.


Yeah, but he is looking for pop and twerking. I know dragonfruit does not twerk.


Ok. lol well i dont twerk either. lol


Neither do I. I would break something.