Hydrochloric Flavorings


For those of you who remember, I posted a picture months ago showing melted damage to my scale, from a small spill.
We all know about tank crackers in juices and last night I had another eye opening experience.
This time I know what flavor it was, FW Blood orange. I was in the middle of making a juice, when a drop fell out of the FW bottle onto my plastic tray for my scale.
The second it hit the plastic it turned it from clear to white, followed by what I can only describe as acid on a corrosive substance. Out of instinct, I went to dab my mess with a towel and the plastic just smeared like a hot crayon in a car…
So if .02 ml of flavoring can burn a hole in plastic, what can it do to organic tisaue I wonder? Granted we know citrus makes for a great degreaser and solvent, this isn’t really the same.
I have a few more flavor tests to see which ones I can use to break out of prison and which ones I can’t =-)



I’m thinking you’d probably have similar results with FW Ecto Cooler. Love that flavor, but MAN that’s some caustic sh*t!!



I’ll stick to my tobacco flavors… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Scary. I’m wondering if the Flavorah orange citrus or the FA Bergamot isn’t the same way. I put those two in a mix and at first it was okay, but now it is all cloudy and tastes like soap. Everything else in the mix I’ve used dozens of times before with no issues. Anyone else have issues with either of these? I’m leaning toward the Bergamot being the problem as I’ve used the orange citrus in other stuff also. Or maybe just the combo is bad news. Funny, Ripe Banana (TPA) and Flavorah Banana seemed to have the same kind of reaction. The mix separated, got all cloudy, and smelled like nail polish remover.


Scary and it does make one wonder about the concerns of vaping these flavors.I love cinnamon flavoring and use it often in mixes but I do have my concerns about vaping it.


I have noticed permanent cloudiness in mixing bottles after blending Pina Colada…

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Someone on here contacted FA directly and got answers. That sounds like a really good one to ask the source.

As far as the organic tissue comment, this is all food flavoring. So I would imagine it’s just a reaction to that particular type of plastic. My guess is we’re safe to vape it if we’re safe to digest it. Have you tried it on other surfaces?

I just mixed up a pineapple mix with LB flavors and it got cloudy almost rt away hmmm??? I wonder if I should even try it now???

Plastic is inorganic. It reacts differently than organic tissue. But what you’re seeing is probably not a chemical reaction. I suspect it is actually dissolving. Citrus oils are fantastic solvents, but are generally regarded as safe for consumption in small amounts by the FDA.

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I’ve only used the Bergamot a few times but yes, every time it is cloudy. Pretty much all the citrus types result in cloudyness for me.
I realize plastic is not the same as lung tissue or any tissue on the human body, just like hydrochloric acid won’t melt the plastic containers they are stored in but tissue on the other hand…
I’m also pretty sure that it isn’t just blood orange juice and VG in this bottle, otherwise that plastic cup of OJ I have in the morning wouldn’t be possible.
To answer your question lordvapor, yes, any type of plastic or any soft material yeilds the same result, I’m only curious to what causes it, since I have had the same reaction with non-citrus flavors as well.


Every year the FDA pulls thousands of items off shelves that they found killed more people than they expected. First though, they approved them… For human trials lol


This is it. My guess is that the flavor contains some sort of esters that can melt certain types of plastic. Should be safe to vape, unless you have plastic lungs :smiley:


Good to know the cloudy is kinda normal. And I’m guessing the soap taste is just cuz I made a bad mix. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wasn’t going to say it… :wink:

Sounds like you may of went a little high on %s with somethin?

Yeah, probably. It’s weird cuz it tasted like Christmas for like 3-4 weeks and then all of a sudden it was awful. First mix I’ve tossed in a long time. Back to the drawing board. I guess it makes sense…maybe it was more like potpourri. :stuck_out_tongue:

i got that with OOO watermelon. Cloudy, waxy taste. I was at 5%. I may revisit that at a lower percentage! Thanks for the info @DarthVapor

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I was going to bring this up. Pineapple LB is cloudy and even when steeped from the 8th still slightly cloudy.

I haven’t used FW blood orange in a while and when I do it’s usually at 1 drop per mix. I find just about every citrus I come across has some sort of reaction either in the mix or to me. Meaning it being harsh, hurts my chest. I generally have better luck mixing a citrus with a cream and then steeping it for forever which in turn is a double edged sword bc they loose their flavors. So for now a dab will have to do for me so I don’t have to wait as long, and max vg helps a lot.

@DarthVapor I think it’s really citric acid that’s the problem here…Hydrochloric Acid is found in our stomach lining and is meant to be there to aid in digestion. The citric acid from the fruit concentrate is probably what it reacting with the plastics.

Here is a little blurp that’s not too much to read


oh and this is terribly high and would be awful 15-20% rec. usage OMG


It could also be just the flavoring…when it’s shit, it’s just shit… at any level…all depends on how strong you want your shit to taste :wink:


I believe it IS the Pineapple in the Pina Colada Concentrate that is turning my bottles cloudy. Should have mentioned that above…