I am a newbie

I am curious that the total amount of flavors used by everyone will not exceed 20%, because the amount of flavors I use is 35% and there is still no taste. Is there any step I have overlooked?


Sometimes, over flavouring would mute the flavour in a recipe.
If I were you, I would Check the percentages that is most used first.


With my setup, if my wicking is not just right i get no flavour.


delltrapp, Thank you for your proposal


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Posting one of your recipes would help. Strongly suspect you have indeed muted your mix as delltrapp suggested.


My Recipes is

Ethyl maltol 2.00
Ripe strawberry (CAP) 30.00
Super sweet (CAP) 3.00
WS23 (30%) Koolada 9.00

Flavor total: 44%


Thank Letitia feed back.

I have been diy for two months, but the results are all failures, and the results are all bad. I always make single-flavored fruits. I make flavors ranging from 20% to 40%, but they are all bad.


Welcome! I agree with everyone saying you have over flavored this mix. Your tongue and ol factory will just switch to off in cases like these.

Try this:

Ethyl Maltol 0.35%
Ripe Strawberry 8.0%
Super Sweet 1%
Koolada 1%

Ethyl Maltol is a known muter of flavors when used too high.

Now, a lot depends on what device style you are using. If you produce a large amount of vapor between 40 and 80 watts, this should be fine.

If you use a low power device closer to 8 to 12 watts, you may want to nearly double what I’ve written for percentages. But not triple!

With either high power or low, however, you have gone far above acceptable percentages.

Less is more!

There are countless threads on the subject of not tasting a mix. Search and read a lot!

Best of success in your mixing!


Don’t give up yet man. You will get it and soon I think. Follow @Plunderdrum advice and you will be vaping a juice you like as soon as it steeps, which I would guess, is about 2 weeks but definitely taste it every four days or so.

Now for some of my advice. If you put your flavors into the recipe side and make them public we can help you better.
here is a link to help you find it easier. :: Resources e-Liquid Calculator if you start with the guide and work your way through the rest it will greatly enhance your experience.


Ripe strawberry is hard for me to taste, it’s just not there. Alpine Strawberry was the first real strawberry taste I got with diy, I can smell it in the bottle but vaping it just didn’t seem to work, I have more than a few types, shisha was pretty good. Dragonfruit was a good one that was close. You might be strawblind, least you don’t have to add any pg to The mixes :joy:


You have Maltol on top of a lot of Maltol …Strawberry Ripe is known for its excessive use of Maltol so adding EM to it is only adding an additive that will mute/soften your mix so Drop the Ethyl Maltol it isnt helping.

Ws23 is not Koolada so which are you using ? Ws23 or Koolada ( ws3) regardless they are both very high for any mix

Strawberry Ripe between 6 and 8 pct with Super Sweet@1 to 2 pct alone should be fine then add your cooling agent starting at 0.5pct until you get the proper cooling effect . You still need to figure out which cooling agent your using.

Add another Red fruit or another SB this will help the SB Ripe

Suggestion %

SB Ripe at 6pct
Another Berry at 2 to 3 pct ( depending one which you have )
Super Sweet @1pct
Cooling agent at 1


I agree with what others have said. Way too much flavoring here. I think it is probably the number 1 mistake mixers do when starting out. I know I did. Also, strawberry blind is fairly common. If you had a different fruit to try, that might be something you would want to attempt if you still are not getting much flavor after dropping those percentages down as suggested. Don’t give up. Once you get it, you are going to have so much fun mixing and your wallet will thank you too!

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Thank you all for your comments, I will try the average percentage and try again :bowing_man:


Good luck developing your recipe. Obviously any questions, just ask. Though I’d suggest to look at each flavour you use based on the notes of others:

Scroll down to see notes from many blenders and commonly paired concentrates.

As a group we may disagree at times, e.g. I think 1% WS23 will mute flavours a lot and 0.3% is a better start, but sharing views does help all of us.

Oh, and use the search function (many have mentioned it but it does save many of us repeating ourselves).


@SquirrelSmash Thank you too much


This will do it. Check average percents used, usually those give you quite good info about where to start. Welcome and happy mixing!

Here you can search for reviews and usage for your other flavors .


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That is actually the wrong entry for the flavor, it’s Strawberry (Ripe) (Cap), like @SquirrelSmash posted, not Ripe Strawberries (Cap).

The woes of an open form where anyone can input a flavor!


Thanks for correcting. I know, I’ve been caught out more than a few times by @TorturedZen for adding the wrong one to my stash.


I thought they were the same. What is the difference between them? Can they be used 1:1 in recipes?