I don't like my Crown tank, help?

So, I got the crown after reading all the rave reviews. So far I find it:

  1. kinda difficult to build. I ended up going 24ga single horizontal coil of Ti grade 1 wicked with hemp.

Getting the cap for some reason seemed more difficult than screwing it on.

  1. Airflow, maybe I have too much hemp in there. I’m always scared of flooding. BUT, this thing feels tight compared to the Billow V2 and the TFV4…is it a tank that gives a tighter draw?

  2. Flavor…it certainly doesn’t match the TFV4 or Billow for flavor. I don’t know if it is the single coil or what, but I am disappointed.

Bottom line I’m hoping someone can chime in and point out where I’m wrong. I had very high hopes for this thing, but given all the newer tanks that are easier and more versatile to build, I dont see using this thing again.

I am still using stock on mine so I can’t help there, but with the stock coil I get plenty of airflow. That being the case, I’d guess you’ve got too much wick. I don’t have either of the other two you mentioned so I can’t compare to those. It’s definitely airier than my Subtank, though.

Hey Thank You @JoJo. Duh, Ill just throw in a stock coil, well maybe. I’m not sure if I can go non-TC anymore. I’m used to just mashing the button forever and taking big Cheech and Chong lung hits.

I’ll probably do it, it’s a good idea.

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If your mod has SS mode the stock Crown coils will work in temp control.

Cool, I didn’t even look at the stock coils, but I do have at least one mod that can do SS. Assuming one of those stock coils is SS I’ll do it very soon. Just about to run dry on my Uncle Junk’s John Wayne clone. I’ve vaped about a liter of the stuff, so it’ll be a good comparison.

I appreciate you guys weighing in. I’m a little excited now. I’ve never used SS.

did u open the juice holes up for better juice flow?

I didnt, but my problem is airflow, not juice. Why would that help?

you mentioned flavor as one of your points…and maybe too much wicking… thought more juice might help…


I’m still messing around with mine as well and I use the stock coils which are excellent but make sure you give it plenty of time to soak up the juice they seem to hold about 1 ml of juice on their own. I find I want a tighter draw so I close it pretty tight and use a smallish drip tip that way I can still MTL hit it. I keep filling it from the bottom I keep having to remind myself it has the top fill capabilities :smiley:

And when I was looking for a good MTL hitter tank I asked @ringling to help me out, maybe he could give you a few tips. I know for one I wanted badly the TFV4 mini and he said for my purposes (MTL/ cooler vapor) that tank would not suit me well. Sorry wish I could help. I am still testing mine out good luck!

According to their website Uwell only makes stainless and nickel coils for the Crown. The nickel ones say Ni200 0.15Ω on the coil. The stainless ones I have don’t say SS on them, they just say Dual 0.5Ω and Dual 0.25Ω.

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I just went through 2 tanks on the 0.25ohm stainless on my DNA 200 TC. Great airflow on those, easily to competes with the TFV4…but the flavor is just not there. I was getting a lot more flavor off the RBA and that was still too anemic for me. I guess I’m not a crown guy.

I’m going to give it a single 30ga Ti build similar to my Billow as a final shot and then it and the Bellus may be up for grabs.

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You have a recipe?

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If that’s the case and you’re in the USA, give me a shout. I’d like a second one. :wink:

Honestly, I don’t feel like it’s head and shoulders over my subtank as far as flavor, but I do like the quality and the ease of use. I haven’t tried using the RBA yet, but a hot rinse and a Q-tip through the stock coil and it’s back to being as good as it was when I first put it in. TFV4 has been tops around here for awhile. It beat out the crown as soon as it hit the market. I have no desire to own one, though. Mostly because I don’t have a mod that can power it effectively and don’t want one. The Crown works for me for what it is and I am satisfied. :smile:

Yessir, if you make it please let me know what you think. The Papua vanilla is off and I just got a ton of new ones to try. Something is also off with the tobacco. I bought a ton and haven’t found it yet. BUT, this stuff is sweet caramel yum yum. I can’t get the link to work on my phone, but it’s public.

So a little update I posted in another thread that is relevant here:

I have been very disappointed with flavor from my crown, so I decided to work on a slightly fancier coil. I had been using 24ga Ti. Now I have 4 strands of 30ga Ti twisted and wrapped in 7 loops for a total resistance of 0.2ohms…I’m finding this setup to generate nearly the same vape as a TFV4…but I sure hate building this crown deck. It is especially difficult with hemp.

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Sorry about accidentally replying to you instead of @Big_Benny_MI earlier. I even edited the thread but something was off that night.

I just ordered a V3 Crius and a Mutation XT, if either of those vape better than the crown I’ll send it your way. I am feeling a little more sane now that I’ve gotten the twisted hemp build to vape decently. Still less flavor than the TFV4, but a decent comparison. I’m glad you’re shying away from that one because Smok sucks.

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Yeah I think the whole Smok debacle kinda turned me off buying any of their products. The M line of mods was said to have issues, lots of people are having problems with the XCubes and the Koopor…maybe they should stick to making tanks and coils and give up on mods! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling both the Mutation and Crius are going to outperform the Crown…at least from what I’ve heard around here. I think the Crius will be the next one I go for, but that’s gonna have to wait. PM me if/when you decide on the crown. :smile:

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Looks like i won’t be getting a crown anytime soon lol

Are you talking about the OCC coils or the RBA base. If you are useing the RBA base, then quiter is right. You have to drill the wicking hole out. But even with heavy cotton it still likes to leak when top filling. I when stay with the OCC coils, and works great both ways.I got .7 ohm kanthal buils in the RBA base ,can only does about 35 watts max. Long battary life. so pick you battals.

I live my crown. I use the occ coils and my rba and i don’t ever have any leaking. First , close the air intake off. Then fill, put top on just till you feel the rubber gasket start to touch. Turn upside down ,open one 1/4 turn then tighten. It will not leak. Oh yeah open the airflow back up lol. Happy vapping