I got wood!

Ok now that I have your attention, lets talk about wood! FA Oakwood that is :wink:

I picked up some out of curiosity a few months back and as of now it has been a castaway to the IMF…

I want to use this flavor but I’m at a complete loss on what to do with it…

I’m sure it works wonders for bacco vapes and I can’t remember if our resident JimBacco has it or not? Regardless I don’t have any tobacco flavorings besides Flavorah’s 2. I can also see it working in a dark fruit type mix, for an aged barrel effect, etc…

Does anyone have any experience with this flavor? Suggestions?

This one has me bashing my head against the wall here :triumph:


It goes well with alcohol (brandy, whisky), tobaccos, coconut, almond, and some fruits - HIC has some notes on it IIRC. You can also vape it straight at 3-4% :smile:


Thanks Lars! Basically it goes good with everything I don’t have haha. No tobaccos or alcohol flavors in my stash…well besides Merlot :hankey:

Coconut sounds interesting though… Do you have/tried it?

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LOL Your crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I found this article and down near the bottom she talks about fruit and peach was one of them and I know your a Peach man so read on ! It made me ponder getting it.


Nice article, thanks Am!!

Don’t bother, it’ll be part of the Violet and things :wink: Which btw I actually have a day off tomorrow!!


No rush your busy all the time. when you get the time. I almost bought it the other day lol then was like oh nope that right i’ll be getting some soon ! I want to send you some rhubarb I have one that is a blended rhubarb and custard and I rarely use it. I used it the other day first time in like 4 months.


Refresh my memory, which rhubarb do you have? I’m really loving this YC! I sucked down all of the 10 ml last night it was so oddly addicting hehe


I thought you sounded a lil addicted :blush:


Darn good @daath lead me to them!

I also have their rhubarb

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While Coconut (FA) tastes of the white coconut meat, adding a tiny bit of oakwood makes it taste like you’re chewing on the whole coconut (not the shell, but as if the brown bark-like layer around the coconut meat is still attached)… Makes sense?


Perfectly! I’ll have to play around with it! With the 3 different coconuts I have, I should come up with something! Thanks again!

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I’ve never looked at them before, fancy bottles :wink:

The rhubarb-custard sounds great! Heavy on the custard and light on the barb? or the other way around?


other way around rhubarb top note custard finish not American custard either more Euro with a cleaner cream note that isn’t as eggy but clean…does this make sense ?


Yes it does thanks :slight_smile:


Also came across this information on Oakwood and I know you have some of these flavors !!!

Oakwood absolute possesses a smooth, rich sweet wood aroma similar to scotch or malt whiskey. Our oakwood absolute is derived from oak casks used in the wine industry to age and flavor wine and spirits and is sweet and smooth. Blends well with sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense, ylang ylang and tobacco. Oakwood absolute is packaged in a jar due to its paste like consistency. basenote



Do you like Castle Long? For some reason my recipe page won’t open right now, but there is a very good clone for it. Five Pawns released Castle Long Reserve (I think it was called) and it’s supposed to be Castle Long that has the flavor of aged oak barrels added. Never had it. But just by memory, here’s what I know goes in the CL clone.

Kentucky Bourbon
Bourbon Vanilla
Toasted Almond
Coconut Extra
Brown Sugar
Acetyl Pyrazine

Castle Long is an either love it or hate it juice. I love it and usually keep the clone made up 30 ml at a time. Not an ADV for my by any stretch, but damn good when the mood strikes. I would like to try with som kind of oak flavoring if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity.

Yeah, and I think I need to do some recipe printing too! :slight_smile:


I can’t get on atm either won’t load.

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Hmmm… I’m kinda liking this shisha vanilla and I can’t believe YY is in there!?! I would of never thought to put those together!
This has me in an actual direction now! Thanks a lot, seriously :smiley:

I’ve never had it but that clone recipe just added a few ideas to the pot :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering if this is going to be a flavor that will pretty much kill my atty, like a clove would?

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What percentage do you use the YC at?

I haven’t been able for some time now :frowning:

The recipe I just tried was at 2% I believe

I have a few others that vary around 1.5 but I haven’t tried those yet

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