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I have lost my mind


Organized all my concentrates on some new shelves today. I think I have given up one addiction for another…



You got your starters kit in? :slight_smile:



And alphabetized? You just made my OCD happy. :joy:



Looks fine to me. I probably have more :slight_smile:



I told myself that I won’t have any more concentrates than what would fit on these shelves. What you don’t see is the over spill… I might have to give away some concentrates.



It isn’t the size of your stash but rather the flavor of your vapor. Or so I have heard. :yum:



Is there any other way? I would go crazy if it wasn’t. :laughing:



so reasonable, might actually have 6 boxes plus a small one for oversized bottles.



I have a huge stash and no idea how to use that much breadth of flavours. But it is fun.

To be honest, half of it could disappear without me noticing, and I could reduce to a single box and still be able to mix for the rest of my life without feeling cheated. Just easier to try recipes with the same manufacturer to get the idea when starting, now I am a lot less respectful and just go with the pairings, trying to understand what the mix is about.



This is so true and there’s absolutely no need to expand if you don’t have a need to. I was just joking around and trying not to mention the cliche rabbit hole that many of us have tumbled into.



I. Need. More. Flavorah.



Send whatcha don’t need to me. :joy:



lol I’m seriously suffering vape-envy, right now! I’m going thru a thing where everything i’m dying to make needs flavors I don’t have. I’ve got a HUGE cart set up to fill in the gaps, but you know how it is… mod dies, car needs fixing… blah blah regular life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll get em when I can get em. But I am LOVING the setup on those shelves, and it’ll be so much easier to find what you need when you’re mixing now that you’re organized.

And you know, we all need our little hobbyist mini-obsessions… I’ll literally spend HOURS up loading my ebooks to Calibre, making sure they’re all tagged and in order with subjects, and series and whatnot. Sorting, organizing, making sure they’ve got their pretty lil bookcovers all in a row makes me happy.

Blissing out with our little all but mindless hobbies… Its the modern day version of meditation. Though quite frankly, I should probably meditate, instead.

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find something you like, work on it, don’t be like us fools who have use stashes we don’t need :slight_smile:

For example, I am mostly using herbs, spices, citrus and fruits, curious about getting a couple odd ones right like chestnut. Heavy cream and custards taste shit to me, as well as diketones and AP loaded bakeries!
Also, don’t get into tobacco until you think you know you like it and start small.

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LMAO right now, because most of what I’m lacking and going to be buying larger quantities of are the heavy creams and custards, and other ‘dessert’ ingredients. I’m really a creamy dessert and cereal vaper. I’m buying based on recipes I want to make… for the most part not just randomly ‘oh that looks good!’ and chucking in the cart… but I’ve just noticed Nicotine River has some REALLY interesting stand alone flavors in their house brand I want to try. Though I have to say, herby vape sounds rather interesting to me. I used to vape this stuff YEARS ago, like maybe 9 years back? It was when Virgin Vapor first opened, and they had an organic Mango Mint Julep juice that was out.flipping.standing. Really intriguing, almost a fruity tea, but definitely a julep… you could sort of taste the mint leaves,and almost the tiniest bit of basil? If I could find that recipe, I would be HAPPY HAPPY girl.



melon/pepper/basil (optinally mint) work really well

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Now I have to shift everything again as these just came in…



I’m so glad I’ve only got 150…till the mailman shows up.

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Yeah this is really the only hobby that costs me money and it’s not really all that much. I’ll hit sales and then mix like crazy. Cheaper than buying juice.



Exactly. Just think… you could be a stock car or model plane hobbyist. Those guys spend thooousands. lol I still buy some commercial juices, but my general mode of thought is ‘how much more is it than what I can make?’. Like I ADORE Capone by The Sauce LA. But I don’t buy it at full price $25 ish for 120 ml… couldn’t afford that if i wanted to, and just can’t justify it. But when I think of all the flavors that go into a fruit loops recipe, when it goes on frequent sales at 75% or 80% off… $5.90 for 120… lot easier to justify when weighed against what the recipe would cost me.

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