I have two completely unrelated questions

First who is our resident menthol Guru, what would you say a good place to start is for a medium menthol flavor in a fruit vape

Second I just realized I have a package of TC coils for my Maganus. What Is a good temp to vape them atI normally vape at about 50 watts.

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I havnt really played with menthol. The closest thing I get to menthol is koolada…but it’s not menthol just gives a cooling effect.

As for tc…just like with everything I just start low and work your way up to find your sweet spot. I do recomend using a juice you know exactly how it’s supposed to taste. That way you know you’ve hit the spot.


@GPC2012 my wife vapes menthol and a fruit koolada mix they are both on my list and public.

Grubby Menthol - it’s a straight up menthol mix at 60/40 but it’s not overpowering, I can vape it quite happily and I hate menthol.

Grubby Strawberry Breeze - another 60/40 mix, strawberry and golden pineapple with a cooling effect from the Koolada, really nice summer vape, again not overpowering (for me anyway)


No clue who out menthol guru is… But with tc coils I usually start around 450 or so, and just adjust up from there. The older the coil gets, the higher I crank the temp. Usually once I get up to 600 I know my coil’s about done.


What menthol are you wanting to try? I am not any guru by any stretch ,I only have Cool Menthol (Flavorah) , I use it in the .25-1.0% range.I also have Menthol Natural (Flavor West) I normally use it in the same .25-1.0% but I have used it as high as 2.0%
I have Koolada but I haven’t used it enough to know much about it.I have only used it in one mix at .05%.
I know @Alisa has several menthol mixes.

Every device is a little different when it comes to reading temps , but I would start around 380 and work up until you find your happy spot.I am usually around 390-420 but I like a cooler vape than most.


I have two completely unrelated answers!

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No menthol guru here, but if using Inawera’s Mix Mint, for a “medium Mint/menthol flavor” I’d say no more than 0.25% (stuff’s super potent!)

Can’t help on your second question unfortunately! GL though!


Loved your answer, I’ve been known to be sort of difficult when someone else does something like that or when someone walks up and say I have a question. I immediately say something like 36 and the horse was purple, no it did not have a horn it was not a unicorn. Oh yeah and today is Saturday, questions and answers don’t have to match on Saturdays. Most will laugh but you would be amazed at how angry some tight assed idiots can get over the whole thing. lmao.


No idea on what menthol yet. A very good friend of mine well actually sort of my DIY instigator. It’s a long story. But a guy I have the utmost respect for. He mentioned he’d buy it by the buckets if I could come up with realistic watermelon with a medium menthol in it. I think I’ve got the watermelon part down pat. After having smoked menthol cigarettes for 40 of the 44 years I smoked I’ve vaped a menthol vape maybe twice and both times I about gagged.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll put a TC coil in my Maganus, kick the H Priv into TC mode and give it a good healthy TC exercise.

@GPC2012 Maybe try this?

Take an adaptation of:

Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone)

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (TPA) 5
Mango (TPA) 5
Papaya (TPA) 5

Flavor total: 15%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

And make:

GPC's Mentholy Watermelons

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (TPA) 3
Mango (TPA) 3
Papaya (TPA) 3
Menthol (Flavour West) 4

Flavor total: 13%

YER sorta missin the watermelon there dud.


Oh but am i… :wink:


Oh sorry did I spell that wrong. lmao. I really meant dude.


Think you might have meant mega melons

Don’t make me second guess myself! :joy:

I have vaped Mikes Melons and is really yummy as an SnV, it is a super strong melon taste but 1 week steep and it mellows a little.

My theory behind the adaptation is that by lowering the percentages by one and adding menthol, the menthol and melon should blend nicely and mellow quicker.

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I’m certainly no guru in any sense but I did vape menthol almost exclusively for over a year, I just like the throat hit, I make my own menthol concentrate out of menthol crystals (same with EM) just because it tastes nicer, and I made a recipe that was all I vaped…
5% peppermint
2.5% menthol
2.5% Koolada
5 % CAP Custard
1.5% EM
2% Sweet cookie or Vanilla swirl or Vanillin
it’s still in my rotation to this day and I use it to blow the cobwebs away if I’m going taste blind :snowflake::+1:


That looks like it would do it :slight_smile:


does the job :+1: thing is, I vaped this ALL the time for ages and just made other bits and bobs for other people, then I got back into mixing and started vaping other stuff, went back to this after a couple of months and it turned my face inside out…hardly noticed when I was on it all time lol


Have several recipes using different menthols that I really enjoy.

Flavorah’s Cool Menthol is probably my fav so far. No need for more than 1% and usually less.
Here are a few recipes using menthols you might like to look at;

oh… and here’s my latest favorite that uses FW’s Extreme Ice: http://tjek.nu/r/1B4Q


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