I need help menthol flavors?

I am a plumber by trade and I am in charge of the plumbing and heating for 150 apartments in my home town. I was working in an older ladies apartment th we other day and she noticed me vaping and was interested in it she has emphysema And still smokes a pack and a half of kool 100’s a day. She said she would have the money for an aio set up today I ordered it for her a couple of days ago because I felt bad for her and she is basically dieing from cigs. I picked up an aio ego vape for her now she smokes menthol and I haven’t ever made a menthol flavor before. I ordered koolada tfa and Creme De menthe fw so I can make that couprian by Wayne walker I figured that’s a mentholly flavor so maybe it will work shee thinks she wants something that tastes like a cig but I told her thatshe might like good flavors with a cooling sensation. Not sure can anybody help point me in the right direction? And with these aio vape products do I need to make a 50/50 mix or can a 70/30 wick properly


Get some menthol crystals. 1 gram into 10ml of PG as far as I remember. I would start with 70% PG and 30% VG for a newbie vaper.

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Creme De Menthe by TPA gives a really nice kick @ 6%, I’m vaping in now, lol. I’ve heard FW flavors are sometimes not as strong but it might be enough. Kools though…wow. I struggled for a long time to find a menthol that was strong enough for me. As a smoker I had worked my way off Newports to Misty. What I needed was to get the pure menthol crystals and mix them with PG. My cig blend now is using a retail tobacco juice as the tobacco note, just as a flavoring and a really strong wintergreen menthol mix.

Right now it’s 12.5% American Red Menthol by Vapor HQ, 5% TPA Wintergreen and 3% DIY Menthol (MI6 = 20 mils crushed crystals, fill the beaker to the 30 mil mark with PG)

Koolada is wonderful for the cold sensation but it also has a drying effect and can make flavors bitter if you go above 1%. Also while she’s learning to vape, remind her to drink a LOT of fluids, not coffee or beer, lol. The trick is to stay hydrated.

The question about VG/PG ratios I don’t know. My sweet spot is between 65/35 and 60/40 but everyone’s preferences and equipment is different.


Not sure why but I purchased FW Jungle Juice… to me it’s a menthol with muddled fruitiness. I agree you should make her one that has tobacco and one with fruit.

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Then that leads me to my next question I don’t k ow what tobaco’s to buy I have never caped a tobacco flavor and don’t know where to art

We have a tobacco expert. @Kinnikinnick who might be able to help. The retail flavor I mentioned is the only one that doesn’t make me nauseous. It’s the one that got me off smoking but even then I had to mix it with wintergreen from the same company. Now I have the wintergreen flavor DIY, I figure using the retail juice as a flavoring is going to be simpler and cheaper for me in the long run than trying to clone that specific tobacco flavor. I’m trying to wean myself off it completely, lol.

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Well I am glad it got you of the smokes. Your tobacco juice from the tore must be pretty cheap if making your own wouldn’t be cheaper. Me personally I don’t ever buy juice from any vape shop ever. I make every juice I ever vape I haven’t bought one bottle of juice since my first diy order about a year ago I have been using this site since the beginningfor flavor percentages not realizing how much more I could use this site for. Anyway I just didn’t know if there is a most popular tobacco flavor on the market kind of like what vanilla custard v1 is to normal flavoring??

I have a straight menthol vape on my page, the wife loves it… :wink:

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This is an awesome fruity menthol recipe with FW jungle juice

Thug Juice (Dark Side)

Ingredient %
Blackcurrant (INAWERA) 2
Grape (LA) 0.6
Jungle Juice (FW) 13
Koolada 10% (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 17.6%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

If I knew the exact recipe the company uses then for sure I’d make it myself. Every other tobacco flavor makes me nauseous though. Even this flavor by itself makes me queasy so trial and error to guess at a clone would be a terrible process for me. It’s only 12.5 % but it’s a certain note I haven’t been able to ween off of yet. A lot of people, once they get that nicotine rush from a sweet desert flavor, never want tobacco again.

I must be stupid but I can’t figure out how to look up peoples pages I have been trying for days I just can’t figure out what button to push to see their recipes

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I don’t know how to either. I just enter their name in the search of the recipe side. Then when you find the same name, click to see their forum profile to make sure it’s the same person. If there’s an easier way, I’m sure someone will tell us both, lol.

I would think there would have to be an easier way

There might be. I had the forum and the recipe side book marked for a couple weeks before I knew they were the same site so I’m not the best person to ask. :blush: My name is different on the recipe side, I added the MIZZZZ over here because people kept thinking I was a guy, lol. Most of my recipes are still private but if you want to look. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?filter=71677

If that doesn’t work just enter Hobbit into the search and I’ll pop up.

@Too_tall ; First, kudos to you in your efforts in trying to help someone kick the habit. Kicking a pack and a half of Kools Menthol will be a monumental leap for her.

I’m not a Menthol person, so I really can’t help in that department. There are many threads on Menthol on ELR:


The higher PG mixes will give her that throat hit most new Vapers are seeking.

Tobacco-wise, nothing will give her the true taste of actual burning ammoniated tobacco leaves. I’ve tried a slew of synthetic tobaccos and though they are reminiscent of real tobacco to a point, the “real” factor comes from combustion. The closest I’ve come has been with naturally extracted tobaccos (NET), however, this type of eliquid is very hard on stock coils; daily change out of the coil is the only solution to quality flavor.

I finally hit on a pleasurable analogue tasting ADV a while back; worked for me. You can pick up the concentrates at Bull City Flavors.

Super Concentrate (SC) ~ Seven (@4%)
Inawera ~ Dirty Neutral Base (@1%)

The INW DNB is going to give that ashy quality of analoges; a must have for cig-a-like flavor.

I also found another concentrate which adds that analogue cig flavor to a mix:

SC Real Cig; used at below 2% in the mix does add a nice tobacco flavor.

Good luck on your quest!


That is way too Kewl ! You went out of your way to help a perfect stranger awesome of you. I don’t do too much w/ Menthol but I know if she ends up liking the koolada then she may like FW’s Blue Ice it’s cooling and has a blueberry like effect but it’s way in the background. Good luck I hope she likes it !

I would definitely mix 50/50 - the Ego AiO is most comfortable with that, given you/she’ll use the pre made coils at .6 - 1.5. I mix a slightly bolder flavor in the AiO than in my sub tanks.

Let me introduce you to an ADV for everyone that has ever vaped it:

Can be vaped in ANY device

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Here’s one I and a friend enjoy:

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Just made this one public I’d forgotten about. It’s even better than the Icy Soho Loner.

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