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I need some thoughts on a recipe


First of all I want to say that I have no knowledge on how to make a recipe of my own. 5-6 months ago I tried a new flavor I found in my nearest vape shop named Royal Bastard by Contraband.
The liquid’s description goes like this : “This gourmet jewel subtly combines custard with a sweet nutty flavor with an awesome caramel topping. This suave vapor with subtle vanilla flavors gives all its nobleness to this unique e-liquid with complex notes”.
It was on the pricy side so the guy who sold me this liquid presented it like “one of the best flavours he ever tried”. I was like “okay, you might feed me with bull*isht but you convinced me :stuck_out_tongue:
So, the first 30ml’s ended in like 2 and a half days. This liquid was was THE TITS. I got it about 3 times again until I switched to a pod system.
But now I’m back on vaping my Reload RTA I figured out , “I got to get the Royal Bastard again”.
Unlucky me the local vape store no longer had this e-liquid. Unluckier me I wasn’t able to find it anywhere on my country due to the TPD laws that were passed.
So I asked the guy that has the store to tell how to make something like this flavor, his knowledge on cooking isn’t that good too but he said to me something like :

ripple+ fa butterschotch + salty caramel + shisha vanilla + holy vanilla+ sweet cream
(he didn’t tell me the precentages that i had to add)

If somebody can help me make something close to this liquid I would be greatful.
Have a nice day.


Ok, well, thats a great start, having that list of ingredients. I can help with a couple things … the ripple is likely FW Butterscotch Ripple

And the salted caramel gotta also be a flavor west one


Shisha Vanilla is by Inawera


The Sweet Cream is probably also FW. You can get all the ingredients from this store


Welcome! You can start here Be polite and introduce yourself! followed by every beginner thread. There is a ton of info here to help you along and when you learn what a stash is i would throw @netweight suggestions in a psudo stash and see if anything floats your boat. Gl to u!


thanks for the info on the liquids :smiley:
The only reason I never tried anything more difficult than a oneshot is the risk of failure but thats a risk I’m willing to make if i can make something like this e-liquid
So I got to get these ingredients and use exact precentages according to the amount I’m trying to make?.
The only thing that I see confusing in recipes instead of oneshots is how much of each flavor I need to put to have the right flavor profile.


@worm1 thanks :smiley: i just said hi to the new members thread


My question would be more, what else is in there he doesn’t list, because the ingredients will definitely give you vanilla and caramel but nothing would give you a custard or custard like appearance and/with nutty nuances.

Butterscotch ripple can give the effect of a ice cream of used at higher percentage but that wouldn’t be custard, not would it give the thickness of custard.

Salted caramel will boost the butterscotch here or vice versa, depending if it tastes more like caramel or butterscotch, going by the description, the ripple would boost the caramel and is probably used at lower percentage just for that, then the whole light ice cream effect wouldn’t even apply.

Holy vanilla while it’s a great vanilla, it’s not a heavy cream or very creamy by itself, I could see why shisha is added but eh, that again is not giving a thick rich cream/custard.

If it’s inw vanilla cream it would make more sense, also holy vanilla is a very complex and “rich” vanila, adding more of other vanilla in my experience always leads to a hot mess lol.

But taste is subjective and I’m not going to tell you what to do, your best bet, get the flavors, single test them and then play with the percentage, can always add other flavors of more later on. Good luck.


Thanks for the response @eStorm , now I understand a bit better how each of these ingredients work.
I got 2 questions while reading this:
Is there a total percentage in flavourings that I shouldn’t go over in my recipe?
Or what could be a good starting point for these flavours to test?

p.s. I’m sorry for my bad English but it’s not my native language.


@Stafylidis_Vladimiro may be able to guide you if he’s around. A well-respected mixer in Greece.


oh that would be great :smiley:


Well here lies the problem tho, every person tastes flavors differently, not only the profile but also the strength.

While you could look at the database and see the percentage people are using, this still would not determinate if it’s the strength for you. I could say oh start at 3% (example) but you might taste and like it better at 1% or all the way up to 20% (again example, might not want to try this with holy vanilla lol).

That’s why it’s important to test these flavors and find what you like. After that you can start layering them. Nobody but that store owner or the actual manufacturer will know the exact percentage of the recipe. You will also only get close to the recipe but probably never hit the full jackpot :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you have to play around with it.


I see, I’ll replace the holy vanilla with inw vanilla cream as you suggested and try some different numbers on 10ml bottles. The real deal breaker is that I haven’t tasted the target eliquid for some months so I kinda remember the taste but not exactly.
This might be good tho because I don’t have to compare it to something so if I like it, I like it :stuck_out_tongue: .
I’ll start cooking soon and hope for the best. Thanks for the help.


This may help. You can search all the flavors you are looking to buy and get a better idea of what they taste like and what percentage to use.


Welcome and happy vaping!


That will be helpfull when adjusting the percentages if I want to increase a particular flavor.


You can click the name a send him a message if you’d like. Looks like he was last seen here in May.


You may need to add a vanilla custard flavor also.for nuttiness maybe butter pecan.I would ask again about the flavors you need if you can.

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I’ll get a vanilla custard too in case it’s lacking the custard creamy feel. The thing about the guy that told me about these flavours is that he ain’t sure about it either but these were the flavours that he thought might give me the profile I look for.

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There is a juice company in Australia called contraband is it this mob
I tried some of there juice before it was terrible but didn’t get the one you speak of might be two completely different companies

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@Benoz no I don’t think that we talk about the same company , I see in the site’s description this :
“The Royal Bastard or Virgin Queen is an e-liquid of the american brand Contraband Vapors.”