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Thank you Lolly :smiley:


There was a time when I used to smoke a lot. Unluckily there was no one to motivate me to quit smoking. One day I was hanging out with my friends and one of them hated smoking. I started smoking in front of him totally unknowingly about him. He came to me and said, “why don’t you quite the smoking?” and added that “You should start vaping, this will help you to quit smoking”. I tried what he said. I purchased an e-cig and a tobacco flavored e-juice from UAE Vaping. Till date, I’ve never smoked. Even I stopped vaping the tobacco flavored e-juice. I just vape the sweet, dessert flavors only.


I’m new to this forum but would love to share my story. I started smoking cigarettes in my early teen years. I tried just a few times to quit but never had any real desire to stop. I loved smoking and thought I would need some miracle pill in order to ever quit. I smoked a pack a day for 35 plus years. After going into the gas station to get my Newport Lights, I noticed a Vapor Store. I had no intention of quitting that day. The woman was so helpful and set me up with my Vapor ready to go and said I could gradually cut back on my cigarettes while getting use to vaping. I never opened the pack of cigarettes. It has been 2 weeks today of Vaping. Honestly I am shocked! I never thought I could get off of cigarettes. Feel so proud and overall I feel confident that I am done with the stinky ones. I feel like Vaping has been my miracle that I was looking for!!!


And so you should! Awesome job! And welcome to ELR :hugs:


I quit smoking in 2014. Kanger had just came out with Subtank mini. Never smoked another cig. It was that easy. Now it’s a hobby. All my friends and relatives I’ve converted. It’s harm reduction. Might not be 100% better but it’s way better than cigs for your health. I can walk up hills, circulation, smell…, all better.


I really feel ya man! So sorry for your loss. My father is in a very similar condition likely also at least magnified by smoking. You have found the right forum for “all things vaping” as I’m sure you’ve discovered! I’m also a tinkerer and find building coils and mixing juice is a great way to keep my mind and fingers busy and away from the stinkies.
As far as saving money…I hope you do better on that one then me. Then again, I used to “roll my own” tubes and bulk tobacco to the tune of 3 packs a day for about $1.20 a pack. I now have over 100 small(mostly) flavors, 3 mods and 8 tanks and RDA’s… in three months… Not to mention wire, PG,VG,nic, cotton, tools and batteries… The rabbit hole is deep!
BUT I feel great! Is a little more money worth your health? No contest. So glad you found us @grimoire! You can do it man. Peace and Vape on!


Congrats @Debbiej! Glad to have you along.


Right on @DianeNoSmoke! Congrats on a great start, well actually 2! Vaping and finding this forum. Many, many folks here with very similar stories with any and all answers to any questions about vaping you may have. Glad to have you along!


Congrats and welcome @Assassin!


Thanks for all the kind words and support, everyone!

Not a single cig since I quit and hardly even a craving even though I’m regularly around smokers. 7 weeks!

I’m not in tooooooo deep yet. I got about 85 bucks worth of mixing stuff from wizard and I’ve been almost exclusively vaping my mixes and have come up with a few great recipes. No totally original ones yet but I’ve modified some of my favorites on the site to fine tune them to my liking. One of the vape shops in Portland tried a few of the mixes I did and may want to hire me on part time to do some sciencing for their own flavor line. Score. Now I just need to get a bunch more flavorings and to come up with something 100% original. I’ll post my modded recipes after my current batches steep up and I can retest them. One of them is better than anything I’ve bought commercially and I can’t get enough of it. :grin:

I also bought an Ammit 25 which took me 3 weeks to figure out how to properly wick without leaking or dry hits, some tools (I like to have a dedicated tool set for each of my hobbies even if it means I have dupes), and a little wire. Loving it, but sometimes it’s a bit too much fiddling because I didn’t wick it exactly right. Once I need to rewick it I’ll take some photos and post a little tutorial for what works for me. Haven’t made a decent coil yet but I also haven’t really tried very hard. I got the coilology set of 42 premades and have been working through those.

My Alien mod broke only a month after buying it. It saw zero abuse and just crapped out (fire button was auto firing and spitting juice everywhere and shorting things out, yuck). My local shop was nice enough to replace it for me and even let me keep the doohickeys and tank. I’d like to upgrade to a drag, predator, or ideally a paranormal, but this works great for now.

But anyhow. Still smoke-free and feeling healthy and happy! Thanks again everyone!


Assuming you are referring to WizardLabs…If so, you may want to keep your eye on your credit/debit card account for the next couple months. As they have recently had some issues with cards being compromised. There’s a thread here dedicated to the issue, should you be inclined to check further into it.

Outside of that, I can highly recommend some of our premier vendors that are not only active on our forums, but provide stellar customer service!
NicotineRiver, BullCityFlavors, and GremlinDIY for starters. Ecigexpress is also very active, and has some flavors you won’t find elsewhere.

This happens frequently in DIY, and more so the longer you go! :wink:

Sounds familiar! :laughing:

All in all it sounds like you’re off to a great start!
Welcome to ELR!


I;m 22 days now off cigarettes and on the vape. Feel amazing.


My story is typical but has any nuance. I hope if this will help someone.
My smoke expierence is about 35 years (OMG)
In first I pay my attention in vape at july 2016.
I’m an engineer and I was attracted by different technical thnigs of vaping
For two months I studied the forums and finaly understood what I needed.
I need a good MTL device. Then I bought Evic Vtwo mini and Kayfun mini V3.
It was a hit in the center of the target!
I want to draw your attention: my goal was not to quit smoking! My desire was to try new sensations. But I got an “additional effect” - I completely quit the smoking.
Right now is 386 days of my no smoking.!
I recommend for smokers: try the MTL devises and maybe you don’t want to go back to the cigarettes.
My way was not exsactly direct.
I tried different cloud chasing devices but it’s not for me.
Now it is my collection in the use.

Finaly my reccomendation: Begin by trying the Doggystyle atty. Very simple device! My favouritest MTL device.


I smoked
I discovered vaping
I quit smoking

What do you get when an ogre stops smoking? A vaping ogre.


Behold the power of vaping!
(when you get the right hardware and liquid for you!!)

Well done, and thanks for sharing your experience!
It’s truths like these that may inspire a smoker thinking about quitting to make the leap! :smiley:

A smiling ogre! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:


I never get tired of reading the success stories in this thread. You can feel the pride oozing from those that have made it, and the hopeful enthusiasm & excitement of those discovering ‘Hey, this really works!’

From an ex smoker that had a 1 to 2 pack a day habit for 45 years, ‘Well done!’ (my own ‘story’ is about a half a mile up that-away :point_up: ) Consider all your stories & posts ‘liked’.


I well understand that the existing effect of the neophyte. "It’s okay, I got it"
I hope my one year expiernce is enough to prolongate it in future.


Yeah, this right here. Agreed 100%


Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement! I’m still smoke free and I’ve been mixing my own E-Liquids. I can honestly report that I haven’t hit an analog cigarette in over 2 months by the date of this post (August 31) because I quit a little beforehand.

I’m having an issue though I can’t seem to locate the correct menthol flavoring to suit my tastes. I’ve know what type of flavor enhancement I’m looking for. When I first started vaping I used Blu E-cigs to start and they have a flavor called “Glacier Mint” this is extremely close to what I crave if not it totally it. All of my E-Liquids come out extraordinary tasting with the exception of the menthol. The Liquid Barn Menthol Flavoring has a peppermint taste to me I can do without the peppermint patty candy effect I want pure menthol!

I’m working on it I’m going to browse the forum for some much needed advice and tips. It’s still not enough to make me go back to smoking though – nope not an option LOL!

P.S. I apologize for being so distant it’s just that I’m extremely busy. Nevertheless, it’s no excuse for not posting updates regarding my progress. This forum was very helpful to me and this is a way of giving back. I am aware that these updates are encouraging for other smokers that want to quit! It’s a form of motivation from an ex-smoker that is successful. If I can do this you can to and anyone can! I was an extremely heavy smoker sometimes 2 packs per day!:smile: There IS HOPE!:smile::+1:t5:

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Have you tried Fresh Mint (INW) or Extreme Ice (FW)? Koolada also adds a cool “rush” on exhale but no real mint flavor if thats what your missing. Good luck!

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