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Hey everyone! I’ve been smoking since I was around 19/20 years old. It’s been quite an adventure trying to quit cold turkey and trying disposable e-cigs. Nothing seemed to work. My fiance bought me a mod last month for my 31st birthday. I haven’t smoked a whole cigarette in the last 3 weeks. This would be the longest period of my life that I haven’t picked up a cigarette or feel the need to smoke one. :grinning:

I wish the best of luck to each and everyone of you that are doing the same.



CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the great work. If you haven’t already, find a juice flavor you like, it will be even easier. Everyday without a cigarette…you’ll feel better and better. Mentally & Physically.



I’m relatively new to vaping - my last cigarette was on January 26th of this year.(2017). I had smoked on and off for 25 years or so since I was a teenager. On my last day, I smoked an entire pack the day before, with all but one remaining. I was on the road for work in Orlando, had breakfast, had the last one in the pack, and then headed out to a gas station to get a Vuse, purely out of curiosity, something a co-worker had and I was interested in. I never went back. From there I got a Cupti, an Ego AIO D22, Smok Alien, then mech mods, homemade mods, and so on. Currently I’m interested in the history of vaping, and I got my hands on a kayfun clone and started non-sub ohm vaping with variable voltage!

I can never go back to cigarettes. I love the DIY aspect of coil building, which led me to juice making which led me here 7 months ago. I love this community! Thanks all!



Congratulations sounddoc! Nice to see you here!



Greetings everyone. I’m new here, so… hello😁. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone. I love the idea of this thread. On the first of November it will be one year since I quit smoking and started vaping. I was 2 packs a day for 25 years, I bought my first mod and haven’t touched a cigarette since. During the last year I took up daily exercise, lost 40 pounds and by my best calculations, saved $3500. Vaping has improved my quality of life in many other ways.



Congratulations - awesome job! And welcome to ELR, it’s good to have you here :grin:



Absolutely! Another week down, another week breathing freely!



That’s awesome dude! You and everyone else here are inspiring to hear. :slight_smile:



Huge Congrats for all “New non-smokers!” I smoked for 40 years and tried every way possible to stop, but missed that instant gratification. 3 months ago, I began Vaping and haven’t smoked since. I keep a 3mg nicotine in my mixes now and feel great👍



Hello one and all! Im the new guy. Started smoking at 12 I’m 49 now. Been vaping 2 weeks. Twisted a few coils, stated sqounking and now have some ingredients coming in the mail. I had may be 5 cigs after starting my vape. It really works. I was getting pains in my lungs like red hot daggers in my chest. The cigs were killing me. Plus vaping tastes better. Thanks for letting me join and post here!



Great have you here! You too @Carol3. And congrats on giving up the stinkies! :tada::tada::tada:



Welcome!! SuperDave721 and @Cranefly99



Congrats and Welcome @Carol3 @Oolong1 @SuperDave721 and @Cranefly99! Stay strong, be proud of yourselves and VAPE ON!



Welcome new family! If you cant find the answers you are looking for just holler, we are always happy to help people out and learn from them too.

Hi, @Carol3. :raising_hand_man:



I thought I would take a moment to add my story- How I quit smoking - or - How vaping saved or has at least lengthened my life. :wink:

Face it we all liked to think we were the exception to the rule. Smoking kills other people, but hey, there are those stories of the guy that did just fine. I even met one of those people. Years I ago I met a man in Taylor, TX that was 82 years old, still working as a Constable, that smoked over a pack a day of unfiltered cigarettes since he was 12… He was doing pretty good.

Guess what, we all know that people win the lottery too.

Anyway, 29 years of smoking, having it as a gorilla on my back. Being totally unable to stop. Yes, I liked smoking. Or thought I did. (More on that in a minute)

Cold turkey was never going to work or keep me married, I was not a nice person when quitting. I tried the Blu and some variations like that. Although they sucked and did me a disservice, because it reinforced for me that vaping wouldn’t work. I lost a year of salvation from trying that route.

Seven months ago I said to hell with it and stopped at the vape store that I had passed on the way to and from work every day and said, what should I try to be free? One Joyetech eGo AIO and some 12mg RY4 later, I was out the door and on my way home to try this thing that wasn’t going to work.

Really, was pretty sure I just dropped $40 that would have been better spent on four packs of American Spirits.

Haven’t touched a cigarette since that day that wasn’t by total choice. Haven’t finished a cigarette I chose to touch since, either.

Guess what, turns out I really can’t stand smoking. About once a month I pick one up to remind myself, how much I hate cigarettes. Keep in mind, my belief was this vaping thing was NOT going to work. Today, I can’t make it through 1/4 of a cigarette (from the pack I had when I bought the eGo) Even that leaves my hand smelling horrid, they taste terrible…

Anyway, vaping has worked. Have I saved money? Unlikely, I’ve got more vape gear than I know what to do with. Tanks everywhere, mods, etc. By the way I used the eGo for a week before ordering a mod and some tanks. I tried to hang in the MTL category because that was what I was used to. Then again, this process wasn’t really about saving money-- It was about saving my life.

Today, I love my Reload RTAs-- I love my various mods, although as I said in another thread I daily use a dirt cheap Livepor 160 because it’s a really great EDC mod that I don’t worry about dropping vs say my Paranormal.

Vaping works! I feel great, I can smell a smoker a block away… Anyway, the stories here are great. I hope that people do find these, do give it a shot. I’m living proof that even with a belief that it won’t work, it simply does.



**My Vapeversary **
I don’t remember the actual date that I quit smoking cigarettes and used vaping in place of tobacco cigarettes. I started using those cig-a-like things from 7-11, they were basically just a cartomizer with a battery that looks like a traditional cigarette, I was buying the replacement coils at $12.00 for a 5 pack! They worked for me though, I threw my cigarettes in the garbage the day I bought my first kit. That was way back in 2010 because I was on oxygen, I had my 2nd of two pulmonary embolisms one in 2009, the 2nd in 2010 almost a year to the day later! Unfortunately, I couldn’t come off the oxygen after the 2nd P.E. So I have been on it ever since. I remember I was still smoking even after all that happened, my health was deteriorating and I was visiting my father, my son was with me and he was just 14 years old at the time, he blurted out something about my smoking (up until then, I was able to keep my smoking a secret from my dad) well he was mad as hell and he raised his voice like I’ve never heard him do before. He read me the riot act, it went like this, “what the fuck is wrong with you, do you have a death :skull: wish or something? You must if you’re still smoking :smoking: those goddamned cigarettes! What an idiot!” Believe me I have the utmost respect for my father, and when I saw his reaction to finding out that I was still smoking, I just had to quit. No more excuses, I was going to quit come hell or high water! I used those cig-a-likes for awhile, then I was at a friend’s house and at about 3:30 in the afternoon, a bunch of guys came over and they all had these thingamajigs that they were using that created something that looked like smoke to me. I had no idea that there were other things available for vaping, they were cartomizers and J-tanks from Electronicstix in Ogden, Utah. It was the first and only place you could get vaping gear. I still remember my first setup was two eGo sticks with cartomizers and a small tank that I had to fill with High Caliber E-liquid, it was the only brand of e-liquid (or juice as everyone called it) and it was really nice, even though it was kinda weird thinking about it now, it was such a pain in the ass to fill and the battery didn’t last long at all. I followed all the rules and regulations about Ohm’s law and I educated myself by watching PBusardo, Grimmgreen and Rip Trippers. They were the Holy Trinity of vaping videos! To make a long story short, I still love to vape, I enjoy buying new mods, and I have gotten back into building coils in my favorite RDAs and I also use the sub ohm tanks for when I’m driving or even just having a vape at home. I’m still on the oxygen, but my health is much better, I’m not as short of breath as I used to be, I don’t have to use my inhalers every day, in fact I have a prescription for an inhaler called Spiriva that I used to need in order to even get out the door to go somewhere. Now, I use my Albuterol inhaler once in awhile after I’ve been out and about doing stuff, I get home and sometimes I’ll need to take a puff of it to help with my shortness of breath, but that’s a rare occasion when I need to use it. Vaping has literally saved my life. Period. If I had continued to smoke, I think I’d be dead by now. I have COPD due to my habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes for over twenty-eight years. OMG I feel old! So I guess this would be my 7th Vapeversary! I thank God for vaping, without it, I don’t know what I would do. I’m passionate about vaping, I try to educate my friends who still smoke, I tell them, “look at me, I’m on oxygen because of those damned cigarettes, do you want to wind up with the same thing, having to be at the end of a tube all of the rest of your life? You should at least try vaping instead”. I just don’t seem to be able to get through to most people who are still smoking :smoking:. I have given it a lot of thought and I’m of the opinion that you must be motivated to quit before you’ll try vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. That’s for each individual to decide whether or not to continue to smoke or quit altogether or use vaping as a harm reduction alternative to tobacco cigarettes. I want to thank everyone who took the time to post your story of how you were able to quit smoking by vaping, this is a great idea and I hope that at least one person who took the time to read my whole story decided to quit and started vaping. That would make it all worth it! Keep on vaping my friend. I know I will! Much love always ~Dave



Great to have you with us @Cubano_v2 and @VapinDave! Welcome to the party!



I quit smoking on 12 April 2017, almost 8 months now, I cannot believe it and those who know me now and decades ago are just as flabbergasted as i am, I started smoking at 12 now at 49 I quit and although i still have a little trouble breathing deep on the inhale it’s not gotten worse since the 12th of April which was my impetus to quit. After 20 ys in the Navy and over 10 yrs as a disabled Vet I quit, and it’s all because of Vaping!



I would just like to thank everyone that has posted here for sharing their stories. Testimonials like these help me to believe that I can actually quit smoking this time. I have tried many times before (nic gum, patches, e-cigs, vaping. etc.), but could never follow through with it and eventually went back to cigarettes.

About a month ago I decided to give vaping a try again and finally found some juice I could vape without it making me cough excessively (I am evidently PG sensitive). This realization has opened up the door to finally getting off the smokes. My fiancee has even jumped on the vape wagon. As of now, neither of us has quit completely, though I have not smoked more than a half a pack since I started vaping, down from almost 2 packs a day. Hopefully one day soon I can join you all in saying I no longer smoke.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the input from the community members here. It is quite evident that you all like to help others in their quest to quit bowing to the stinky smoke gods. I wish everyone much luck in achieving their end goal of being smoke free.

Thanks again everyone!



A little late in reading this, but I hope you stuck with it. We’re all here to help and support and if you fall off the wagon, we’ll dust ya off and help ya get back up.