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Hi, I have been smoking since 2010. I loved it but smoking issues and health problems started to appear like coughing etc. I was a little worried but unable to quit for a single day. I met a friend who introduced me to vaping. At lahore Pakistan I bought my first mod at artisanvapor and started with 12mg nic. Wow. I didn’t required to smoke anymore. Vaping since than and never smoked a single analog. Very happy. Now planning to reduce nic intake


I started smoking when i was 12 - 13 years old, so it’s been 27 (ish) years now. I tried quitting by Nic Patch, Hypno, cold turkey, and all that method just makes me easier to get angry (cranky?)

I realize that i couldnt try to stop when i almost hit my son, when he was 1,5 years old, so i stopped trying to stop smoking.

Mid 2017, a friend of mine gave me a mod, an RTA, and some juice. and i managed to smoke less cigarette. 5th of December 2017, i stopped smoking, and i havent smoke since. But sometimes, i found myself reaching for my pocket for a pack… the craving is almost unbearable…

This maybe out of topic, but what recipe do you use for the cigarette craving when it hit you? I’m trying to stay off cigarette, and i found that dessert or light tobacco recipes is not good enough to do it, even with higher Nicotine. I usually use 3mg in my mix, and i have a SoHO (FA) mix with 9mg for my craving, but i found that sometimes it’s just too light for me.

Edit : i still got cranky sometimes, but it’s less now than before, and it’s more manageable now.
I mixed Fresh03 simple cigarette for my craving now, i think it might replace my SOHO mix for it. I really want to know other recipes though, it would be good to know. Thank you.


Congratulations on your first month!! :tada:

I saw you mentioned that you’ve been using 3mg, and go to 9mg during high pressure craving times… But that doesn’t answer whether your preference is MTL or DL (aka Sub-ohm).

If you’re doing 3mg in MTL, it’s no wonder you’re battling so hard, and would also explain why 9mg wouldn’t cut it at times of highest craving.

If however you’re DL, 3mg might be a bit low for you this early in, and changing to 6mg for your all day use, might help to curb the craving from building up in the first place. But if you do DL, then 9mg (from 3mg normal) should be a “bell-ringer”. At least IME.

Given the above (and if I missed something…), what I would suggest is getting a small pen-type MTL setup, and mix a simple SF mix that you like, but use 12-18mg nic in it. That way you have a safety net that will keep you from lighting up a single death stick.

The other thing I notice is that you don’t mind tobacco flavors, so I’d recommend searching out tobacco threads and posts by @Kinnikinnick @Josephine_van_Rijn and @Skullblade789 just to name a few. There’s also a thread/subforum on NETs that you may want to check out! :wink:


Thank you sir. It’s been a weird month, that’s for sure.

I have read a lot on NET here in this forum, but I don’t have the budget to get good tobaccos right now, so i still held back on that.

I do mtl, and thank you for your advice on tobacco level. I’ll definitely try that.

Edit: i mean nicotine level.

And yes, somehow i’m loving tobacco flavor more than dessert or fruit. I still do them because i couldn’t get many tobacco flavorings where i’m from, but just as inbetween my tobacco vape.

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Hello all…just wanted to say I love this site…!

Quit smoking four years ago, just started DIY a few months ago. This site has been a Godsend.

Oh, and I really like Pugs review of products, lmao…:rofl:


Very nice @Inspects and I agree about ELR.


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