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I do believe mine was set to “Watching” which would explain the barrage of notifications.



Mine was on tracking until suddenly changed to watching without me knowing… @Skullblade789 might be on something there :smile:
Edit : on to something


I believe that’s what happened to me, too. I never set it to watching, was not notified for some 300+ post, then suddenly started getting notifications. I think something outside of my actions happened to flip mine to Watching.


When this thread accidentally got moved to a PM, it reset everyone’s notifications to “Watching” which means you’re notified any time someone posts a reply. If you’d like to still see the little number but don’t want notifications unless someone replies to you or mentions you, set it to tracking. If you only want to know when someone replies to or mentions you, set it to normal. If you don’t want to see it at all, set it to muted.


You weren’t supposed to admit it!! :angry:

Pffbbt. It was funnier when we could blame it on “Ralph_the_wonder_llama”!! (No harm, no shame, no blame, and everyone gets to chuckle.)

Now I feel bad. hugs you

I wasn’t trying to embarrass anyone. I just thought it would be a fun way to let old and new alike know that we all should expect some “unexpected events” in the coming days as all of these wonderful folks “learn to drive” this behemoth that is the ELR Forum software. :wink:


Welcome and glad you are now a non-smoker! Over 5 months of no “Stinky’s”, my DR. Said my lungs are clear! Vaping my own juices is the best way, for me, to stay healthier and happier😃


Lets get this thread (and that derailed train) back on track…

After 3 decades of smoking I spotted a some cigalikes in my local smoke shop. Right away I realised they weren’t for me so I started researching e-cigs online. A couple of months later, around December, I had purchased an Innokin iStick V3 kit and and a VTC kit and a sample pack of 30 different juice flavors in tiny 6ml bottles. This all sat in a drawer until late May when I decided to pull the trigger and give vaping a serious try.

On day 1 of my vaping journey I smoked 25% less stinkies than normal. On day 2 I smoked 50% less stinkies than normal. On day 3 I smoked 75% less stinkies. By day 4 I had completely replaced smoking with vaping. During those first few days I had to put a rubber band around my pack of smokes to stop me lighting up out of habit before remembering I was trying to vape instead. After a week of vaping I threw out all my packs of smokes.

I haven’t smoked since June the 6th 2014 :sunglasses: and have replaced the habit that was slowly killing me with a hobby I enjoy.


That is awesome @DaveR1 and welcome to our friendly forum!


I only started vaping 4 days ago. I loved my ciggies and I’m already converted. I’ve gone from 30 cigs a day to 3 in just a few days!!! Just gotta work out all these flavours that are out there…too many!


Awesome! Well done you! :tada:


That is awesome! Welcome to the forum @marsh855


Chantix for me was like… OMG… I had a terrible reaction to it.


I had tried quitting smoking cigarettes cold-turkey, patches, and gum with no real success. I did stop for about a couple of years with Chantix, but at a wild and crazy party, I smoked a cigarette and was hooked - again! I continued to smoke cigarettes for another couple of years.

In June of 2017, my son came to the island for a long overdue visit and he was vaping instead of smoking. Of course I was intrigued. After a quick test drive of his setup, I googled for a a brick and mortar vape shop (which are just now starting to appear here), finally found one and I was out the door. With my son it tow, I purchased my own kit and have not had a cigarette since! Thanks to my son, my nasty cigarette habit turned into a healthier new hobby.

The up front cost of diving into the deep end of the vaping pool was a bit more than I expected (mainly due to international shipping costs and building my flavor stash) but is offset by not buying cigarettes. Gathering vape knowledge from across the internet, building coils, mixing my own e-liquid sure is fun, relaxing and satisfying, but most importantly it’s healthier - which is priceless. Besides…
It’s only money… They’ll make more for me to spend!


…same for me. My son turned me on to vaping… he basically saved me from myself! :grinning:


Same here. I wanted to embrace my son without the disticable breath of ‘‘death’’.


Just said that to a friend…you can always replace money… Time is priceless!!!


Started vaping back in August 2015 after 15 years of smoking. I went back a couple times to the cigs before finally kicking the habit for good in Jan 2016. Best thing i ever did.


It’s been a week now and ciggies taste like crap!! Vaping must be better. I tried to dutch oven the car while vaping yesterday, it all just dissipated if you do that with ciggies you can’t see out the window pretty quick.


snicker, gotta get you some gear upgrades…Grats again!