I started vaping in 2016 and quit with real cigarettes (i was around 20-25 daily) in one day. I really wanted to quit but i had no idea how and i had no idea what was vaping. Thanks to a friend I bought a q16, really basic kit and i moved from 20 cigs to 0 in one day vaping at 9 mg. After quitting and give my body time to heal after many years of smoke, i started doing cardio and I lost around 25-20 kg of weight. At the end of 2017 in Italy we got a huge taxation on nicotine, so i quitted using it both for saving money but also because i did not want to be a slave of it.

Currently I run 5 times at week 7-8 kms, when i was a smoker it was difficult ever do stairs. No more headcache, never out of breath, my clothes and skin does not smell bad. I still feel guilty for starting smoking when i was a teen and for not trying to quit and discover vaping before.

I keep vaping only for the passion and because i like it. I vape aroud 4ml of eliquid without nicotine daily in MTL. Never wanted to light a real cigarette again and i hate the smell of smoke.


That’s a great story @Infinium1, glad you found us.


Thanks much for sharing your story. Always great to hear another “quit smoking” story. We are the lucky ones !!


After quitting smoking, I decided to switch to vaping as a healthier alternative. Additionally, I have started eating delta 8 gummies. These products help me manage my nicotine cravings, which can be quite intense at times. Vaping and consuming gummies have significantly improved my health and quality of life, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to quit smoking. Of course, you should inform yourself and do a lot of research before taking this lifestyle.

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Good morning “vaporent” friends…kkkk… I’m a newbie in the world of Vape, but the best thing I did was change the stinker for Vape. Since April 1, 2022, I started vaping and quit smoking. I started with a renew zero and nicsalt 50mg/ml, then I bought a Luxe II and an OXVA - Arbiter 28mm RTA Dual Coil. It’s been about 3 months since I started learning about the vape world… Building coils, ohm’s law, different types of atomizers, PODs, MODs, and then I discovered DIY, here in Brazil it’s not very widespread but I looked for foreign videos and found ELR. I fell in love with the art of developing your own recipes. I am no expert in this art but I believe that every day I learn more. Both with the tips I’m getting from many here and through trial and error. I hope I can help new mixers like me one day. And thank you in advance for the help I’ve had from some and for the help I’m still going to have! Hugs to all, stay with God! Peace and good clouds!!!