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I relapsed :((((

Hi Everyone!
So sorry I havent been around at all but since the tragedy happened last year. I relapsed and started smoking again :frowning:

I really want to get back to vaping so badly! Does anyone have any good suggestions for started pen mod/vapes?

I have some mod but I just can handle the large amount of volume anymore.

Any suggestions?


Are you wanting a pod ??? If so caliburn is still tops on the list…goid to see you back. The pod system will allow you to use a higher Nic level to keep you away from the tobacco


Do you mean you want a low output mtl or pod system because subohm tanks would produce too much vapor?

The Vaporesso Target PM80 has a .60 ohm mtl coil I use with 15mg salt nic which has good flavor.

Voopoo makes some decent coils for pods, haven’t tried all the coils yet but the flavor is pretty good. I wish they put the name on the pods, not sure which I have but it is the one that takes replacement 18650’s.

I hate to say it but the Smok Nord 2 has fantastic flavor for a pod but the coils are hit or miss like all Smok coils.

If I had any new ones I would gladly send you one. Probably not the best idea to send a used one with this Covid-19 stuff. I will check and see if I have any new sealed pods I can send you later tonight.


Glad to see you back! Hope things are a little bit better these days. We’ll all be here to help get you off the analogs again.

Covid’s probably the least of my concerns with used things from you… (kidding!!!)

Nice gesture, my man.


Sorry to hear things have been stressful, but very happy to have you back and trying again!! :hugs:


Thanks everyone. Yea I’m thinking I’d need something I can do higher nic in. I’ve never mixed with nic salts yet. Is it difficult to mix?


I use salts the same as freebase, no issues.


I know where I have been…so, your right :wink:


Higher nic in a pod will definitely help and pods have come a long way, I always carry 1 in the car just in case.

Liquid nicotine wholesale has fantastic salt nic and there is a elr coupon too. That reminds me, I gotta order some more for my stash.


Hey Jazzy! Nice to see you back. Sorry can’t help with the pen/pod thing. I haven’t really come across one that I like so have nothing to recommend, but we’re all here to support ya!


As fast as you caught on to mixing there will be no problem creating Pod Recipes…Just Remember to not over complicate the recipe …Creams and Custard minimize , contrasting fruits work well if you want some kind of layering , sweetener helps and so does ws23


@Jazzy_girl, sorry to hear that, but you’ve been through a lot, and GLAD as hell, you’re back. I won’t duplicate any of the above posts, beyond that. Welcome home…


Welcome back, @Jazzy_girl , and don’t worry about the relapse. You got this!


I relapsed bad in very hard times. Welcome back I always love your mixes.


I recommend the Vopoo NAVI mod-pod. The flavor and vapor production are fantastic. It’s small, light and feels good in the hand. I’ve used salt nic as well as standard freebase nic, from 50pg/50vg, to 15pg/85vg and achieve comparable vape with both and other combinations in between the two. It charges very quickly. It auto-sets the vape settings, optimized for whatever coil yet you still have the option to change the wattage in 1 Watt increments. It hits quick, smooth, and always consistent. And the flavor!!! :+1:

There is two things I don’t like much but they don’t make me shy away from it. The first is it doesn’t have any rba option so you have to buy coils but the Vopoo coils are very good and last along time. The other thing is the small juice capacity. At first I didn’t like the idea of a fixed, non-replaceable drip tip but I found no need to want to switch it out anyway. It’s a round analog cigarette sized too so it’s very familiar and comfortable to use.

I have a Vopoo Vinci MOD-POD as well but I prefer the performance of the NAVI, the tip on the Navi, and the thin flat box shaped body as opposed to the Vinci’s square shaped body. The Navi is easy to pocket.


I think you can add DNA10 coupon code for 10% off but don’t hold me to that.

Get back on the Vape train. You’ve kicked cigs before, you can do it again. Nic-salts at 18 to 28 mg/ml should satisfy most switchers.


I LOVE the lost vape DNA pod. Don’t beat urself up, i.d. what u need to go forward and do it, U GOT THIS GIRL!! Let us know if there’s anything u need now or later. hmm not sure how old this post is?


Jazzy - I think people are not recognizing that congratulations are in order. You did what I can’t do - smoke again. Last puff I took was about 4 yrs ago before my wife quit smoking. I lit one for her and DAYUM - the taste was horrific.

All joking aside, vaping or any other cessation method simply won’t work until you’ve decided to stop smoking. Are you ready? If you’re committed then don’t forget everything you learned during your first journey with vaping. Get something quick - whatever it is - use it in combination with your commitment to quit then let the magic happen!



I recently have tried several different new devices and if flavor is really important to you, then I’d suggest taking a look at the Freemax Maxpod or Autopod 50. They are also releasing a new Twister 30 watt kit that I’m testing right now. The flavor is really good and you can use it restricted direct lung or switch to the 1.5 coil and use it mouth to lung.




It’s been awhile @Jazzy_girl . I hope you vaping stuck and you are doing well.