I was thinking about trying flavorah. Is the price worth it. ? Which flavors are a must try?

There flavors are a bit pricey . Are they worth it ?


Yes. They are VERY worth it.

I like their Vanilla Custard, Caramel, Butterscotch, Rich Cinnamon, Milk & Honey, Lemonade, Mocha, Peanut Butter (amazing flavor), Sweet Coconut, Wild Melon, and Honey Bee. But I have a lot more of their flavorings and have tried every one that I have. I like them all for one thing or another. Their Strawberry isn’t the best. And neither is their Watermelon. But I still use them with similar flavors by other manufacturers to enhance the flavors.

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@Maureeenie asked about FLV a few days ago. Just scroll down for latest replies.

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Originally I asked the same question is the hype real or not ? It is real for sure. They are quality products that are super concentrated not to mention you get a 15 ml bottle of flavor not a 10 ml. There is a TON of fantastic flavors here is a list to start you off w/ ! scroll down to flavorah

The newest line that Flavorah is coming out with are outstanding I will say keep an eye out for these

Grape FLV - candy delicious and sweet

Cupcake batter- Yes I taste the batter and then the cupcake golden buttery and slightly sweet !

there is more of that same line I have yet to test them this line is legit thou no lie !


What they said. Rich Cinnamon is the best cinnamon I have tasted in any context, ever. It is awesome. Honey Bee. . .closest thing to artisanal honey I’ve tasted as a flavor. I use Pink Guava and Wild Melon regularly as well. Their flavors are very concentrated, more so than even Inawera in almost all cases. Pink Guava and Rich Cinnamon for instance are both very present at 0.25%.

If they sold their entire line at the push of a button, it would be very hard for me to not push that button even though it would give me a bunch of repeats.

Flavorah is next-level good. I would give you every Capella in my stash for a bottle of rich cinnamon or honey bee, if I didnt have one. Their vanilla custard cannot beat Cap V1 though, but it is definitely not bad at all. I really want to try their lemongrass.


Just ordered some based on the reviews you guys have given it. They are a bit pricey though. What do you guys think would be the next best thing to flavora, so I can easily order regularly from a cheap place and go easy on the pockets :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t have to order these regularly. Single flavors average 2-3%… as mixers .25-2% tops. They will last and be cost effective. 15mls FLV when used correctly will last as long as most of the 60ml bottles of FW, Cap and TPA.


Thank you LordVapor. I was thinking about trying their custard, milk and honey and pink guava and peanut butter.

Thank you. I am convinced.

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Take some good advice. Get to know this flavor before jumping into mixing with it. It’s VERY potent, is not what you expect, and just a tiny bit too much will dominate a mix. I’ve not made it through all of FLV’s lineup yet, but others from them I know are like this are -

Rich Cinnamon

The lime and cinnamon are amazing flavors but WOW potent. If you use PG maybe you could do like I do and make a 10% dilution with them to mix with.

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Flavorah flavors are definitely worth it! They may cost a LITTLE more but you get more AND you won’t use as much so they last longer…Crunch Cereal,Cupcake Batter,Grape,Ginger Snap,Milk and Honey are my personal favorites…Honey flavor is extremely hard to get right IMO…but Milk and Honey yum!

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Ok thank you.

Thanks amy.

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In love with Flavorah, it feels like they taste a bit better too, do you guys run into any kind of problem mixing other brands such as TFA and CAP with FLV?

I haven’t ran into any problems with the ones I have tried.

Not sure if it was the flavorah/tpa combo or just the TPA, but I did a recipe that used a bunch of flavors I’ve used together before, but it had TPA Ripe Banana and Flavorah Banana. Turned into nail polish remover. Something in the Ripe banana just does not play well with others. LoL.


I know what the mean, I feel the strawberry flavors taste a bit weird, I have to visualize different types of strawberries to get my brain to believe that it’s strawberry flavor. I have only tried flavors strawberries, don’t know about other brands that have good strawberry.

Lemon grass is excellent buy EXTREMELY STRONG . I dilute the heck out of it and STILL use it very sparingly. Also it is very good by itself . I don’t really like lemon flavor but I just kept vaping this stuff by itself! lol I also mixed up a pound cake recipe and put a couple drops of lemon grass in and it made it so much better…and this is from a guy that doesnt care too much for lemon …All Flavorah flavors are really good…and really strong which is good they last…Just don’t use too much or they’ll over power everything, especially Lemon grass…Hope this helped!


I am as well. I only have their flavors but ive tried liquid barn flavors (not impressed)
Someday I’ll try other vendors…