Ideas using my flavour stash?

Hi all
I’m Scott iv been buying liquids for over a year and Iv now got into making my own all the juices iv made up are all the same ( experimenting) kind of sick of making it such so I came to your site… I have uploaded all my current flavour stash.

I do like to make a fruit vape bit that’s easy it’s the desert style I want to make, I found a load of interesting recipes but I don’t get paid for another week… does anyone have any ideas of some nice recipes I can make using what I have ?

I did try the what can I make button but it gave me 10 recipes all single flavour and… pineapple

Thank you all in advance forgive me if iv done things wrong I don’t think I was being lazy and hoping you’d do the running around for me :slight_smile:


I forgot to add the reason why I’m not impressed with anything I made
I want something that is sort of a thick vape very tasty I love vanilla and buscuity juices.

Tit sauce boobee milk I have been enjoying a lot I have tried my own take on it but I can’t do it yet ( the stuff is my adv
Thanks again

I’m no expert on DIY, but I have been doing it for about a year now.

I would recommend starting out simple, the problem with creamy and bakery mixes is they take a while to steep so learning what a flavour tastes like properly and what the perfect % is can take a while. Plus with a lot of these mixes it will usually be a lot of flavours at subtle %.

I have only recently started getting adventurous with desert styles and started buying a lot of the creams and pastry concentrates. However I would highly recommend grabbing some vanilla custard by Capella and try out some simple mixes. (I dont know exactly what flavours you’re wanting from your vape) but just try out flavours you like that you think may go together.

Alternatively, you could do what I have recently started doing. Look at some top recipes on here that you think you may like, buy the ingredients and mix it up! You’ll be surprised how quickly you learn about the flavours and build a huge flavour stash.

I’m sure someone else could chip in and give you a list of essential concentrates to buy just to get started out.

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I dont’ see you on the recipe site with that name ‘Pudrox’ . Have you not created even one recipe yet that’s public? If not, I dont’ think we can see your flavor stash.

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Nope, I couldn’t either, if you could post the flavours you have here people could try and come up with something.

Ah sorry I thought I clicked a box saying let others see my stash list so I thought that’s how it worked my bad :slight_smile:

Vanilla custard v1
Vanilla cupcake
Vanilla bean ice cream
Graham cracker
Sweet cream

French Vanilla cream

Strawberry ripe

One on one.
Ethyl maltol

Flavour west.
Vanilla custard
Cake yellow
Bavarian cream
Graham cracker

This is what I have so far.

I want a nice sweet vanilla that feels thick and creamy if that’s possible
All my juices I made feel as though it has things missing/ lacking and not all that nice

Thanks for the replies

It seams to me the biggest mistake made with the flavor stash system is getting the flavors in correctly. A lot of the flavors have several choices that pop up when entering, make sure you choose the one with the most recipes associated with it. That alone will increase the amount of recipes it will return.

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Everyone is correct. You like alot of custards and ice cream (any creams) If you are trying to vape those immediately or even after a week they are going to taste like gym sock juice, not ice cream and custard. 3-4 weeks is a minimum time for these type flavors to become the flavors your expect.

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yellow cake 1%
sweet cream 3%
glazed doughnut 3%
vanilla bean ice cream 4%
vanilla custard v1 3%
french vanilla 2%

let steep one week at least i would go two weeks myself , you have a great stash of flavors to work with keep everything 5% and lower and mix 10ml samples so your not wasting alot you could also add strawberry ripe to this at 3 to 6 percent for a strawberry custard vape swap the yellow cake for graham cracker as well so now you have three recipes that should work out well


I did start to do all that but I’m not sure how many I might of not done it for I will have a RE-attempt at it tomorrow

I have started to make more of each juice I make up I have around 10 bottles mainly 30ml and 50ml so I should be able to keep them

I have some shop bought stuff Il vape for a while to let my stuff steep and Il make up some fruit juices


Awesome nice one thanks Il give them a mix
I have made 3 10mls of recipes I found on here tonight so Il let them steep i don’t normally make 10ml I normally do loads more but I will still vape it :slight_smile: once I find what I’m after Il make big batch up and Il be happy

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I’m a little curious about this one. 9% total creams is a lot. For me anything above 4% tends to mute other flavors.


thats for you. , try the recipe vanilla swirl is what i would have used instead of french vanilla, ive made juices with primarily vanilla and creams and people love it remember that everyones taste is different hopefully he will get back and let us all know myself the creamier the better but again thats me


dont forget he wants a vape that has as much vanilla and cream as possible

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this recipe isnt one that ive tried but similar to ones ive tried i like creams as well the more the better lately ive been on a honeydew cantaloupe guava kick

Once I get Home later Il mix this up Il just make 30ml and give it a while to steep I do like cream and I love vanilla so hopefully Il like this recipe

On another note most of the fruit juices I like from the shop like say . Bad drip - Farley’s knarlysauce or my good vape -heavens candy , ruthless jungle fever…how much sweetener would you think they use? A lot? iv added a few of what I have to my mixes (fruit ) trying to get it sweetened up but still nothing like shop bought juices or is the trick in what concentrates they use

With pay day coming up next week Il be buying another 10-20 concenrrates. Would you recommend any recipe for me to try out and Il buy the concentrates to make some :smile:

Am I wrong in thinking if I want a shake and vape it will have to be fruity or a yogurt mix? If so Il find some recipes for yogurt
What else is shake and vape style or minimal steeping please

Fruits are mostly shake and vapes, obviously anything is a shake and vape but creamy vapes will take a taste inferior compared to after a few weeks steep.

Have a look for some strawberry cream recipes using Strawberry Ripe and try some of them.

A recipe of the top of my head would be to try:

10% strawberry ripe
2% Bav Cream
4 % Sweet Cream
2% french vanilla


10% V custard
2% Graham cracker
4% V cupcake

Dunno, they are what I would try out if I had your flavour stash in front of me. The strawberry and cream one should be meh alright after 48 hours.

How about some Creamy pineapple upside down cake with mango

Cap Vanilla cupcake 4%
Cap Sweet Cream 2%
TPA Pineapple 5%
Cap Mango 2%
Cap Vanilla Custard 2%
TFA French Vanilla Cream 2%
TFA Ethyl Maltol 1%

That’s just off the top of my head, but it should work out. I’d mix it at Max VG for myself anyway, and run through my UC for at least an hour then steep for at least 14 days, My big Kahuna Pineapple upside down cake steeps for 6 weeks to become the fine sweet vape it is

TFA Pina Colada
TFA Brown sugar DX
TFA Vanilla Cup Cake
TFA Cheesecake
CAP Coconut
CAP Butter cream
CAP Golden Butter
CAP Golden Pineapple
TFA Pineapple
FW Marshmallow
TFA Maraschino Cherry
TFA Cherry
TFA Pistachio
There’s the listing for the flavors in it