If I were to start building

WHere would I start?
I just got my Whiterose mod, and really want to use it like now, but I may go ahead and get the supplies to start building. Is there a so called kit, or what basics do I need to start with? What tank deck ,wire ,etc


Oh heres my new mod :):smiley:

hmm I uploaded it but its not showing… pics seem a bit screwy lately


You need some things… coils, wicking, mounting/building tools. There are a million atomizer choices depending on what you want to do.

One shortcut that works well for those who maybe don’t want to dunk under fully, but rather get your feet wet instead… pre-would coils. You can get a wound coil in the metal, diameter, style, and resistance you want and just mount them. rather than getting wire spools and making your own.


Wait but this is what i wanted to do was buy pre made coils, and I thought i thought that I wasnt able to get full power of mod this way. I am so confused. I really did not want to make them lol . Maybe I am not u nderstanding if there’s a difference


A coil (whether you make it or buy it) can be made to fit your needs. That’s what we all do anyway. And, that’s why even with disposable units there are usually several different coil types you can buy.

Confusion leads to trepidation. Don’t be worried. There are a lot of resources here and elsewhere that WILL get you to a comfortable place. Please ask away.


It all started on this thread Smok GX350 quad battery mod, when we starting talking about whiterose mods and I ordered one…

WHiterose then asked group what premade coils people use

Whiterose0818Kewl Mutha Fogga1d
Hey Fam…
I need some advice from some of you that use my mods and use sub ohm tanks.
What is a good tank that uses stock coils with resistance above 0.3 ohms? Rebuildables are not an option.
Let’s hear some ideas guys…please and thank you!
Much love, Fam!

The response was really only crown with .5 coil, but then someone told me that would be like low wattage and not much power, hence now the reason I may just try to build. I like high wattage.

I hope I made sense. I been reading a lot and just seems Im more lost now


Sure it does. About Whiterose specifically, I don not know those mods personally so I don’t know what they were designed to do. If they are not high wattage mods then yes you will need a lower power based coil and atty.

But in general, you will be able to build any deck you want soon enough.

I think you’re talking about two different things. @TW12 is talking about buying just wire that’s already been wrapped into the shape of a coil like these that you mount and wick yourself:

And you’re talking about preassembled coil heads that come wicked and in a housing that screws into your atty like this:


Thank you! Now I understand. I was talking about making them from wire. Pre wound!! YES that works for me. I thinkj I can live with this solution.


If you’re gonna hold off on using the White Rose until you get your building materials, charge it up and the unplug the battery from the mod. Nlpwm boards will drain the battery when not in use. You don’t want to kill that battery by not using it for a while.


Ok will do for sure ty. I am trying to find something I h ave to throw o n there though and test it out


Dont give up ! Building is a lot simpler than you think, i started back a few years ago following mr bursado videos, getting prewounded coils back then was not an option, never the less it took me no time to get the twist, start easy simple strait kanthal 26 gauge wire ,2.5 gauge (just the size of the mini screew driver i was using) a nail cutter, as for the thank depand if you like dl or mtl direct lung or mouth to lung, any way there is a lot out there for 25$ and under easy one i got now is siren2 you will need cotton like cotton bacon or organic cotton, this as been my favorit hoby since day one, the taste of prebuilt or home made is for me the major motivation since then.


Personally I only make one coil, and that’s the chain link coil in stainless, I find kanthal has a flavor I don’t care for, but it’s much easier to get a .30 or above coil in kanthal, I use rayon for wick it lasts much longer than cotton and doesn’t have any break in flavor. As far as an Atomizer I would recommend a series deck if you want to try stainless. Otherwise with kanthal you should be able to use just about any tank. I highly recommend the steam crave supreme.

This will probably help quite a bit, you can also YouTube almos any Atomizer and how to wick it


This is a bunch of different kanthal coils


Coil building / install kit


You don’t necessarily have to make your own coils for rebuildable tanks.
You can buy a spool of pre-made ones or a pack of 10 individually wrapped ones at Advanced Vape Supply.

They have a 30% off sale right now if you are interested, free shipping for orders over $20.

The decision is whether or not you want to wrap the wires from the spools that they sell or buy pre-wrapped ones. Obviously spools are cheaper but it does require you to invest in a coil winding tool, flush wire cutters and some time to read up on how to use them.

Remember the coils will last you quite a while unlike pre-made stock ones in sub ohm tanks.
But you will have to re-wick every few days depending on juice and usage.


The wick I use, tutorial above.


I have found that a velocity style (or two post) deck has been the easiest to install coils into without too much frustration whether you wrap wire or just install ones you buy. It is just the easiest for me to get coils in there and straight. You can orient them in different ways as well. It is my favorite deck to play around with. I also love being able to build a couple coils or just one to extend battery or keepy ohms higher because I do not think I have a series deck. Series deck sounds so very interesting though!52


This is a great atty for learning to build. It’s single coil with a huge amount of space which will be helpful in getting higher resistance builds for the WhiteRose. https://www.elementvape.com/digiflavor-pharaoh-dripper-tank-by-rip-trippers-project

Get familiar with this site: http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz.html Here you will learn how to design a coil for whatever resistance you want.

As per above get a took kit with an ohm meter. A must for safe building.

Bookmark this channel. Battery Mooch on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePHh3NMvu3rW2LFJeOWo-Q Wonderful information on batteries and using basic electrical formulas.

Make an appointment with your hairdresser. Hint that you might be needing a wig. There will be some hair tearing.


Awesome Cutlass thank you, I am going to read this all now. I tried hard to figure this all out on my own and have it ordered before the mod arrived, but now i feel like Im getting somewhere, ty !