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Thanks for that. As long as I have been coming to the forums here at ELR I never knew this. Never even thought to click on that arrow.

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Actually a wolf hybrid. 80% wolf (Canis Lupus) 25% Siberian Husky. That is a lot of wolf. I did a lot of research and soul search before getting him. I lived in Georgia at the time and had a lot of space for him. Nothing like a dog and I mean nothing . He was a lover though such a lover. I wish I had more pics of him. Back then there were no iPhones.

He saved my life once. I fell down a steep incline and at the bottom was a bog or quicksand. I was stuck and sinking. Not real fast like you see in the movies but I was going down. I called for Kahu (his name) with 2 short piercing whistles. He must have been a pretty good distance away because it took him at least 5 minutes to reach me. I realized I made a mistake by calling him because he was now in danger of being stuck himself. I used the command “stop” which he did. He did not always listen to my commands. Well, he finally decided to come to see why I wasn’t moving and realized the danger and yes he was that smart. It’s really quite amazing how smart a Canis Lupus is. There is an invasive species of vine that has unfortunately been introduced in the states though it was fortunate for me at the time. He grabbed some of this vine and started pulling it toward me. It didn’t make it all the way to me and the only way for me to reach it was to lie down and reach for it. I finally plucked up the courage to do so and that is when I realized I was better off now than I was. I kind of swam back to safety. When I got home I started to research how to survive quicksand and found out that you are actually supposed to lay down flat (more surface area) and swim crawl your way out.

@woftam there was a post not long ago about not derailing a thread. It mentioned something about replying and the reply would go somewhere other than the og post. Do you know how that works?

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My former manager had a wolf pup that grew in to an amazing guard dog @Dan_the_Man you could not get close to his fenced property without being warned by this dog and he made sure you knew he meant business. He told me that the wolf bonded with his family and saw them as his pack and you didn’t walk in that fence without being led by a family member. Really was the coolest animal.