Im new and researching

I am new and researching how to make my own E liquid…

I am a bit of a perfectionist so I often research for quite awhile when trying something new, so that is exactly what brought me here

sooo Uh anyone know a good place for me to start with this rabbit hole of information I’m about to throw myself down?



Welcome to the forums.

Well, the main question is what do you like to vape?

When we know that, all will start chipping in with advice, tips and recommendations.


Welcome @Dee22 , you came to the right place.

You should start reading posts at the beginners corner.

Link to Beginners corner

As you read through posts there, you will start finding the good threads offered in the replies. Read those threads.


I love fruit flavours that are on the tart side, like a sour watermelon

I also really light anything mint or menthol

I dislike most custard or dessert flavours and prefer not to have anything that has a lingering sweetness in the mouth


Welcome @Dee22. I would suggest you follow @jim210’s advice unless you want to go through the very frustrating (and possibly expensive) journey of “hit and miss”. There’s some real talented mixers here that have done a lot of the groundwork for us already. Of course you might have a natural talent for mixing. Who knows? In any case, I hope you have fun with it.


Welcome to ELR @Dee22 and

thanks a lot for asking the right question.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to ELR


Welcome to Elr forum…We always suggest reading , reading and more reading the answers are here …There are some good YT channels to watch as well , take a look at some of the recipes here tonsee how others use the flavors …Test your flavors and take notes , font over complicate your recipes start with pairing 3 to 5 flavors …


@Dee22 Welcome to the forum. There is so much info on here, it can seem a bit overwhelming. You’ve gotten some very good suggestions. When I joined I read, read and then read some more. But while reading, I also started participating. Gotta say, this has been a fun and informative community with some fantastic people who are very helpful. Hope you enjoy the journey and mix some juices that tickle your vape palette in the best of ways. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like others have said, read a lot.
Also take notes. If you find things that are compelling or informative that you might find yourself thinking, “where was it that I read that one thing?”, copy and paste to your own files so you have them for reference.
When it comes time for you to start ordering flavors and equipment etc, try to do it with some sort of plan.
I think as far as recipes go, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time thinking I could take four flavors and combine them like I do with real food, and that it would just work. I started having my first real successes when I found recipes on here that had numerous great comments, from mixers who have been at it for a while, and ordering the flavors for that recipe.
Also try to get an idea what flavors you like. I saw above that you like fruits like strawberry watermelon. Usually people like that eventually expand to dabbling with dragonfruit, kiwi, pineapple, blue razz, lemon, lime, etc. Do you want them to taste like candy? Or more like the actual fruit?
I have hundreds of hours reading, mixing, watching hardware reviews, reviewing flavor notes, and reading forums, and I consider myself pretty new.
But I’ve managed to acheive or borrow about 20 recipes I love, and have now reached a point where when its time to mix, its because Im running out of one of my go-to flavors and I need to replace them.
Okay cut to the chase.
Learn this site and how to navigate it.
Learn the acronyms, folks on here love to use the acronyms. There’s a list of them somewhere on here. Search the forums for recipes you think you might like.
Buy bottles.
Buy a scale.
Start simple.


I can advise by the process of elimination…Don’t do what I did, skip homework and start throwing flavors together nilly willy hoping for a miracle. Lol, I nearly threw in the towel after about 10 months thinking I just didn’t have the talent. No, I thought I could take shortcuts and skip my homework.


I agree with Squirrel. We have to narrow down your likes and dislikes to have a better approach on the perfect recipe for you to start. For instance: are you a dessert vaper o you prefer fruits or beverages? What kind of commercial e-liquids do you use to vape? Have in mind that commercial eliquids use larger amounts of flavorings and sweeteners so once you start DIY’ing you will start to notice this and you will be preparing tour own eliquids with lower flavoring percentages and a more complex structure which you will enjoy more. Let’s say that once you go DIY it’s harder to go back to commercial eliquids because they are overwhelming. If you need I have a lot of recipes and tips that I can share with you.