Im new to D.I.Y E-Juice

So today i got my TFA/TPA flavors, PG, VG and nic.

  4. APPLE

These are all the flavors i got… So where do i start?
Haha please leave your comments and opinion!
Thank you!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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You should put all your flavors into your flavor stash on ELR (for a guide on how to do this see and then you can click “What can I make” on the home page. :slight_smile:


these are very specific flavors did you choose them because of a recipe you have seen

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I’d start out by doing some single flavor test.
Example 10ml test bottle,
Strawberry ripe 5% add two drops sweetener. Done with that one. Steep it the way you prefer, then test it.
Do this with several flavors, find two you like, make another test mixing those together. So on and so on.
This will also help you pick which recipes may interest you with the flavors you have on hand.

That’s pretty much how most of us started and heck I still do it.

Good luck, glad you finally found your true calling.

Happy Vaping!

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Yeah… haha… well i did tried one recipe. It was saud as a “Shake and vape” recipe… it didnt taste very good. Some flavours are from my friend.

Oh thanks for the tips! So the mix are with vg,pg and nic right?

Don’t throw it away. Time will improve the flavor.

Personally, I mix each a 50ml bottle at 18% flavor. Then mix and match those in 10ml bottles to quickly try new recipes. Now, no matter how you mix those it always come out to 18% flavor, which seems to be my sweet spot.

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strawberry ripe 6%
dairy 3%
cheesecake w garham crust 2%
vanilla bean gelato 4%
sweetener 1%

use this maybe throw in the key lime at 0.5% or leave out but a combination of those should get you something worth vaping , ythis is not a recipe that im sure of so play with the numbers its off the top of my head switch the 3rd and 4th flavor percentages around but thats basically how your going to come up with something , istarted with 10 flavors as well from liquid barn good luck

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I was about to throw it away o.o
Well i made something called Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream and it belongs to a user…
8% Strawberry (Ripe)
8% Vanilla Bean Gelato
80% VG
3mg nic
haha… i hope it gets better by the time passes.

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Yay!!! Thank you! Haha… i appreciate your kindness c:


I see… i would love to try it! Thank you!

i think this person was trying to do something like mustard milk anyway it just reminded me of that recipe seeing the two simialr flavors at similar percentages lol

I dont know… haha… please do share some simple recipe with me~ my country only sells TPA flavours unfortunately

I am new to DIY mixing too. Not so new, been about a month into it. Got some right, messed up a few. But this forum has been so good to me, lots of useful information and my confidence is growing.


Yup. You gotta let strawberry time to develope and vbic time to settle down.

For those I always find weird chemical notes at the top of the flavor profile in the first day or two. Everything for me and my tastes settles down a week or two later.

Sucks that you can only get tpa.

As for strawberry. Strawberry ripe is a good flavor…but you may want to experiment with a second strawberry flavor. I think tpa has another one…which could round out your flavors. If you could get ahold of a FA or INW…that would be ideal

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I really want to get my handa on FW and FA… CAP too :cry:

I often mix strawberry FA and ripe strawberry tpa with good results

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what country do you live in ???

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I live in Malaysia :blush: