I'm thinking about switching to nic salts

I am thinking about trying nic salts but not sure if I should any one have any thoughts and or recommendations about it? I don’t even know how to enter in a calculator ELR’s calculator docent have a nic salts option.


I think that’s a good idea if you mean thinking about switching. They have absolutely no effect on flavoring, zero interference. Also, use less as it is hits harder than the old school nicotine.


exactly the reasons why I am considering it !
Thanks Beaufort!


What’s the plan? Reduce the overall nic usage? Increase the nic usage?

As for imparting flavor. Well I have mix feelings about that one @Beaufort_Batches. I have been doing side by side testing 1.5mg free base to vape at higher wattages (73-77w) and 10mg to vape at 25-30w. I am finding that I get a lower flavor and off note. In theory I shouldn’t taste the nic, and etc…but it’s there. Place the same 1.5mg free base and it’s nice and clean.

Using nicselect from NR and smooth 250mg from NR.

This could all be me but I even tested 3mg nic and still found the off note.


Well a few things that need to be taken in consideration.

Nic Salts were initially created for use in pod systems, to guarantee a higher nicotine with less of the unpleasant throat hit, as well as flavor loss.

Then we moved on to getting nic salts at already lower mg’s etc.

Here’s my take on it, if you are not a recent smoker trying to quit, not using it in a pod system or vaping at lower strength 1-12mg) then there’s no reason to use it.

Nic Salts if used below 9mg does have no impact on flavor if used in the correct device. Above that, flavor needs to be increased.

It oxidized slower than free base, leading to a different result in some juices if a side by side comparison is done. sometimes to the better, sometimes to the worse.

You can not drip/use it with a rda. It will have a metallic and unpleasant taste, in my experience, even if very low strength.

Vaping it in a tank/rta above 50watts created that same problem, I think NR even has a warning on their webpage saying something like low wattage usage.

Some people reporting immense dizzyness, tight chest and pain etc. after usage of nic salts over a longer period of time. (If you’re sensitive to it) others saying that nic salt makes you vape more because of the higher cravings. (Again if you 're sensitive to it)

And while that might not apply to you, it’s worth mentioning before making the switch.

Edit: it hits harder but only at “higher” strength. Let’s say you vape 3mg free base, you can’t put 2mg or 1mg salt and get the same effect lol. But you can use a 18mg if you normally vape 24mg etc.I

Regarding the calculatator, it mixes the same as freebase, so there’s no reason to have a seperate/extra field. Just plug it in the same as regular freebase.


I havent experienced this at all. I mix with 48mg nic salts with the final strength of between 2.2 and 2.5 and have had zero problems. No off tastes, no muting, no chest pains, jeezus now my subconscious will convince me that i’ll have a heart attack if i dont quit salts, fuck! Lol… really though, i havent had any issues except maybe vaping more. I was attributing that to the fact that theres no throat hit or pepper taste so my juice tastes better, hence vaping more. But maybe its because my body is craving it more, im not sure honestly.


I use also 48mg salts and vape at 1mg (both free base and salts) maybe I am sensitive to it, but if I use it in my rda or squonks, it’s very unpleasant around 30-40 watt. I tried putting it in one of my dual rdas, just to see if it would change, worse at 55-85 watt. But again it could just be me, but I still mentioning it. I use only free base in my rdas and squonks from now on, just because of that issue.


Where to start with this post as there is so much I disagree with.

Not true salts have been around for a lot longer than pod systems

Also not true. If you like actually vaping without a throat hit so you can taste the flavour in your juice - i highly recommend salts and have been using them exclusively for nearly 3 years.

Also not true have you thought it maybe the fact you can taste your coils (kanthal in particular)

I vape 3mg nic salt anywhere between 100 and 250 w . If you are using high doses yes use in a low wattage device

Never ever heard of this before where does that info come from?


I am getting educated, several threads on this same topic, i’ve been learning allot…

I’d suggest get a small sample of salts nicotine to play with, I’ve been enjoying it but not really ready to buy a gallon jug (yet).


I welcome anything that people experience differently and very open to read suggestions and information about it. However it’s different when somebody says that a individuals own experience is true or false.

Last time I checked, I was the only one that could determinate if what I taste is true or false. If I taste metal while using the nic salts in my rda’s and/or squonk, then I should be able to mention that. If you do not, then that’s great, maybe your nic salt is better quality than mine, at the end of the day I am the one tasting it tho :slight_smile:
If it’s my wire then I will take that into consideration and get some new SS next time and see if that changes it, but again I only taste it when using salts above 50 watts or in rda’s.

I don’t see a reason of somebody using nic salts at low strength. But whatever somebody wants to do, is of course up to them, but I was going to debunk the theory of people jumping to nicotine salts, thinking that half the amount gives the same result as doube the amount of freebase, or them having to vape less.

Again my experience tho, at 1mg and 3mg prior, there was no difference to my freebase. My juices/flavors tasted the same, I have no throat hit in all my juices and was even disappointed. So I am going ahead if nobody minds and will mention that as well, if he experiences throat hit at 3 or 6mg or higher, by all means give the salt a try then.

I don’t have the health issues that come with the nicotine salts that others are talking about, but the information is out there, we did discuss it in a few nic salt topics here on the forums. But because I don’t experience it, doesn’t mean its false for true. I did say tho, that the OP might not experience it, but that doesn’t mean that it might not be happening to others that are sensitive.


If you would note my first sentence “there is so much I disagree with” You present your findings as fact not opinion. Each to their own - I disagree with almost everything you said in that post so I said so. It doesn’t matter to me if people use or do not use nic salts but I don’t like to discourage people trying something different.

Perhaps I should have explained it further I am suggesting that it may not the nic salts creating the metallic taste (it may well be for you I don’t know). It may be the fact that you can taste the coil because your freebase nic is masking their taste.


my bad if it came across like that. Was not my intention really. I didn’t think my post could have been taken as discouragement, but after reading it for a second time, I can see why that might have been taken as such.

You’re fine, I did read it as that, hence I mentioned that this might be the issue, that I do not even rule out, but didn’t even think about that. So I am going ahead and see if I can find some other vendor for SS coils, maybe that’s indeed the problem. It could also be my salt, might find a other supplier for that as well. I do not taste it in my juices that contain no nicotine as well as in the ones with freebase, that’s why I thought it might come from the salt.

Regardless what it is, I am sorry my post came across as facts, only sharing my own opinion and I am glad others don’t have the same experience, because it’s pretty frustrating lol.


I have heard this on Wayne Walker show, the little bald headed guy said he gets dizzy, chest pains, etc.
I would love to try it but , I love to or got a habit of chain vaping, and I love my tanks, and don’ t like pods.
I can be discreet with my tanks in public, just hold it in like I use to hold in Columbian Red Bud back in the day!


I started using Nic Salts about 8 months ago due to curiosity. I was using 3mg freebase at the time. My first mixes were at 10-12 mg but it was too much nic and I now mix at 5-6mg NS, and I exclusively squonk or drip. I’ve not noticed any metallic tastes but I only use SS. In this time I’ve decreased the amount I vape. I was doing 30-40 ml a day with freebase and now on a heavy day I’ll do 25ml, but most are around 20ml. I consider that a benefit. I DIY so the money savings is inconsequential , but not having a mod glued to my mouth all day is a big plus. I do understand that the two events have to be taken as correlation and not causality, but it works for me.


Yes, I have tried most all US salt nicotine brands. Unfortunately, Nicotine River does not have the best nicotine salts in my opinion. Having tried most common brands, I have found that LNW has the best formulation and tasteless nicotine out there. I don’t think it’s just my preference either. People that have tried my personal e-liquid batches have asked, “is this zero nicotine” or “this is very smooth to have nicotine” and that is very persuading that not just I noticed.

I think it would be worth your while to try their nicotine salts. They are also priced quite fairly and have sales often. Their regular nicotine is nice quality as well.

I use 1 to 2mg of nicotine at 75 to 100 watts.I never get any harshness from my juices these days.


Anecdotal claims aside, my ‘concern’ with switching from freebase to salt is that I don’t want to get nic’ed out and have to stop vaping for a while. I understand salts catalyze in a way similar to analogs, and that can lead to too much nic and having to stop, similar to when you’d chain smoke or hotbox a couple in a row and get the blahs. Is that an actual thing or no? I just want to vape all the time, whenever I want, without worrying about feeling womped.


Kanthal always leaves a metallic taste in my mouth, no matter what nicotine or juice I use. Maybe I’m a little sensitive to it, but if you give me 99 SS coils and 1 kanthal to taste, I’ll pick out the kanthal each and every time. It really is a headache inducing property of kanthal that doesn’t agree with me and it was nearly the reason for me going back to the stinkies.
If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably still be vaping commercial coils and liquids and would’ve passed completely on the DIY part of vaping (and I’d be a hell of a lot poorer now). Once you identify where that metallic taste comes from, you’re never going back to it :wink: It’s the first time I hear it would come from nic salts. I’ve heard many people saying it about kanthal though.
Of course, everyone is different and you may perceive things in a different way…
Please do let us know if the SS coils bring an improvement in your vaping experience.


The thing is that I wrap my own coils, using SS316l spools from AVS. I don’t use any other coils, but as I said, maybe a other vendor does better SS spools. I’ve no idea about wire so I don’t want to use the word cleaner etc. Not that this was ever a problem for me with AVS. But I’ll definitely look around and see if that changes, and keep you guys updated

I might try a different wire too, I’m nickel sensitive and have to be careful. But I think Ti or kanthal I should be able to try?


Wicking could be an issue as well. I’ve had metal flavor from SS as well a couple time, but when I investigated I had a collapsed wick. If the top doesn’t get juice, you may get that effect too.


Thank you for your well thought and in depth input, I appreciate it and will take all of it consideration while making my decision
on swtching or not switching to Nic Salts

Thanks again,