Important to shake flavorless juice?

I just like vaping the flavorless juice. I’ve just got a liter bottle of 3mg nicotine flavorless juice 50/50 VG/PG that I am keeping in the freezer.

My question is how important is it to shake the liter bottle before pouring it into smaller bottles I can carry with me or store around the house? People have told me different things.

The reason this is a issue is because when it’s frozen, no matter how hard I shake the bottle, it doesn’t really seem like much is shaking around inside the bottle.


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I’m not too sure about the shaking, I make my own pre-mix when i’m ready to use it.
But it might be better to divide your premix into smaller bottles before you put them in the freezer.
Depending on how quickly you use your litre, you may not even need to put it in the freezer.
I mix up @ 500mls at a time with flavour and they easily last a month without oxidising.
Hope that helps :smile:

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Even flavourless juice should be shaken. Your nicotine might not be evenly distributed otherwise.
@Sevencasper’s suggestion makes sense.


With you guys talking about premixes, I guess I didn’t explain it well enough.

I’m just buying pre-made 3mg nicotine 50/50 PG/VG juice that’s already mixed. I’ve buying it from River Supply Co. Used to be called Nicotine River before they started selling CBD oil.

With this stuff being mixed in laboratory, should I still have to shake it to try to make sure it’s mixed evenly?

I’m trying to avoid the shaking it step because the stuff is semi-frozen, and if I really want to shake it, it seems like I’d have to let it thaw, pour out what I want, then refreeze it. I’m trying to avoid the whole “thaw the whole jug” step.

And yes, I could divvy it up into a bunch of smaller bottles to avoid thawing the whole jug and refreshing it. But that’s another step I’d like to avoid if I can reasonably.

I emailed River Supply asking about shaking while freezing, and the girl who responded was just like, “yeah you could do that, just to be sure”. She wasn’t too convincing, I’ve emailed back. But it’s been two days and I haven’t heard anything yet.


It might depend on how long you are storing it for before using.

The Nic could settle/not be mixed evenly and then you would not be vaping what you think you are, not be satisfied or worst case scenario - vape a solution that is closer to 3mg undiluted, which might not be safe.

Hopefully someone else who uses/stores pre-mix with Nic will be around shortly to answer this more precisely :smile:

@Nicotine_River can you shed any light on this? Please and Thankyou :smile:


Well it seems to me those are your only two options. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet. Pick one.


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Great question that obviously requires some clarification.

Not trying to sound rude here, but it’s you who is not understanding (the terminology, in this case).

What you have bought (as you describe it above, for the second time) is referred to as a pre-mix by people. Because for the majority the intent is to add flavor to it, which results in a final mix. :wink:

The fact that you are using it alone is perfectly fine! But that’s not the norm. So yes, everyone else understands what you are saying/asking. chuckles

The answer has already been given though: yes, it’s still important to shake it before using it (or decanting it into a smaller, more portable daily-use container. :wink:


Hello! @Levander

Although the bottle you received from us is premixed thoroughly, shaking the bottle before use is always a good habit. Since the nicotine contains VG/PG and is somewhat viscous we recommend letting it sit in room temperate for 10-15 minutes before shaking. The 10-15 minute period will make the nicotine easier to shake and to mix with. This 10-15 minutes out of the freezing will be okay, especially at 3mg the rate of oxidation is minimal. I understand you’d like to avoid this thawing process though and in that case I’d recommend PG nicotine. PG is much less viscous and even when cold would be able to shake quite easily (like thick water). In these situations it all comes down to what you prefer, but to keep the nicotine as fresh as possible in a freezer this is one of those speed bumps many DIY customers encounter.

I hope this answer is sufficient! It’s a bit of a tricky situation and if I could help any further please feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks guys. This looks like a really good forum because every response has been on topic and helpful. I need to figure out all those little icons at the bottom of their posts to make sure everyone at least gets a thank you in their stats for helping me out,

A lot of this stuff is stuff I don’t want to hear. But sounds like it’s coming from knowledgeable people, so I probably need to hear it. The best bit of news for me comes from @Nicotine_River. I was thinking the thawing process takes a couple of hours, 10-15 minutes is a lot easier to manage.

So I was just posting a method to freeze this stuff, and one thing is throwing me off. Siri in my iPad says there are 1,000 ml in a liter, And when a do a refill (pouring from storage container into smaller portable containers), I typically do two 120 ml and four 60 ml gorilla bottles (that I also get from River Supply), which would make 480 ml.

So according to that math, I should only be able to do two refills (2 * 480 = 960, which is almost 1,000) out of a liter jug? That can’t possibly be right, just looking at the size of the River Supple liter jug vs the size of the gorilla bottles…

What am I missing in that math?


Nothing. That’s why a lot of us buy a few gallons at a time.


Phil’s talking about VG above, but given you’re using the premix as your final product, the same applies.

Most folks buy PG/VG/nic separately (in the US anyways). That way they can hit their target ratios. But you get to skip a step (in doing Unflavored). :wink:


Yes I was, VG and PG both actually. Sorry @Levander, I sort of made the assumption you’d know how that post would apply to your case.


I use pre-mix 20pg / 80vg, I always warm it to room temperature and shake it well to avoid hot (nic) spots.


Yes…Simple answer yes


Thankyou for the clarification and advice @Nicotine_River :grinning:


Thank you for the @! :slight_smile:


Glad i seen you here i need to order VG and PG


@Levander welcome

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