In general, how many different flavor manufacturers do you use?

Have I had too much coffee today? You ordered 2 extra concentrates to make it even? Am I reading this right? :thinking:


If @anon84779643 wants to have a sampler pack sent to me, I don’t even need to be paid to test them. I’m game too! If she has the ability to arrange such a thing, anyway. I’ve never tried any FLV anyway.


You should enter into the contests, just like everyone else, @anon70102222
they happen every month almost…
thanks! :slight_smile:


It wasn’t an even dollar number LOL


I really don’t get it - if someone wants to use one flavouring company why is that such a big deal to you all & and why is the assumption made that because someone decides to use one flavour company then they are automatically a paid shill?

@anon84779643 is passionate about what she does and makes suggestions for flavour combos based on what she is most familiar with.

I don’t see people saying that @SessionDrummer is a paid shill for steamcrave or that I am a paid shill for Vaperzcloud. In all 3 cases, we just like their products and share knowledge of them.


For me, it’s being tired of having threads that have nothing to do with FLV being constantly injected with it.

Most recent example?
A Photoshop thread. /smh

That’s my biggest gripe.


I know for a fact Smoky Blue is misunderstood , especially with the way she comes off through messaging…Smoky and I have actually talked about this over the phone …Smoky was surprised by my comment we laughed a bit etc…I could tell everyone Smoky LOVES flv shes not here to profit or beat anyone up bc they lack the knowledge she has…I think her intentions are only good , Smoky truly feels that with only FLV you can create anything , and she has proven that… We all have seen a lot of people leave the forum over misunderstandings or that they were tired of nit being able to say how they felt without being misunderstood…Let’s not make anyone feel like they can’t Give there opinion bc people are tired of that opinion …Honestly thats all DIY mixing is a bunch of opinions…IMO Smoky brings this forum an informative insight unlike we have had b4 , like PV did with MF …love you all , let not become Reddit :wink:


I could understand what your saying and have seen ( suprisingly ) your frustration in other threads , Im sure I come off the same way in YT chats regarding MF … Her love For FLV is a bit obvious but harmless…:wink:


That’s my biggest gripe too, getting sideswiped by a FLV comment out of left field, it gets to the point of feeling like spam.

I don’t want this to become Reddit as well @fidalgo_vapes, we can all get along, just ease up is all we’re asking, we are on this forum too.

@woftam you know how much respect I have for you brother, I have respect for @anon84779643 skills as well. I know you wouldn’t mention Vaperz Cloud every 4th or 5th post though. We all have our preferences and we are all aware of Smoky’s preference so do we need to be reminded on a daily basis?


@woftam I was just talking to @anon84779643 last night about this, and I DO have some thoughts on this. You guys mind ? Hehe, I’m the OP, so let’s get it on. First off, I’d LOVE to be a shill for SteamCrave !!! Wanted to get that OUT of the way first, BUT, sadly, I am not.

Now, to delve into what wotfam asked, what’s the big deal about who wants to use what flavors (thing). The cool thing about ELR, is it’s NOT a SteamCrave site, OR, a Flavorah site for that matter, right ? So in MY case, what I DON’T do, is if I’m talking to someone about a mod/tank/RTA, etc., I do try and help them as best I can to help them with THEIR device/setup. I personally, don’t try to drive them to a SteamCrave, BUT, if they ask me what I think of them, why I use them, what would be a good model for them, I DO then respond. Same thing, different thing ?? Not sure, but let’s move on …

I told Smoky, that my take on this was that MANY of us (as you CAN see in THIS VERY POLL !!!) use a LOT of different flavor brands. We’ve invested a lot in them, have learned how to use them, and would like to learn more about them, mixing them, etc. NOW, if you have someone, anyone who doesn’t want to use any of those brands, or can’t offer much help with them, but only suggests buying more flavors from yet another brand, many mixers might be put off by that. I’m not saying smoky is doing this, but HERE, is an example. I start posting tomorrow, and I say I’m going ALL TPA All day, nothing else. Anyone asking for OTHER flavor brand help, mixing issues, recipe help, and I don’t offer UNLESS they switch to ALL TPA, is that the same ? Would I get the same blowback ??

I think I might.

I think the problem isn’t Smoky, or Flavorah. I think we would ALL love to use the flavors we HAVE paid for, sitting on our shelves. If anyone just pushes past what you ARE using, or are needing help with, or hell, just want to talk about, then it kind of devalues what you’ve got.

I was telling Smoky, that it would be far better to INCLUDE other flavor brands, as opposed to EXCLUDING all other brands. Then we all got MORE to talk about right ?? Myabe yes, maybe no. I don’t think ANYONE on ELR is trying to browbeat Smoky into using other brands. Haven’t seen it, heard it, don’t know nothing about it, because it’s NOT happening. Does she mention Flavorah too much ?? I can’t be the judge of that. I mention Steam Crave alot, but is that too much ?? I don’t know. You guys tells me.

Go ahead, wreck the thread, it’s MINE !!! The polls up top are what matters, have at it.


@fidalgo_vapes Fair comparison.



Maybe I over-analyzed, maybe that’s it ?? Too repetitive ?


Um someone spelled something wrong…Using a Z instead of an S is as bad as spelling Flavor with a U in it …lmao


I think the poll up top shows, that most of us, use many different flavor brands. Doesn’t mean people who use less are criticized, just means the majority of us, have lots of flavors on our racks. That means, most of our recipes will have multiple brands, we’ll talk about multiple brands, etc. I think if anyone here only has one brand or two, then that will be a LIMITING factor in what we can talk about, mix around, etc. Doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, but if I want to talk about TPA/CAP/FA I won’t be able to do it with those people, that’s all.

Now, if someone says they have an alternative idea/recipe, BUT, it’s with ONLY one flavor brand, I can CHOOSE to try that, or not. I might ignore it, and go right back to my TPA/CAP/FA, or find someone else to talk to about it. Again, not the end of the world, but it can have a LIMITING effect on things.

I sure to love to share what I think of Steam Crave, but try to keep it in check, as most people, if you go over the same thing, over, and over, most people just shut down, and or ignore it.



Sorry @anon84779643,I just assumed from the auto-loop Flavorah redundancy and the affiliate link in your recipes that you were vested in it. So I apologize for the misunderstanding. But @Sprkslfly has a point about the high frequency of mentions, that’s all. Nothing personal at all.


Doubt it, they’ve got a catalog of over 50000 flavours, producing for the food industry mainly and some vaping manufacturer but they make a lot of bespoke flavours and custom lines on customers requirements and those are naturally a trade secrets and are not allow to distribute them anyway, even if you get a chance of testing some don’t do it… the chances of having an oil based or not suited for vaping with them are extremely high!! That was a joke between me and @anon84779643 about the NC manufacturers… not related to FLV, it was a joke… (TPA?? who knows, trade secret :rofl::rofl: )


Odd. You would think they would be proud to say that on their website. :wink:

But then again, they aren’t promoting (like they are with food) the depths of their activity in other industries either.

Granted, they’re going on three years of being “out of date” (according to the year reflected at the bottom of their “About Us” page… 2017)


It seems (at least from what I’ve found) that they are huge, and serve many industries.

Smoky also said that they also produce for other industries:

(pretty sure that was a typo for Altria, though I expect Smoky will correct me if I’m wrong.)

And I’ve found other sources that say they provide for pharmaceuticals, pet product, and nutraceuticals among others…



I would strongly agree with that @Iv3shf!
Especially considering the tobacco and pet food connection. lol

Frank is absolutely right on that one! Stick with the vape flavoring manufacturers that Mother provides for. :wink:
That’s your safest bet!

Mother Murphy’s is HUGE, and I appreciate what the team (working with the vaping flavor industry) is doing! But I think it’s a bad idea to try and “go direct” in this case.

This doesn’t appear to be the same as going to Capella, or FA, or FW… This seems to be on par with Amoretti (and IPRA: in France). :wink:


Weeell the sales manager does… here @ 1:46… :joy::laughing:

Themselves… :

Mother Murphy’s is a family-owned and operated food flavoring business

It’s the "other" markets that they don’t really talk about, if not on their videos and partially.

BTW it’s right, apparently they also supply Juul (Altria) as well…


I am not a paid employee of “that company”. I happen to enjoy using “that company” and yes I am an affiliate. Vested…

Since I am an affiliate, sure I earn around 25.00USD a month for people that do click my link and buy. I am a mass producer of recipes using “that company” because it is the only thing I mix with, have been for years now and enjoy it. I also sell recipes. So in a sense, yes I am “vested”, I prefer committed to making good juice, the best I can, with only one company. I have even outlasted HIC, and continue to help out in the community. It’s not so much giving back, as when I started mixing… there was zero cool places to hang out, ask the oddball questions or even meet up in vid chats with others about what I love to do. I do this because I really do enjoy it. Vested… in the best taste I can make, because I beleive I am worth it, and I like to share my recipes. I work really hard on them. I like hearing what others think on my recipes when they mix with “that company”, as not many even bother to say they have tried my recipe or agree with me, that there are some of the best flavors out there… sure “that company” has a few duds, as you all say… but I have managed to make those duds work for me… It’s not everyone’s cuppa… but it is mine… and all this chat… well… all of this is what it is… If you want to try it, then do so, if you do not… then don’t… If you can not laugh with me… then laugh at me… at least in the end you are laughing. Im sure I am not the only one to bring up what one likes in vaping or what one hates… just like with cars, trucks, boats, hot women or men… we all have things that just light up the world we are in… It isn’t a crime.

I have talked to a lot of folks personally… like @Iv3shf, @SessionDrummer, @fidalgo_vapes and @woftam and found super good friends in not just these but a lot more on site here and there and… and like they have said… I am passionate about what I like and I do talk about other things as well.

Sometimes Text is very hard to figure out tone… I think we all can admit that…

btw @Iv3shf:stuck_out_tongue: Cap that TFA :stuck_out_tongue:

No @Sprkslfly

They are world wide, and they are not the only big lab, there are a few other “Power flavor houses” that actually create from the molecule up… flavors for just about anything… even scents and aroma therapies… I can not say how many more… but there are a few in MM league…

My main thing is… they have been around for 150 yrs… they know flavor like no other… not even TFA… so why not show love where it is earned? Where they research and design? Why all the hate and the only here comes Smoky with another push… I can say they are fighting for us on this flavor ban too… it is good to know they are at least helping… and MM is not the only supplier to FLV…

This is pretty much what I have to say on the matter… does any of this really matter? To me… eh… I just know I will always appreciate the hard with the flavor industry has done for us in vaping. With good tastes, does anything else really damn matter?

I have to get to work, Im getting behind… and I have things to work on… I don’t let this keep me up at night, plotting out where I can place a clever word bomb… but I do work, and I like to play as well. I like having fun with everyone here… but nit picking and poking on things you think are huge… maybe you should look around… serious… and take a vape… chill… relax and try to have a good day! <3 :slight_smile:

Im not upset with anyone. I know how curiousity can be. I know.

I also know I have contracts, and new things in the works for me… I will have busy times, and times I can kick back, and the last thing I want to hear are complaints over saying a word to anyone on what I like… I damn sure do not do that to anyone… I dont.

If you like lo, tfa, cap, fa, rf, vta, wf, ff, je, or anything else… good… mix and vape more… that is what I want to see… go enjoy yourself, and your mixes… :slight_smile:

Did I cover everything? anything I left out? I hope I did but I am sure if I did not… someone will post up yet again.

edit: oh and no… I am not limited in my mixes… I could talk on other flavors, but i am bound not to. I dont mix with those any more… I haven’t in years… I wish someone could keep up and use my fav company for a month and then go back to what you mix… tell me about your experience… I’d love to hear it… and yes this could be a challenge.


Well, if nothing else, all this carrying on about Flavorah now has me wanting to try some. Being made by a company like Mother Murphy’s add some cred, for sure. Only problem is FLV has to wait in line behind the hundred something Wonder Flavors SC’s I got earlier this year so it will be a while!