Inawera concentrates, some of the best?

I’ve been chopping and changing my Inawera flavour basket for a bit, and will probably put an order in next week.

Just wondering what you’re favorite Inawera flavorings might be? Also what’s the big difference between their standard, and Shisha concentrates?

I have my eye on Shisha strawberry, orange, bilberry, vanilla and maybe banana

And Inawera standard biscuit, blackcurrant and Dragonfruit.

Anyone have experience with any of these?

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I have used the strawberry shisha and cookie and raspberry most of them all. They are stronger so use less %'s. I don’t have enough experience to give any advice apart from GET CACTUS!!!

Some of the best recipes use INAWERA so they are a good addition to your arsenal.


Will have to look up Cactus, I’ve seen it in a few recipes but didn’t look further into it.

Raspberry is another that might interest me. I got Cappela’s raspberry, and so far it’s doing nothing for me really. It’s not one of my favourite fruits, but I would love one that I could use to give a raspberry coolly effect for desserts, like lemon meringue.

Cactus adds juiciness to fruit mixes. I use it in one of mine at 1%. Makes it smell amazing and adds that mouth watering feeling.

With raspberry, I add it to strawberry mixes at .3 to .5% to inhance the SB flavour. It works great. I only used it in one recipe as a main note and it really mellows down after 2 weeks+. It tends to overpower at her flavours at higher %.

I think @DarthVapor is an expert on them by now.


Cactus and biscuit are great. I’ve have used those.

People rave about shisha strawberry, shisha vanilla, lemon cake, and rassberry.

The only reason why I don’t have them is because ecx hasn’t really had them in stock.

I do like rassberry FA. Used the same as INW to boost strawberry.


I just receive inaweras raspberry. Very spot on and tasty. I cant seem to find a good blend with it even at .8%. Any good recipes?


This will probably be the least popular thing that i have said on the site but im not a very big fan of INW flavorings, i have a few that i use regularly but the rest i have given to my nephews. Biscuit, Eucalyptus/Mint and Shisha SB, i probably have more but i cant think of them right now.

My favorite fruits are from Medicine Flower, they require a long curing period but they are incredible. Much of the INW/FA fruits i have tried are very floral which is a note that i do not appreciate. With that said i never ever run out of Fuji Apple (FA).


Mango is on my hot list of tasty flavors. All of the Inawera fruits I’ve purchased have been better than FA, and TPA. They are very concentrated and deserve a long steep, otherwise you might taste test too strong or too soon and think they are weird. But, later and weaker, they are true and wonderful. I mix single flavors at 5%. Yesterday I tried the Inwa Mango with Greek Yogurt and it was wonderful… another way to enjoy my Inawera Mango. Here’s a great recipe I found: Long Gone Day by Cagey75. I also tried it adding Inwa Cherries (not to be confused with Cherry) and it’s even better! That flavor IS a true cherry flavor - just what I’d been searching for. I’ve got at least 5 other cherry flavorings and it’s the best, and MY search is over.


Lots of nice INW threads here! :grinning:

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Seems like i should just try a couple and see how I get on.

Cherry is another I wouldn’t mind trying.

Glad you’re liking Long gone day too :wink: mixed up another 120ml myself this evening

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I looked at INW threads, wasn’t really getting the answer I wanted

yup . Really do, do, do. I actually think it’s going to be one of my all-time favs. It has earned it’s own tank.
I am really enjoying it.
Got my Mango, Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Watermelon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Lime, and 2 other tanks still on the fly.
I like to switch off between tangy and creamy vapes, and I needed another creamy vape.

I looked at a German site because I saw this post…"“Jan 2 - Found out through a channel, one can order Inawera flavors direct from Poland at a really good price through . Most prices are between $1.85 to $2.30 (USD) for 10ml bottle of fl…”"

and I emailed the site.

Cagy, If you are comparison shopping, here’s a good site in the US. Inawera Cherries is only $2.99 for 10 mls.

This is not an easy mix by any means, but WELL worth it IMHO.

Vanilla and Raspberry Soft Cream


I was on the official Inawera site, their prices and postage to here [Ireland] aren’t too bad. WIll check those ones out too, cheers

If your a coffee drinker, their cappuccino is awsome

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I can tell you that I love the Strawberry Shisha!!! So does my son, Make sure you get at least a 30 ml. Most places run out quick. So when I see it in stock I make sure to get enough. I heard good things about the Vanilla Shisha and its on my list for my next order. The Biscuit is also very good! Someone told me that it tasted like a butter cookie, but I thought it was more like a vanilla waffer. Very good and I bet it would be good with Banana and custard to make Banana Pudding!


Regular strawberry is a bit sharp on its own, but paired with everybody’s favorite strawberry ripe (tpa), it’s simply the best imo. I’m still experimenting, but atm. I’m at 1.5% inw and 4% ripe in a sweet strawberry cream I’m working on.

I haven’t tried any other honey, but to me inawera’s is a spot on thick and creamy honey. I’ve used it from 0.5-1%.

Another one I’d like to mention is grapefruit. Tastes just like a ripe yellow grapefruit without most of the bitterness. Shines through in a mix even at 0.5%

Melon, watermelon and pineapple are great too.

I really suck at describing tobacco flavors, but my favorites so far are: gold ducat, (regular) virginia and burley. I have am4a and black for pipe on the way and I’m sure they’ll be great too.

Btw. Imho raspberry shisha is the perfect raspberry for enyawreklaw’s rhodonite.


Inawera has some great flavours.
My favourite, by far is their Cactus, adds great moistness at low percentages,1% and below! but turn it up for a great fresh green moist fruity taste!
Their fruits are also great, I especially love their blackcurrant!
And let’s not forget their shisha range!
Strawberry is one of the best out there along with the shisha vanilla!
Also I believe that their tobaccos are very good?


Taking notes :slight_smile: will put in an Inawera order very soon. Thanks all