Inawera Flavors direct from Poland ~

Found out through a channel, one can order Inawera flavors direct from Poland at a really good price through

Most prices are between $1.85 to $2.30 (USD) for 10ml bottle of flavoring; not too shabby. Air Mail shipping has been suspended; no air mail… DHL only.

You’ll need a PayPal or PayU account for the transaction.

From what I hear, it’ll take about 3 or 4 days via DHL

I’ll report back on ship time when my shipment from Poland hits my post box. I got tired of waiting for a USA vendor to carry all of the INW tobacco flavors I wanted to purchase at one sitting, so, I took the Poland plunge and saved about $20 on my entire order by purchasing my INW eliquid flavorings closer to the source.

Post updated with other links:


I’m in love with you and hating you at the same time!! Haha I have a very nice sized order coming and I’m really excited about it!!

All my shishas and a lot more I haven’t seen :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for this!!


i’m curious…why not not just order direct from or

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or even :slightly_smiling:

Oh, and on there is a procedure, to get 17% off :wink: (it’s on the resources page)


yup, i’ve seen that…sometimes its 25%

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The pricing seems to be a less expensive with e-aromashop. :thinking: Guess my point was more along the lines of getting every INW flavor you ever wanted at one location. :wink: But hey, discount codes with any vendor to bring the price down is a good thing! :+1:

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Think I just paid 4$ from ecx, so much for good pricees

They are a little cheaper than Inawerawinkel, I’m flush with Inawera flavours though so I will give it a miss this time around. :grinning:

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I’m seeing 2.11 euro I’d cheapest and 3.50 euro for shisha. But isn’t the euro worth double?

1 EUR is 1.09 USD right now (according to google)…

Sounds like your $ is doing about as well as our Canadian one

hehe well, I’m on DKK here :smiley:

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Wow dirt cheap for 100 mil. Less that 16$ for reg flavour 18$ for shisha

You sir are my hero!

Oh my god! Shisha Nirvana!

This is funny. I went to the website, placed a flavor in my basket, proceeded to PayPal to see how much the actual cost was. It was $18 for one 120ml bottle of Shisha Apple. I backed out of the PayPal transaction because I was just checking price, which is great by the way. Now on the site it shows I have an order for 1 item, paid via PayPal. I never paid. But it looks like they are shipping it to me? I even checked my PayPal account to make sure nothing was withdrawn. I am definitely going to be finishing off my INW orders there when I get ready to order more. But I really hope they aren’t sending me a free bottle of liquid. Because if they do my conscience will make me call and tell them I owe them money. And I don’t speak a lick of Polish. :smiley:

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Well I placed a small 20.00 order as a test to see what the shipping time is like. If it works out well, I’ll place a bigger one. I’m impressed with the low cost.

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I placed a small order as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: seems like we’re gonna have an inawera party around here soon!


I just got my first bottles of Shisha Vanilla and Shisha Strawberry. They are soooooooooo good! So I just ordered 200ml of Shisha Strawberry and a 100ml bottle of Shisha Pineapple.


What is shisha? I have seen it Several times in recipes so I ordered couple 10 mils to sample, but what is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: