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Info for DNA series and parallel


I don’t agree with the previous statement. You know about 200x more than me about circuits and how they work. I only know what i read on the interwebz :slight_smile:


Ok it all makes sense now and lines up with the things i read.
so a parallel mod WOULD give you more capacity so its better for lower watts
amps is not as important for high wattage ts the voltage.
parallel dosen’t double your amp technically but it is shared among the cells. different formula but same result
also you are saying there are parallel-series circuits? I never knew that. probably go with a parallel mod since I don’t need high voltage.
Thanks for the help!


Just need to find a 2 cell parallel squonker with a good board which are hard to find. Ill read up on the hybrid circuit though maybe I don’t need to compromise much.


So if you take a look at the dna250C wiring, they give you options to wire it with two, three or four batteries in series:

you can easily convert the two battery serial into a three or four battery series/parallel wiring


You’re still a bit confused it seems. Or at least, you’re making slightly different leaps with what I’m attempting to say.

Rather than risk confusing you further, I’ll say this: don’t worry about needing to find a parallel mod to get good battery life.
The margin between the two types isn’t going to be as large as the difference between using the right battery for your particular needs/application.

This is why I mentioned before that I noticed an increase in longevity by switching to the Samsung 30Q’s.

If you vape at similar wattages as I do, then even in your current mod (assuming it’s a series mod, using dual 18650’s), you’re still going to see an improvement over any HG2’s, 25r5’s, VTC5a’s, etc (basically any 25-30a high current battery). And I can almost guarantee you that the regulator in a non DNA is of a cheaper variety than what’s likely to be found in a DNA.

Hopefully this helps ease your concerns a bit! :wink:


I can recommend the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual squonk (from personal experience). As well as the Topside Dual (from those I highly respect and trust).


your right I was confused again.
trick was to find watt hours formula
voltage x amp hours
amp hours is mah / 1000
so series vs parallel in a regulated mod does not really change in some cases series can be more efficient like with the DNA250c being more efficient than 75c and stepping down voltage should be no problem.
thanks for letting me down easy but I had to figure this out there really is a ton of misinformation out there better to just let the math explain it since its actually pretty simple. and yes finding a battery suited to my needs


Well I stayed out of this till now esp when on the outside of the inside conversation, lol.
But I think I know what @warkwarth should do, just get a 4 battery series-parallel mod like the GX350 or RX300


Those are like 2 years old aren’t they?
and I don’t touch smok ever since the alien 220 what a POS that was.
Looking to buy something classier (and newer) since this a birthday present to myself
also interested in trying a DNA board im really leaning towards something like therion/triade/drone, more the last 2 since sparks enlightened me.


Steamcrave Titan?


lol the 28 ml tank? or the mod?
the mod looks like its PWM not a TC board
plus that is one… big… mofo


I’m surprised @SmilingOgre has not dropped in, with all this electronics witchery being discussed. Seems to me this would be right up his alley!


I was just sitting here wondering where he was before I opened this thread. I miss the Ogre.


could be wrong here, perhaps changeable in firmware but looking at input voltage of a 250 is 6v. therefore,hehe. U mentioned the lower watts u vape at so a dna75c should make ya happy. i have seen dual parallel mod using that chip but name escapes me


Did you see this yet?


I have the HCigar VT75d which uses 2x18650 batteries in parallel. I use a high drain :battery: at least 20 amp because it’s not uncommon for me to use a build that pushes 15 or 16 amps. Two 2500 mAh batteries gives 5000 mAh which for me is pretty much all day. You can hook it up to Evolve and find all kinds of info for various builds and battery info. Not to mention change the color of your LED light.


I did notice that but what does it mean? it wont operate with less than 6v?
I wanted the 75 but was gonna get a squonk Only settled on 250 because i wanted 2 cells and squonk the 75 is 1 cell.
But now after reading about squonk bottles making eliquid taste like crap from MANY people I think I will hold off on that n get a squonk later if ever.
So I might go 75 after all.
does 6v input means it will drain that much no matter how low the wattage?
or is there a minimum wattage or?


That links not workin for me rex


Humm I just tried and it worked for me…google smoant squonker that should get you in the neighborhood.


correct but again i am not sure if that can be changed.
@Chuck4 mentioned the dna75 i was thinking about which is parallel
as far as the squonk bottles go, having three different ones, i dont get any off tastes but have heard of the problem. I am sure vinegar/baking soda methods that we use to rinse our bottles would work for that but i heard more of the cause is cheap squonk tubing.
doesnt sound like u made up your mind what exactly u want yet tho which is cool and we all have been there or there atm. :laughing: