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Info for DNA series and parallel


its a p good mod and nice looking comes with an rda and with a pump system too
was wondering why there weren’t any pump squonks today.
No idea which board they use my mind is pretty much made up that I want a DNA board to try out it isn’t but ill keep this one in mind for the future


Yea I’m not going to go squonk for this one, I may try it in the future. its mostly with the silicone bottles but im gonna play it safe and not go my first dna as my first squonk (which would come with silicone) just incase. it dosen’t have to be in parallel either now that I know what that means for watt hours. But thanks for pointing out the input voltage I did google it not much info yet ill have to dig.


as far as I can tell right now the minimum input voltage has more to do with the number of battery’s and not actually firing the mod. so you can’t use 1 batt for 6v or 9v mod. they do have operating range of 1 - 200 watts right? firing lower than minimum input voltage should be fine the regulator will buck convert it down which is pretty efficient. anything higher than the optimal input has to be boosted which is less efficient then there is peak which is obvious.


umm, sry if i was vague. Yes that was what i was getting at, to use the board u would have to configure the batts in series to get 6v


oh well I don’t care at all about parallel/series. I’d actually rather have series now that sparksfly set me on a info quest a while ago. I thought it helped battery life at low watts but it dosen’t


maybe you were vague maybe im just tired from being up all night reading about batteries. its a good thing though I don’t want to end up like that poor devil from texas


and @TheTinMan, Thanks for the shout guys! Two things changed at the beginning of the year that I haven’t oriented to yet, I went from part time to full time at work and the band I’m with decided to produce an album and I’m engineering it.

I think folks here have this thread covered nicely. My short answer would be that DNA 75 boards are calibrated to work with about 4V input so if it’s a dual battery 75 the batteries are in parallel. The dual battery mods putting out 166W with the DNA 250 board are calibrated to work with about 8 volts input and therefore would be in series. To be honest, I’ve never looked into the triade, but with three batteries there’s not a lot to gain from a series/parallel configuration so I would guess the batteries are in series.


Yes and no. I heard a little while back that they were developing one, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. (So ty for the link)

However, there’s a few “concerns” I have now with things.

  1. The “Smoant dev team” split. And I be a strong suspicion that those people responsible for the critical aspects of the success of the Cylon are part of those who left Smoant. (They have their own brand now, and there are some features/aspects that are indicators of who designed what…)

  2. Given the changes in some of the post-Battlestar/Cylon Era (before the split), I’m not sure I have the same level of confidence in the remaining team. Especially when some of the products since feel like a rehash of previous products, though lacking the refinement and performance. YMMV.

  3. I’m not a big fan of pump systems. For a couple of reasons. One is, too many ways they can go wrong (or break down), and are highly unlikely to be repaired. Second, a squeeze bottle allows for liquid to be recovered back into the bottle. Whereas a pressurized pump system very likely has a sort of check valve built in, to maintain and enforce a positive pressure on the liquid. This in turn would mean that the liquid can never be sucked back in to the bottle, since there’s no negative pressure (like is developed in a squeeze bottle). So, or those who might be prone to over-squonking, this type of pump system (as well as the SSS pump by AsMODus, from what I can see) don’t allow for liquid recovery. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong here!)

PS: sorry for the OT drift, but I thought it might be ok (for a moment) since the original topic had been addressed (so it would seem). :wink:


If I recall correctly, you can still do the 75c, but you should be looking for one that uses a 21700 battery!

That way you still get the longevity (time in use), without the added expense of going “up a class” (to the 250c)! :wink:

Granted, you then need to get a different battery, and possibly a different charger (depending on your current one)… But it should be more than worth it overall. Especially if you prefer a smaller form factor device.

EDIT: had to remove the fish (koi) that were evidently getting ‘firm’ (form factor) stupid fucking auto-correct…


Ya but im holding off squonking for now. I’m kind of a sensitive vaper cant do lung hits and don’t really do MTL just “mouth hits” was getting all kinds of side effects and still am but at least I can vape. The silicone bottles which would come with dna squonk is what people are complaining about gonna play it safe for now. different mod for squonk later. and yea I’ve learned everything I wanted to know.


will probably get triade or drone over at aliexpress seller is heavens gifts 98% approval so I think im safe.I don’t vape and walk or when im out much so it will be at home device and i hate recharging.
I save over 100$ since im in canada and good vape gear is really elitist here
220$ CAD triade in canada aprox.
150$ ali express


Probably to pay for all the heating costs eh (to keep the shipments from arriving frozen and encased in ice!) :crazy_face: lol :wink:


it actually all goes to tim hortons coffee and timbits.
But is it really lost money if its assembled in china shipped back canada to rip your fellow neighbor off? mostly the difference is I spend that money I saved on more important things like timbits and coffee instead of that fricken over priced vape shop