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Inw Biscuit Reformulation?


Has anyone in this thread tried jungle flavors biscuit? On an episode of noted all 3 of the hosts said it does everything that inw biscuit does but better…I love inw biscuit, and it’s mainly for that buttery note, it fills in the gaps of cap sugar cookie in recipes so perfectly:(


I think the problem most people have is that they do this bs without letting people know, they could at least say something like “hey guys we were forced to reformulate this flavor, so instead of buying 4oz of it thinking it’s the same maybe buy a smaller bottle and try it out again” but they just change it without notice and inawera is notorious for ignoring customer emails. I think most people would be sympathetic if they new that laws were forcing them to reformulate, but instead we’re pissed because of the lack of any form of transparency.


True, they had to put all the ingredients on the bottles and not all their suppliers went along with that so they had to drop those and come up with alternatives.
But that was in the beginning of 2017 and biscuit was not on the list of rebranded flavours so we’re still non the wiser as to why this is happening now.


Yep I posted that in da JF thread. JF is next one Ill try.

The video will start exactly where they say it.


I listen to that podcast on iTunes when it’s a flavor I’m interested in lol


Its seems we have similiar opinions on INW biscuit and the far superior alternative JF


Lol yeah I know. Trust me I pay close attention to people that either mix the same, or has stuff in common.

It’s a small little cute group so far, and I like it :slight_smile: but we are in the minority because it’s a “popular” flavor…how can we hate it, right? :rofl:


Another alternative that might interest people is Inawera’s Sesame Sweets. Has the original Biscuit note to it, but not as strong ,This flavour is sweeter with a slight honey taste and a slightly more pronounced caramel note. The sesame in it just works so well with the biscuit and is a good mixer for bakery flavours i find.


@Sprkslfly Maybe time to rename Biscuit (Inawera) to Biscuit (old formula) (Inawera) and start a new one…
So many recipes are using Biscuit :frowning:
I hate it when companies do these things. So much work and effort that goes in creating all the greatest recipes. Thanks @Fishaddict420 and @Freddie3 for the JF tip.


So I have just put the older biscuit in a mix, I had trouble finding one that didn’t have to many flavours.

I went with Queen’s Cookie Jar (@SthrnMixer Original). I mixed this a lot a few months ago and new it of by heart, the only thing I changed was a bit of flv vanilla pudding.

Now I better not get distracted and start another recipe before I mix up batch number 2.


Is this all hearsay? Should you have waited until you knew for sure?


Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But this started because I derailed the Vape Mail tread when I saw someone post a whole pile Inawera and I was looking for comparisons.:+1:

I also don’t do things in halves, so it has snow balled a bit, I’ve never done a SFT before.

Curiosity got this cat!


In cases like this, I think it’s especially important to do so. :wink:

Too many other factors involved in a mix.


I wanna try JF biscuit.


Well I’ve been really busy this month, but I finally got back to test the mixes I made last week.

After a 6 week steep, I could tell no difference in taste, and the mixes were identical in colour after steeping.

Sorry for the wild goose chase, but the colour difference of the concentrates where worlds apart, and I went chasing the goose. :rofl:


I just got a new bottle from Nicotine River. I have a 2 year old bottle from my first order also from Wizard Labs. I mixed up both. The only difference is that the newer bottle is a little stronger smelling, but I can tell no difference in taste. As long as they don’t mess with Shisha Strawberry I’m fine LoL


Why do i always 4get about this strawberry ??? Ty for reminder lol


@Vaporraven it’s like a perfect pairing of FA Cookie and INW Biscuit.


I really need to pick this up sometime…


I think i’ll order some next time i need to reorder VG which will be next month I think. I never realized how fast a gallon of VG goes when you make 500 ml’s at a time.