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Inw Biscuit Reformulation?


I would buy the 2.5 gallon jug if I was you. That is if you’re ordering from NR.



I’ve ordered from nicotine wholesalers and liquid Barn so far. I was really thinking about ordering it from Amazon cuz it’s only 20 bucks



Make sure it isn’t soy based VG. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I heard palm based is what you want. Anyone know the difference? I compared the prices between Nicotine River and Liquid Barn. If you spend $50 dollars you get free shipping fro NR. A gallon on NR is only $13.99. The thing is you have to spend $50, or it’s not worth the shipping fee. NR was the cheapest I found.



Palm oil is 100% non-GMO and soy oil is almost certainly GMO (USDA data; GMO soybeans went from 17 percent of soybean acreage in 1997 to 94 percent in 2015). Heating soybean oil is not something you’d want https://www.nutritionadvance.com/harmful-effects-of-soybean-oil/



But then there is non-gmo soy lecithin used in flavorings to further confuse us. Derived from waste product to make soy oil, it seems to lower the allergen factor but the chemicals used make it sound even nastier then what ya started w/.



I got another orderof Inawera biscuit and its a flavor I know really well and it definitely tastes different to me, way more wafery and dry and much less depth and butter is practically non existant. its also a lighter yellow color where my old biscuit is more brown.
I still have a few ML of the old biscuit from way back in the fridge so I can do a side by side single flavor test or take pictures if anyones interested but I haven’t had the urge since I got jungle flavors biscuit it really is a great flavor and an actual biscuit not a wafer.