ipv4 ipv4s CATCHING FIRE!

my ipv4s almost caught fire due to the positive terminal touching the screw base inside !!!I almost didn’t see it but just by chance looked into the room and it was smoking!!! when I have a chance I’ll post a link to a YouTube video that shows what I’m referring to… very dangerous!!!

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he shows it at the end!!!

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Sorry to hear it went haywire on you. It’s good that caught it. That really could have came out real bad. If I’m not mistaken P4YU fixed that issue in the 4s.

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I removed the charge board and I’m back in business!!! but holy shit I freaked out!!!

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I’m confused now, was this the IPV4 or 4s? I was under the impression that they had removed the charging board on the IPV4s.

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I guess when you upgrade the 4 it becomes the 4s only in firmware so I edited the post… sorry for the confusion!!!


Oh, thanks man, that’s a relief :cold_sweat: I am pretty paranoid when it comes to this shit and do have the real IPV4s so that means I’m safe (in this respect):relieved:

That is my understanding, I certainly hope so !!! I heard of this fix already. I thought I heard it here on ELR but I guess not. I love my IPV4s, it better not catch on fire…

it wasn’t the board that was the issue it was the postive battery contact inside touching the screw post the video I posted shows it at the end I don’t think they fixed this on the 4s

check the video it’s not the board in my case it was the battery terminal touching the screw post!!!

I don’t think they moved the screw post on the bottom the positive terminal when pushed down will touch it!!! it wasn’t the charging board that caused my fire!!!

I checked the video again and then took my IPV4s apart, they have fixed it with the 4s, there is a casing around it that is not present in the IPV4. It will not touch. Get a 4s man!


I took care of mine no chance of contact now and I removed the board so I’m good but I wanted people to know about the screw post it’s not really out there and just wanted everyone safe and aware…


That’s awesome you shared this very important safety warning. Honestly I have fears of my things that charge while I’m sleeping. My iStick 50 and Joyetech eVic are the only ones I charge at night. You just never know. But I don’t stress it too much because there are no moving parts so hopefully I won’t wake up dead one day.

This should serve as a cautionary tale for everyone. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pull batteries from chargers whenever unmonitored. And certainly don’t use a PV’s charge function to charge removeable batteries. Grab a Nitecore or Efest or something like that and charge them out of the device. PV - vape with. Charger - charge with.

Glad you found the problem and solved the issue! But, just for safety, I’m going to be sending you one of these to velcro to your mod…might come in handy.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True That !!!


:grinning: :smiley: :smile: :sweat_smile: :wink: :relieved: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sleeping: :smiling_imp:


Holy crap, I’ve been avoiding opening mine up but after reading this nightmare I’m gonna fix it up . Glad to hear that you avoided possible serious injury !


Holy shit! Glad you caught it in time. That’s really scary. You’d think a reputable company would issue a statement warning people of this. It’s a design flaw which makes the company responsible.


Does this affect the IPV3 Li as well?