IPV4 Reading Stainless Steel Coils

I was tinkering around with my Crown Subtank and the IPV4… I remembered reading earlier today that it will read some Nichrome Wire besides Ni200 so I figured why not… and to my surprise it works. It read the Stainless Steel coils in my Crown Subtank. I’m not sure about how accurate it reads… but I’m able to make all adjustments and has it dialed in to what I like.


After further testing with the IPV4 and SS wire I found that I am able to use SS in Joules mode but it doesn’t detect when coil runs dry. This is good news for using tanks as long as you keep liquid in the tank. So it’s kind of a mixed results.

Hey pop over to the Pioneer4U website …the long awaited ipv4 update is out

…and done !! Sweet …and my titanium wire just came in

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Thanks for the post.

Figured this would be up your alley

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You figured right. @quitter1 posted a Good Deal for the IPV4 on ecigitty that I was about buy for the ti tc… but instead I can just upgrade both of mine and save $70. I owe you for this.


Just keep posting good tips on usage of the Ti! I didn’t get a chance to wrap it yet but I’m anxious to try

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TIO1 and TIO2? For temp settings ?

I’m having trouble upgrading. My PC isn’t recognizing my IPV. On the Evic its just TI. I don’t know whats on the IPV.

Last night P4U released the much anticipated update for the IPV4. With this update the IPV4 officialy supports titanium wire and can now reach 120 watts in power mode. Updating it almost identical to the IPV3, but I figured I’d list the steps I took to update mine, including links.

Download the SXi update package

Download the IPV4 Update

Install the SXi Program

Open said program

Turn off your IPV4, remove the batteries, and plug in the USB cord

Click the connection icon

Click install driver.

Install the driver for the IPV4 (should be the only option)

Close out of the driver pop up

Click connect

Click return (the icon at the top center of the window

Click open file

Browse to and open the IPV4 update package

Click Upgrade



A post from reddit …this worked for me !

I’m not getting this option. I keep getting Win 7 or Win 8 for some reason and it won’t connect to my IPV.

Did you reboot after installing the program ? Batteries out of the mod and turn it off

Mine didn’t recognize till I rebooted the pc

It must have been something with my laptop. When I put it on my desktop it took it the first time. Thanks for helping me out. One of my displays don’t photograph well. I just realized my 2nd IPV4 doesn’t have the mirrored finish to it.

That Update has Pole Vaulted IPV4 to my new favorite TC Mod. 100 Joules TITANIUM… They can’t touch this. Everytime I think it can’t get any better… it gets better. i’M GLAD i HAVE 2. ***These mods are TC on Steroids…***They’re gonna kill the Sig 75w. Sig better reach deep on the 150w TC.


so can I update my ipv4 for titanium??

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